Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stomach Bug

Poor little guy, he threw up all night Friday and has been doing it ever since!! It's so sad because he is so hungry and thirsty but any time he eats or drinks it just comes back up :(  Q had the bug last week but after one night she was fine...Tytan's seems to be sticking around a little longer than it should!!
He is so cute about it though...when we left Ryans, Kari let us take their puke bowl, which we call the "choke bowl" since "choking" is what Q has always called throwing up. So anytime Tytan needs to puke he'll tell me "my choke" and run to the bowl. It's so sad to watch him but so cute that he understands to go to the bowl. Hopefully he will kick this bug soon!!!

Cinnamon Butter

Q is a big lover of butter...last time we were at Texas Road House she surely did just start digging it out with her finger and eating it plain :)


We were in Mesa for Maci's baptism and Tytan spent all the family time at Ryan's on this fun toy...he Loved it!!!

Disney on Ice

So Friday morning we went to Mesa early and went to Disney on Ice. The kids had fun. Mickey ears, cotton candy, Disney characters and fireworks...what's there not to like :) Good times!!


So Q has been doing gymnastics for about a year now and she loves it!! Tytan really enjoys going too...sometimes I think he thinks its his class, the coaches r really great and let him do some stuff.  Q has struggled with being scared on the balance beam...last week she told me she didn't need my hand and walked the whole way by herself!! And she did a spin around thing on the bar all by herself!! Needless to say she was having a fantastic day :) She was so excited!!!
Tytan grabbed all the stuffed animals that are set up for the class to jump over and brought them to me :) It was so cute, there were so many he kept dropping them and trying to pick them back up which would cause another one to fall.  FUN DAY, LOVE THEM!!

My Favorite!!

I just never seem to get enough of these two...always good times!! Love them!!

So Cool

Sometimes, there are just SO many fun things to do in the store while Daddy looks for hats :)

Cheer Practice

So a while back we went to help out at cheer practice because they were getting ready to go to competition and I was asked to come help pre-judge their performance.  While we were there the girls put Q and Chubby up in was so cute!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nice Day+Playing Outside=Banged up Knees!

So the weather was super nice the other day so we took advantage and played outside as much as possible...which meant there were some major bruised up knees afterward...these kids don't mess around - when it's play outside time...they are in full speed ahead mode =)  LOVE THEM!!


Tytan has always been attached to his blanket...but has never really had a favorite stuffed animal.  Well while we were at Chad's he found this elephant...and he wouldn't put it down.  I told Chad we might have to take it home with us, thinking T would lose interest and we'd bring it back the next time we came down.  Chad let us know it wasn't even theirs...he was pretty sure it had belonged to a neighbor at one point in time so he didn't really care if we took it and/or if we brought it back =)  So we took it home with us and washed it and it has been loved and played with and held on to more than any toy he has...HE LOVES his "el-a-pha-dunt" which I find SO funny that's what he calls it...but that is what it is and he loves it and it's VERY cute!!  He will just hold it and cuddle and squeeze it!!  He loves his elaphadunt!! =)

Riding Bikes

T on his new bike...he keeps working on the pedaling and sometimes gets it and sometimes just gets only took two times of helping and showing him how to pedal and now he is a pro!!   We ride down the street and around the neighborhood - it's GREAT!!  Q and Tytan LOVE it!!  And it's so cute to see both of them just pedaling away!!  =)  LOVE THEM!!

So the weather was half way decent so the kiddos wanted to ride we attempted it!!!  It got too cold but it was fun while it lasted!!

Tytan turns TWO!!!!!

I can't believe it has already been TWO years since this little guy joined our family and won our hearts forever!!!  Crazy how time just flies by!!! His day started with sprinkle pancakes and a candle...he LOVES to blow out candles and is actually pretty good at it for a little guy =)

I wasn't going to make a cake or anything since we were having a party for him the following weekend and Vicki was already making a cake...but Q was VERY concerned that we weren't making him a cake so I decided we could make some cupcakes, and since the kiddos LOVE oreos - we made oreo cupcakes...which turned out pretty dang good =) So we took some to the fire station and Tytan got to blow out candles there too =) Good times!!

That weekend we had to go to Mesa for a Crossfit competition so we just had a family get together at Chad's house and did a little bday party for Tytan.  Vicki, of course made a FABULOUS cake - and Tytan loved it!!  He just kept wanting that "beep beep"  It was awesome!!

 Pizza, cousins and doesn't get much better!! =)

We decided it would be pointless to get him a little tricycle when Q has a bike...cuz he just wants to do everything she does so if we just started with a bike there would be no fighting...=)  Worked like a charm!!!  HE LOVES HIS BIKE!! 

He was trying to blow up the was really cute!!! 

 It was a REALLY fun day!!  I'm so grateful for this little fireball of a son and for the sweet sweet personality he has and all the energy he has!!  We are so blessed to have him in our lives!!  Love you Tytan!