Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disneyland 2012

A few weeks ago we went to DISNEYLAND...and it was awesome!!!  We had SO MUCH FUN!!!  Here is the run-down of how it all went...
Gma made Q this "downer" skirt because after talking to her a couple of times on the phone and letting her know that "she needed the downer dress to be a REAL princess" gma decided she needed her own downer skirt...Q loved it.  She put it on right when we got to the hotel...isn't she a doll!!!

We surely did have a cold stone right in front of our that's where we were pretty much every night!! =) Tytan was enjoying it!

Yes - she is the cutest thing ever!! We had ice cream and watched the fire awesome!!
First morning...she got fun Ariel jammies...LOVE her "crazy hair"

Time to get ready for our first day at Disneyland
Ready to go inside the gates...
We had breakfast with Minney and friends...SO FUN!!!  We originally wanted to do breakfast with the princesses...but apparently people schedule that like 6 months in advance...not the night before - so we did the Minney breakfast instead and it ROCKED!!!  

Tytan wasn't all about the characters at first - but he didn't freak that was good! =)
Q loved Minney!! =)

The Fairy sweet...and so cute watching Q tell her how she was a princess =)

Tytan and Eore were having a fun little time on the was cute to watch

Q was really cute with all the princesses...we got to meet all of them but Cinderella and Rupunzell (spelling?) We just kept missing their times...but the others were GREAT!  And we got to see them all in the parade so it was perfect!

This was taken outside of Sleeping Beauty's castle...the one thing Q wanted to do everyday - it was so cute...we pry went through it 4 or 5 times =)
"Cinderella's Castle"

It was way cute to listen to Q tell them what parts she liked about their movies...

Sleeping Beauty is Q's favorite...and it was adorable how much time she spent talking to her...they just sat their holding hands talking for the longest was awesome!!

It's a small world after all =)
Mickey's house
Toon Town Fire Truck

Donald's boat...LOVE HER FACE!!!

Tytan was pretty dang happy to turn the wheel!!

There was this fun piano in Goofy's house...Tytan and Kyler LOVED IT!

Minny's house

Merry Go Round

I had to talk Q into going on this ride - she was afraid to go high I I would make it go higher and she would make it go was pretty funny!!!

Waiting for the parade to start
Too cute!
He's a keeper!
They both LOVED the was so fun to watch Q get excited about everything!
Boat ride
Day 2...California Adventure
bumper cars...Tytan cried the whole time they were in there cuz he wanted to ride in the "beep-beep""
So funny...Q is a pro at posing for pics!!
Neat marble ball with water thingy - the kids loved it!! =)

Free ride =)
waiting for the world of color to was AWESOME!!!

Gotta love the play phone!! =)
sharing with Daddy
Tub Time =)

When Ariel asked her what her favorite part of her movie was...Q told her Ursella...I had to was pretty funny!!! 
Treasure island...Q loved it!

Just being silly!!

She has learned to's AWESOME!!! =)
Just haven fun!

Looks pretty serious! =)

Tytan kept throwing a fit cuz he wanted to carry around Q's purse...
Good times!!!
We had such a great time!!!  Can't wait to go again...Qwynci tells me pretty much everyday that we need to go back to Disneyland...she LOVED it!!!!  Thanks Matt & Vicki for everything!!