Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Clothes and Stains

So the other day my mom was kinda laughing at the fact that I ALWAYS take Q's clothes off to feed her...so i thought, you know what - maybe she is right...maybe it is kinda silly. Well Mom, nope it's not silly...this is why she eats naked...it's so much easier to take her clothes off then it is to get these dang stains out...especially without that stain remover that we used to use and can't find now!! Eating naked just makes everything so much easier! =)

Just Playn

Q was So happy playing in her crib today while I got all her clothes put away and figured out what to pack for the hunting trip this weekend...she is such a blast!!

Notice her bracelet getting eaten up by her fabulous arm rolls...LOVE THEM!!!

Trying to give me the serious face...too cute right =)
Just haven a good time!! =)

Grapes and Sippy

Q has graduated to using a sippy...not all the time and sometimes she has a hard time with her
hand to mouth coordination...but she is doing GREAT and seems to really like it! So hoorah for her!!
She is also quite the grape lover...apparently it's just the fruit that comes in a jar that she doesn't like, cuz she sure was downing the grapes this morning!!

Q eating grapes...

For Brynli

So when we were at Chad's last week he was telling me how he was doing something on the computer and Brynli came in and wanted to see Qwynci...He told her that Q was coming to visit that day but apparently she threw a major fit until he pulled the blog up and showed her pics of Q. Then Kristen told me that she has to show Brynli the little videos all the time...and that i needed to add more videos =) So here you go Brynli!! =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Latest Photo Shoot

Here are a few of the pics we got at her last photo shoot...They are suppose to be her 6 month pics...but since i'm a slacker they are more like 7 month pics =)

Under the Couch

While we were at the cabin last Saturday Q was entertaining herself with random stuff and started rolling around and pretty much got herself stuck under the couch...it was pretty funny!!
Trying to climb out from under there...look at her using her legs...Daddy would be so proud of her climbing skills =)

Pizza Crust

Q will pretty much try anything you give her...and apparently she really likes pizza crust - she sat and chewed on it forever!!!!! =)

Mirror Time

So while B was getting all the suit stuff taken care of (measuring, altering, trying on...which I just have to add that B looks FABULOUS in a suit) Q was so not wanting to sit in her stroller any longer - so I set her in front of the mirrors and she was LOVEN it! It was like she had three new friends to play with - way cute to watch!!

Famous Dave''s

While in Mesa last week we went to Famous Dave's for lunch...Q had a fun time. She tried some ribs and some brisket and seemed to like it =) She also ate some of B's garlic mashed taters...i didn't think she'd like them, but she surely did!!
So excited to try some BEEF!
Smiling at B cuz it was OH SO YUMMY!! =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing in the Grass

When we went and visited B at work today - he had to do some drills and stuff so we played on the grass until he was done...we also went down the slide a couple of times...she didn't really seem to think it was as fun as I did! =)

Brushing her Teeth

After all my teeth issues...I decided she better get going on taking good care of her teeth =)
She thought the toothbrush was pretty cool... =) She really likes the little baby one Aunt Sharon gave her though - chewed on it all afternoon! =)

Bubble Bath

So Q LOVES bathtime - and i've been adding bubbles lately, the first time she just kinda stared at them - now she just yells and plays with her toys! =) Pretty sure bathtime is one of my favorite times of day!


So Q was just munch'n on some little sweet potato puffs and it was so fun to watch her try and put them in her mouth herself...most of the time they would get soggy and stick to her hand and then she would just stare at it in her hand. She is so funny!!

Sharing her Toys

So the other night we went to Josh and Chelsea's for dinner and they had just got a new little puppy...well the puppy REALLY liked Q's toys and would drag them all over - it was so funny to watch...i guess Q got him back by grabbing his face and picking him up, poor little thing. Q's first sharring experience =)
Chelsea had a fun little fire truck and Q played on for a while - she let me push her around and stuff...didn't seem to really care much about it...was more interested in the puppy!

Also - please notice that she has no bow on...pretty sure bow season might be coming to an end (so sad) she has discovered them on her head and when she gets frustrated in the car seat or just sitting on the floor she will grab at it and DESTROY it! =(

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mum Mum

Q just munches away on these mum mum thingies...it's kinda cute! The chewing is pretty fun to watch =)


So we headed out to got scouting the other day...and Q was totally dressed for the part...she had her camo onesie on and everything =) Brandon did inform me that she pry didn't need a bow to go look for deer though =)

Look at B's face...he was pretty excited for Q to be all camo and ready for scouting =)
On the way to Green's Peak...
Out look'n for deer...
The deer were not cooperating...so we played in the dirt instead =)