Friday, June 29, 2012

Q started T-Ball =)

Q surely did start T ball a couple of weeks ago - and it's SO fun!!!  So really likes it!!  She will sit in the grass and watch while the other team bats...sometimes she will run after a ball or two - but if she doesn't get it before one of the other kids - she will go back to sitting and daydreaming in the grass!!!  She really likes to bat - and she does pretty good.  She will hit it, then just watch while the other team scrambles to get it - then she will do her little danty run to first and take off her batting helmet =)  She is SUCH a blast!!!  The games are played right across from the fire station so it works out well - even when B is on shift he can still come watch! 

The first day was kind of rouhg - she was very tired and was not real excited about all the new people...

But thenshe got to bat - and that seemed to make everything better =)

Like father like daughter =)
Doing their "wildkat"cheer =)

They had Q play 3rd for some of the game and it was too cute - she would stand there with her glove out and tell the batter "hey, right here" and point to the inside of her glove.  She is too funny!!!
Standing for all that time just got she surely did sit! =)
The 2nd game they got their shirts =)  She is #9...her shirt is a night gown pretty much!! =)

The coach kept trying to put her at different positions...but she would just mosey on back to wherever he was standing and either stand or sit right by was kinda cute to watch!

Tytan made friends with some guy that would throw the ball for him =)

Tytan and Carter playing catch - way cute to watch!
Yoga anyone? =)

They had so much fun playing during the game!
Just dancing around =)