Thursday, July 23, 2009


Crazy right - a hail storm in July!!! It was awesome though!! =)

Apple Dress

Thanks to Kristen for the fun little apple dress =)Do you think she is trying to figure out how that bow got on her head? =)Apparently picture time got boring =)

Play'n in the High Chair

Just haven fun in the high chair!


So i had Q in a dress for the day and then it got kinda cold so I figured i'd just put some socks on her...well the socks came up to her knees and...well...just looked pretty dang cute!! =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making a Blanket

While I was at my parents - my mom taught me how to make a way cute baby blanket...Q was helping take care of the scraps =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diet Pepsi

So I don't think there is a time when my mom doesn't have a diet pepsi...well I guess when she is looking for the one she opened that she can't find =) Anyhoo - she thought it would be fun for Q to play with a can cuz it was cold and she might like to chew on it =)

Brynli in Heels!

So after church I left my shoes in the kitchen and when I walked back through - Brynli had them on just walking around - could she be any cuter!!! =)

Biter Biscuits

So I wasn't sure if Q was old enough or ready for these biter biscuit things...but my mom had some so word to trying them right...well - SHE LOVED THEM!!!!


So I'm sure it's a first time mother thing...but I had decided that I wouldn't give Q any sugar till her first birthday and then just let her dive into her cake right...well after Jayden's baptism everyone was at my parents for a bbq...which included ice cream for dessert. I leave the room for a second...and when I return this is what I see...Marshall is feeding her ice cream, pretty much shoveling it in to her mouth cuz she was LOVING IT!!! I think Jordan was in on this little crime cuz she was the one holding her at the time =) It was really funny!! Looks like Uncle Marshall is going to be the favorite =)

Jayden's Baptism

Jayden got baptized on Saturday =) It was a really neat baptism!!

Pretty sure everyone is looking at a different camera =)

Group photo...

Uncle Franney

So the guys came over to help build the block wall on Friday and Franney decided that Q's toenails needed to be painted. I explained that they weren't cuz it's been waking her up when I try and do it when she's asleep and he let me know she does not need to be asleep for it to happen. So I gave him some pink polish and told him to go for it...
He decided that everything else she has is pink that she needed some I gave him a few colors to choose from...
Here is the final result...thanks Franney, they look excellent =)


As I got ready and got us packed for Safford - Q was just hang'n out having a good time...who knew a blush brush could be SO fun! =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


A few highlights from today -
Playing while mommy made burros...
Playing while mommy ironed...
Helping mommy make cookies =)

Apple Juice

Ok so Q WILL NOT eat any kind of fruit - so I tried to get her to drink some apple juice a while back and she was SO not having it. So the other day I just gave her the bottle with the juice in it and it was so funny to watch her face cuz she would get so excited to put the bottle in her mouth but then after she would taste the juice...she was so disgusted. It was funny!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

UFC Fights

So we went to Franney's the other night to watch the UFC fights - I think Q may have watched a little too much...she totally attacked the poor bear today...pretty sure the bear tapped out!!!!

And the winner is Q...can't you tell the poor bear is knocked out!!