Sunday, April 29, 2012

Q gets an "Uh-Rella"

Last time we were at Payless they had these umbrella's and Q LOVED them...she kept looking at them and talking about them and I told her that next time it rained maybe we could get one...EVERY TIME we passed the store she would talk about it and let me know we would get one when it rained...well it surely did rain the other day and she was OH SO excited to go get her "uh-rella" so we went to the store and she picked out the princess one and has played with it and loved it ever since!!!  She lets me know it protects her from the sun...and it pretend rains in the house ALL the time now so we have to get under it quit often throughout the day!!!  Tytan doesn't really love to get under it =)  Q LOVES IT!! =)

Got to hang out with Daddy...for a commercial!

The other day Brandon calls me from work and asks if I wanted to be in a commercial for the Fire Department...of course I tell him NO - cuz hello that is just not my thing!!!  After saying no, B let me know that his Chief didn't really give him an option of not doing we had to dress like "campers" and sit around a camp fire and all that jazz so they could do a commercial on putting out camp fires was actually kinda fun...Jo was there so we just chatted the whole time and the kids played in the dirt - GOOD TIMES!!!! 

Q didn't get a nap that day so things were PRETTY MAJOR for her by that afternoon and she got a "poky" (cactus) in her finger and had a complete meltdown...when we got home we put some tape on it and pulled it right out! =)
Allie started a movie on her phone for the kids...that made Q's finger feel better too!!! =)  Tytan was so cute trying to watch it with the girls!! =)

Buckled...all by herself!

For a little while now Q has been able to buckle her top buckle and one of the bottom buckles...but for some reason just couldn't get that last buckle in...the other day SHE DID IT!!!  And she is so proud every time she does it now!!! =)  She is SO MUCH fun!

Tytan's One Year Pics

We had these taken about a month ago for T's one year pics...He ended up having a rough morning so he wasn't too happy and was VERY tired through all the pics...but we got a few of him smiling...Q was not shy for the camera at all =) LOVE THESE KIDDOS!!!

 What a little stud! he LOVES these fishy holders...has carried them around since he was pry 9 months old =)

 Perfect pic!

 so cute!


Aren't they cute! =)

Love this pic of him...TRUE SMILE!

She was SO willing to pose for any and all pics! =)