Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tytan is Crawling

So 2 Sundays ago we were outside and Tytan started to crawl on the cement (random I know) so I was all excited...but when we got inside he went back to the army crawl...well now he is a pro at crawling - he goes around everywhere and pulls himself up!! It's SO cute! He looks like a little bulldog when he crawls - LOVE HIM!!!!
(there are no pics cuz the power cord to my computer, which holds all the pics surely did stop working so my battery is dead until I order a new power and video of him crawling will come once I get my computer back) =)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tytan is Crawling!! (video)

So he is crawling like a pro now...but here he is when he was still just getting used to it =) GOOD TIMES!!! Honestly can't believe he is growing up so dang fast - at the end of this month he will be 9 months already - time sure has flown by!!!! Love this little guy!!!! =)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simba is cold!

So the other night Q put Simba on the couch and said he was cold and that he needed a blanket - and then the blankets just kept coming...this is how he ended up before bedtime - ALL of her blankets were on top of him...when I asked her if she could put them up she said that Simba needed them and left him there - I thought it was kinda funny! She is too cute! =)

Tytan's using a sippy

Tytan has been working on using a sippy - and he's getting better...he still has a hard time holding it himself...and he really likes to just throw it on the ground =) Once he finally gets the water out of it he drinks FOREVER - it's pretty dang cute!! =) LOVE HIM!

Just like her Daddy

The other night we all laid down to watch a movie...Q fell asleep and was snoring so loud we couldn't hear the was pretty dang funny!!! She takes after her father!!! =)

Firetruck Jammies

Tytan got some firetruck jammies and was playing with a little firetruck and I just thought it was too cute to not take a pic! =) He is SUCH a cute little guy!! =)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tytan holds his own bottle

So whenever Tytan holds his bottle it pretty much gets was no exception...he would hold the bottle and flick the milk all over his face - it was TOO cute!!! =)

Tytan's Teeth

So Tytan's teeth are just too dang cute - when he smiles you can totally see them and it's just adorable!!! While I am SO not a fan of teething...i LOVE their cute little teeth once they come in!! =) He seems to be doing a little better - there have been a few nights where he has only gotten up once or twice and I'm thinking he must not be in as much pain anymore because he is much more pleasant like he used to be (thank heavens) so I think sanity should be returning to my life soon (hopefully) =) He is pretty much the cutest little guy EVER! =)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tytan is army crawling!

For the last couple of weeks Tytan has been army crawling and lately he has gotten really good at it =) this video doesn't do it justice cuz he wasn't really going as fast as he usually goes - but you get the point =) He gets up on his hands and knees now and crawls normal for like 2 seconds then plops down on his belly and takes off doing the army crawl! =) He has also started pulling himself up on things and trying to stand - it's so fun to watch him try new things - I can't believe he is getting SO BIG!!!! LOVE HIM!!!

Q gets another hair cut

So Q's hair needed a little TLC so we went and had Missy give her a cut...and it looks pretty much the same but just a little shorter - Q was pretty excited to get it cut and did so good during the cutting!!! She is a DOLL!

Tytan likes Eggs

Tytan is so not a fan of the baby food anymore...he just wants real food that he can feed I gave him an egg and he LOVED IT!!!! He stuffs a ton of pieaces in his mouth and then chews forever - it's pretty funny!!!


It's no secret Q is kind of a freak about shoes - any kind of shoe =) Lately she has had some funny "shoe" times...
So I gave in and got the high heels i'm hiding for Christmas down to give Q a pair...she was pretty excited and was dancing around and asked where I got them from (which she always asks) and I told her Marshall's - and tried to explain that Marshall's is a store - and that she also has an Uncle Marshall and I thought she understood it...then she walked into the living room and B asked her where she got those pretty high heels...and she said "Uncle Marshall" then she paused and said "THANKS Uncle Marshall" it was too cute and too funny!!!!!

