Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's Favorites!

So Q LOVES this little camping chair! The other day she put her shoes on, went into the garage and brought it inside so she could play with it...she is too funny!!! This morning I cleaned out her toy box and she re-discovered this cabbage patch doll that she surely did get at our neighbors yard sale and just wanted to play with her all day!!!! The other night while playing in castle bed we were re-arranging her stuffed animals and she handed me this teddy bear and I told her that Chief Jessop had given that bear to her...this morning she got back up on the top bunk of the bed and grabbed the bear - she lets me know that Jessop gave it to her!!! It's so funny - I would love to just know how her mind works! =) So these were her favorites for today...can't wait to see what tomorrow's will be!!! =)


Q is a HUGE fan of syrup!!! Which I totally understand - cuz I am a huge fan also!! =) i did have to go ahead and get her the sugar free kind from the store though - cuz HELLO, pretty sure the homemade kind that I SWEAR by was totally over-doing it sugar wise!! =) So this morning she surely did down THREE waffles (rare for this girl who i can't get to eat anything) and then she continued to lick her plate clean...hence the syrup on her face!! LOVE THIS GIRL!! =)

Cute = Sprite

So last night we go get Chinese food for dinner and we are sitting there waiting for our order and this guy starts to walk out the door kinda looking at Q so I just tell her to say she puts her hand out and rather than waving hi she waves the other direction making it look like she is asking for something kinda (make sense) so the guy totally eats it up and is asking her what she wants and blah blah blah so he reaches into the fridge thing that's right by the door as you walk out and grabs her a Q is holding it and I tell her to say thanks and the guy is just telling her that she is so cute and that she can have whatever she wants being that jokingly I tell her to tell him that he has to pay for it she does...and he does!! Honestly I was SHOCKED - but he did, he walked up to the register told them he needed to pay for her was SO funny!! I kept telling him he didn't need to do it but he was TOO funny!!! I guess being cute really pays off huh!!!???! =) Q was pretty excited to have her soda/"uckies"!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sledding with Daddy and Franney

So B has been wanting to take Q out to play in the snow FOREVER but it really hasn't snowed that much this after this last snow he decided he would take her sledding - I had a hair apt the other morning so He and Franney took Q sledding - GOOD TIMES!!! I guess she was a little scared at first - but after that she was good to go!! =) I think Franney was helping her make a snowman =)
Brandon had to MAKE her go down this first time...

Obviously having a GREAT TIME! =)Great Pic!

Stepping in the Snow

Whenever it snows Q gets SO excited and just wants to step in it - it's so funny!! She will tell me....i wanna step in the snow with my feetsies, or I wanna step in the snow with my warm jammies - basically whatever she has on, or doesn't at the moment, that's what she wants to step in the snow with. So after we got home from playing basketball I let her just run wild all through the snow in the front yard - then we moved to the back she heads straight for her slide and I told her that there was a lot of snow at the bottom of she walks around kicks it all out of the way - and slides down...she is too funny!!! =) Just marching around in the snow

Playing a little basketball...

So Monday B calls from work and tells me that he's going to play basketball for PT and that Q and I should come and play too - so we did and it was totally fun!!! I haven't played basketball, or even shot a basketball in FOREVER and Q had a blast just running around the court chasing the balls and wrestling with B.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing in Castle Bed

Q LOVES this little window in her Castle Bed...she will move all her dresses/tutus out and just play in this little window tower - it's pretty funny!! And she gets such a kick out of herself - it's pretty entertaining to watch and listen to her!! =) LOVE HER!

Too Cool

So for some reason I have had these sunglasses FOREVER - they are one of those pairs that just never gets lost or broken or sat I put them in Q's bag for her to play with and the other day she was just OH SO COOL in these shades! =)

Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day was TOTALLY FUN!! Brandon and Q started the day out going to the aquatic center and going for a swim...I didn't join them cuz pretty sure me at 38 weeks pregs in a swimsuit was NOT going to happen!! =) But apparently the water was VERY cold and so they just hung out in the jacuzzi for a bit then came home...where I was surprised with some FABULOUS flowers and a "Happy Valentine's Day" from Q =) Then we got ready and went to the park to walk around and to let Q play - she had SO much fun...she has been wanting to go to the park all the time but it has just been so dang cold - but since it was nice...she was able to just play and play - GOOD TIMES!!! =) Then off to the store to get shrimp, cuz that's what B wanted for dinner and then back home!! It was GREAT to just spend the day together!!!!

Q looking FABULOUS in her Valentine's Day attire - she honestly looked so stink'n cute!! Of course I waited till the middle of the day to take the pic so there is a nice little ink stain on her shirt - but oh well...she was having a blast!!

My two LOVES
Q trying...and LOVING shrimp! =)

Q's New Towel

So my Aunt Sharon sent baby brother some cute new baby stuff and along with it she sent Q this ADORABLE little towel with matching wash rag...and Q LOVES IT!!!! The towel is too cute - a ton of little bows all over the hood!! LOVE IT!!! My mom said that Sharon asked my Grandma if the bows were "too much"...Grandma told her that considering who the towel was for...not at all!! =) I had to laugh!!!

"My Bed"

So I got the bassinet out the other day trying to figure out what kind of cover I could put over all the pink and brown so that baby brother wouldn't have a million pics with everything pink - and when i got it out...Q was SO excited and told me it was her bed and she wanted in I put her in thinking she would just play - nope, she wanted her pillow and blanket and she surely did just lay down for a bit - it was TOO CUTE!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Little Visit

So B's parents and Grandparents came up last weekend and it was good times...Q had lots of fun with "Pops"...she fed him yummy treats that Great Grams always brings...
I kept telling her that she had to eat all her lunch so she could watch Barney with Pops (her idea, it was cute when I told her they were coming up she told me she wanted Pops to watch Barney with her) anyway...I tried to get her to eat and Vicki tried getting her to eat...then Matt sits down with her and she just starts taking bites...nice right! =)
So then she got to watch Barney with Pops =) Well Matt is watching Barney...I think Q is looking at Grandma =)
This girl NEVER holds still - but she surely will hold still for a good 5 minutes when Barney is on =)