Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Can't Breath"

Yesterday Q did NOT want to go down for a nap...usually she will go down around 11am...well by 1pm she still was not even interested so i just put her in her bed and started signing to her and then finally I just let her lay there by herself. I went in the other room and could hear her fuss for like 2 seconds then I went to check on her and she was just playing and talking and whatnot - so I let her just stay in there. Then a little bit later i went back in to check on her and she was totally snoring up a was funny! So I thought she must be in this DEEP sleep from being SO tired...but no she surely did wake up in like 45 minutes telling me "can't breath" poor little thing...her nose was all stuffy!!!

Just Having Fun!

The other night I was folding laundry and Q decided to play in the laundry had tons of static in it obviously cuz her hair went crazy - LOVED IT!!! Poor thing was SO not feeling good -her little nose was stuffed up and she just couldn't breath. She is doing MUCH better now though!!! Stubborn little thing...i tried giving her dimatap TWICE and both times she gets herself all worked up and gets so mad that she pukes EVERYTHING back up - i decided it wasn't worth the fight. I DO get her to take Tylenol by opening all the cupboards and letting her close them if she takes it. Who knew that could be so fun!!! =)

Funny Girl!

So the other night I asked Q if she wanted to say the blessing...of course she said "YES" so we started the prayer and she was just saying everything I said...then I guess she got sick of repeating it cuz she just started to agree with me...whatever I said she would just say "Ya" it was SO funny!!!! She cracks me up!!!! =)


This morning Q was in RARE FORM and wanted me to take pictures and wanted to I took advantage of it!! She is the cutest thing EVER!!!!! =) Love her!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Out for a Ride

So we go for a ride the other day and go to some lake I had no idea was even around but it was WAY pretty and Q was all excited to see the water. It was fun!!! FREEZING, but fun!! The night before we went and checked out the show low vs. blue ridge football game so I think after that and being cold at this lake - Q surely did catch a cold...poor thing is all stuffy now and can't breath!! =( She will cry and tell me "nose running"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Carmel Apple Cider

B was making carmel apple cider the other night (like they have at starbucks....SO DELICIOUS) and Q wanted the "ice cream" which was really whip cream that he put on he kept letting her have some and then he gets this bright idea that he would just spray some into her mouth...she wasn't all about it but she was excited for all the whip cream she got on a spoon!!! Obviously it was yummy!!! =)


We surely did head over to the cabin last Thursday and I was DETERMINED that I was going to finish this DANG blanket of Q's that's been a project for 2 years now...but no - do you think it's finished...nope!! With my mom's help i was able to get the binding started but finishing it is turning into a nightmare...pretty sure I was not made to be a sewer - i'm HORRID at it...Brandon even told me that he would just go ahead and buy a blanket for "little brother", that I didn't need to worry about making him one...cuz by the time i got it finished he would pry freeze!!!! =)
Q had fun while we were there though - she fed the birds and the squirrels... hung out with Grandpa
played on the rale

and had her very first cup of hot cocoa =)

New Morning thing

So when I work out in the morning Q is always just doing random stuff until i'm finished...her latest thing is that she has to have fishes (ishies), her sippy and a blankie and lay on the pillow on the couch. It's pretty dang cute...

Cutting Flowers

So B was working in the yard - getting all the grass out of the flower beds and Q comes inside and tells me " I want to cut flowers" so I give her a spoon thinking that will keep her happy and make her feel like she has a tool to use like Daddy does...and it worked - she loved it!!! Not sure what all she did with it - but it kept her happy so that's all that matters! =)
Yes she is putting a flower petal in her ear... and was SO excited when it stayed =)

Who knew a spoon was SUCH A great toy! =)

My Helper

So Q is ALL ABOUT what is going on with the oven...she is constantly having me turn the light on in it cuz "I want to see"...even when there is nothing in there!! I made pizza and she was overly excited to take it out of the oven...I always have her stand back and tell her that it's hot but this time she put the glove on and when the beeper went off she was so excited cuz "it ready" She is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
ps - don't worry i did not let her open the oven...she had to stand back as usual =)

Another trip to Mesa

So two weekends ago Q and I went to Mesa again...this time it wasn't for a fun trip - it was to support my friend Tessa as she delt with the loss of her husband. SO SAD!!!! I can not even imagine what she is going through and I keep her in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!
While we were in Mesa Mitch and Marshall had jujitzu (how the HECK do you spell that) tournaments so we went and watched. I didn't get any pics of Mitch cuz we were too far away but he won his first fight and then lost his second but still got 2nd over all. Marshall fought the next day so we didn't get to go watch but he won all his fights and got 1st...good times!!! Q had fun while we were at the fights, she would say "Mitchell fighting" it was cute. And she was just little miss friendly to everyone we were sitting by - her social personality is too funny!!! =)

Chad has this bike behind his couch...i'm not exactly sure what it's for - i'm sure some kind of game...but Q LOVES IT!!! She will get on it and sing "I like to ride my bicycle"...which is pretty dang adorable!!! She is too funny!!!

Q was totally exhausted on the way home but THANK GOODNESS for my mom who kept her awake from Mesa to Globe so that she would sleep from Globe to Show Low=). And she did - she was TOTALLY out the entire drive through the canyon - when we got home she had this FABULOUS hairdo which I thought was pretty dang awesome!!! =) Even with crazy hair she is the CUTEST thing EVER!!! =)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The other day Q got the roll of "pop-pops" and brought it inside and sat on it and was so excited that it was a "horsey"... she LOVES to play horsey. The funny part is that she really thinks it's funny when she falls off. She is such a blast!!


Pretty much every morning Q will get these dresses out of her drawer and put them both on and play around for a while...then take them off and start all over again. It's pretty entertaining to watch! =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playing in the Toy Box

Honestly she was having a fabulous time playing in the toy box...for some reason in all the pics she looks totally ticked!!! But she stayed in there forever just playing with whatever she was sitting on or could find! =) It was really kinda funny!!

Could she look any more bitter in this pic...YIKES!!!! These are the looks I have to look forward to when she is a teenager I'm sure! =)
She's in cool-mode =)