I had Q and Tytan in the tub and B got a flight so he got his gear on and came into the bathroom to tell them goodbye and he tells Q he is going to ride on the airplane and she looks at his uniform...then leans forward to see what shoes he has on. To get the full effect you would have had to see her face and the serious way she was making sure he had on the right was TOO funny!!!

The other night I was telling Q that Saturday we are going to go to the corn maze when it gets dark and that it was going to be so fun and blah blah blah - she looks at me and asks "what shoes am I going to wear"
She is just too funny - LOVE HER!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Resting at the Cabin

After B's surgery we decided to go hang with my parents at the cabin so B could rest and me and the kids could play =) It was really fun!!!
We roasted marshmallows - apparently this marshmallow is SO yummy!Q was having so much fun!She is the cutest thing ever!Q got in this feather bed bag - it was just funny! =)

Q had fun frosting and eating the cookies =)

Q sat down with Gpa during conference they were eating apples and salted almonds...Q was loving it! =)

pretty sure Gpa was loving it too =)

So we decided to make a key lime pie and as we were making it the lights went out so B wore this light on his head so he could see what he was doing - too funny! GOOD TIMES!

Tytan NEVER holds still (he is taking after his sister more and more everyday) =) - so trying to dress him is pretty interesting and my mom got a feel for what it was like when she was putting on his jammies...she finally put his socks on his hands to entertain him and he seemed to really like it! He is just TOO CUTE!

Lake Trip

We went to the lake a couple weekends ago and it was really fun - haven't been able to do that as much as we would have like this summer =( But the weather was awesome when we went and we had a GREAT time so hoorah for that!!! Tytan kept trying to reach over the towel and get the rocks to eat...good times!!Q was in heaven playing in the mud and with all the beach toys Grammy broughtQ had NO desire to ride the jet skis but B made her go on it with him and that was the end of that - one trip and she was good =) The jet skis ran really good and it was fun having them there - was like old times! =)That sun just wears you out =)So this dodge duli (spelling??) drove up next to our camp and got stuck, so Matt took his ford over there and pulled him out and in the process he got stuck leave it to the good o'l CHEVY to pull the ford out - it was just too funny all the trucks in a row =) HOORAH FOR CHEVY TRUCKS =) AHAHAHAHAQ was LOVING the mud -she is just too cute!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Time in Castle Bed

A couple of Sundays ago I walk into Q's room to find this...they were all in her bed watching Lion was too dang cute!!! =) Love Them!

Cutest Peaches

So Tytan really likes to lay on his tummy in the tub and Q layed down next to him and their little "peaches" were just too dang adorable together!! Love those peaches :)
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Q gets a pedi

I decided that Q and I needed some me and her time so we went to get a was pretty fun - Q stood (and played) in the water while we soaked our feet...and while we waited I painted her fingernails and then after they did my pedi they painted her toenails too - she was pretty excited...then the guy picked her up and put her under the little light dryer thing...she thought she was pretty hot stuff...GOOD TIMES!! =) She is SUCH a fun little thing!! Love her!

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Looking for Brandon's Trail Cam

So B put a trail cam up and then the big fire happened over by big lake so we haven't been able to get over there and see if the cam was still there...but the other day we went to check it out and we surely didn't find it =( where he had put it was TOTALLY ya - no more trail cam...guess I know what to get him for Christmas huh!! =)
Q was being SUCH a fabulous big sister in the back with Chubba...she even held his bottle for was pretty cute. And yes, Tytan is drinking out of a pink bottle cuz the blue bottles were all dirty and we were in a rush =(

Q and Tytan took turns driving...Q tried to follow the line but she was ALL OVER THE ROAD!! Tytan was just excited to kick the steering wheel =)

Hiking up to look for the cam...are these kiddos just the cutest things ever or what!!! =)

At Big was pretty dang cold!

Tytan acutally wore shoes...his first time!! =) He tolerated them really well too =) He mostly wanted to play with them but he left them on for a lot longer then I thought he would =) SO CUTE!

LOVE these three!!!!!