Thursday, February 28, 2013

Q's new Bike

Q got a bike for her bday - and it's been so freezing that we haven't been using it...but the other day we just bundled up and decided to tough it out!! =)  It lasted down the street and back and that was about all I could take of the freezing!!! =)  Summer will be so nice when we can go play and do all the stuff we want to outside!!!

 T was pretty excited to use Q's tricycle with no fight!!! =)  

Foam Fun

So the kiddos really like bath time - and I got them some foam soap which made it even that much better...Santa brought Q some fun purple soap for Christmas...and they dumped the entire bottle in the tub - it smelt terrific and the loved the purple water!! =)  Love these kiddos!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Q!!!

So every year on New Year's Eve, my whole fam goes to the cabin and it's a blast...we haven't been able to go for the last couple of years cuz B usually has to work...but this year it just happened to work out perfect!!!  So we went and all the cousins had so much fun together - they played outside and would get freezing they all took a bath together =)
  Then it was time for Q's Bday fun is this cake...THANK YOU VICKI!!!

 Q loved it!!!

 so did T

 Time for presents!

 Then we went was a blast -

 Q was so excited to make snow was adorable!

 Brynli and Q sledding together

 Love her face!



The kids all had a blast - it was so much fun!!  Can't believe she is already 4..where has the time gone!!!  I just love this little girl to pieces...everything about her...LOVE!!!!!!!