Thursday, November 15, 2012

Q's new Hair-Do

Q got her hair cut and it's so dang cute!!!  Now we can do it straight or curly and they both look dang adorable!!!  Love these kiddos...they are my world!!
Q loved getting her hair cut...she asked if she could lay back in the sink like mommy - so Caitlyn washed her hair and then cut it and styled it...the whole 9 yards...Q was in HEAVEN!!!  It's always fun to be pampered!!!!! =)
Tytan loves to take whenever the camera comes out...he is front and center with a big cheese!!!=)


Halloween was fun and different this year - for the past 3 years we have gone down and had halloween with Chad and his family...this year with Crossfit we couldn't leave - so we did Halloween at our house...good times!!!  We got all dressed up and headed over to Annie's to get her and the boys so we could walk around the neighborhood all together...
Q would curtsie (spelling) for was so stinkin adorable!!!!
Could she be any cuter?!?!?!?  NOPE!!! =)


Tytan and Bridger just waiting to get going...
And we are was pretty cold that night and at first Q REFUSED to wear her jacket - i finally convinced her that it would be ok to wear her jacket over her dress...I think she fianlly just got cold enough and allowed me to put it on her =)

We walked around the neighborhood and called it good - went home and spread their candy all over the living room and just hung out...Q loved handing out candy...if no one was knocking she would open the door to see if maybe someone was was pretty cute!!! They were pretty wired from the candy so they played and ran around...Tytan kept running circles around all the candy and then he would slip on a piece and totally biff-it and just laugh!!!  GOOD TIMES!!  How cute are they in their Halloween jammies!!!  And they glow in the dark!!

Q's dracula teeth!!

She is so cool! =)

Only way to shop

So for the most part I was going to walmart to shop...then I randomly went to safeway and the kids HAD to ride in this cart and it was SUCH an enjoyable shopping trip!!  honestly - these little "car-carts" are heaven sent!!!  Safeway and i have become better and better friends ever since this day!! =)  Tytan and Q have a BLAST in these carts and it's pretty fun to listen to them talk and play!!!  LOVE THEM!

Leg Specialist

So Tytan is VERY bow-legged...well not so much anymore.  But his legs have always been pretty dang bowed...he could pretty much walk over a basketball and not even  know joke! =)  So at his last Dr. appointment in July the Dr. decided I should pry go see a specialist just in we went and he did some stuff with his legs and said that his hips and everything seem to be in place and his knees aren't bad so we could either wait till he turns 2 and see how things are progressing...or we could go to the hospital and have blood work and x-rays done.  Um DUH...I chose option A =)  And they are honestly getting better and better - I don't really notice it until he is walking next to another baby that has perfectly straight legs...but his give him personality!!! =)  Looks like a little cowboy...I should get him some boots for Christmas! =)  LOVE HIM!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween at Preshool...

Q got to get dressed up to go to preschool on Halloween...she was pretty excited!!  They were going to get to trick or treat around to some of the classrooms.  I went to the school to walk around with them and after a few rooms Q let me know she was tired and ready to go home...all the excitement sure did tucker her out!!!! 
Tytan was excited to take pics cuz Q was...LOVE that he has to do everything that she does!!  They are SUCH characters!!!!

Funny face!
Strike a pose!

She truly is our little princess!!!

Q's first Primary Program =)

Q had her very first Primary Program a couple of weeks ago and she did great - we had been saying her part over and over again for a week or so and she was SO READY!!!  She got up there, had the microphone and said it so good and clear "I can chose the right by reading the scriptures" It was precious!!!!!!!!  Love her more than words can say!!!

That morning was the normal Sunday morning...I start getting ready thinking I have plenty of time and then bam it's like 8:45 and so we do the mad dash to get everything in the car and ready to go...pretty sure I got in and out of the car like 3 times that morning after forgetting the keys and then my book and whatever else there was to I went out the door and pressed the button to open the garage int he car and backed out...and CRUNCH - I RAN INTO THE GARAGE DOOR!!!!  I died - what the heck was I I get out thinking that it's going to be SO bad and it really wasn't, well for the car anyway.  So I push the button again thinking maybe it wasn't a big deal but the door would no close it just would go down a little bit then back up and I could see that it was kinda dented and the wheels were off the I call Brandon at work and i'm crying and I tell him what I did and he actually asks "are you kidding me" - um NO pretty sure i'm not kidding you - do you think i would kidd about something like this!!! =)  So he can tell i'm upset and kinda frazzeled so he says he will come take a look at it - for me to just leave it.  Any other week I would have thrown in the towel and called it quits and just pulled the car back in and we all would have put our jammies on for the rest of the day - but since Q had her part I HAD to go...and I'm so glad we did - she was SO excited and did a FABULOUS job!!!  Brandon came and fixed the door - so hoorah for that...when I got home it was working good as new!!!  Thank heavens for calm husbands that can fix stuff =)  Love him! 


This year we surely did get dressed up in our Halloween costumes A LOT - the city had a "spooktakular" Saturday so we went and hung out there for a while...the kids got candy, Q got her face painted, they got to ride in the mini fire truck (which Tytan refused to do) was GOOD TIMES!!!
Gorgeous Princess "Sleeping Beauty"  And a true little princess she is, she insisted on wearing her high heals and she wore them the entire afternoon and never complained once...THAT'S MY GIRL!!! =)

Q wanted a pumpkin on her face...a PINK PUMPKIN! =)

Q really wanted a hot dog...and was not excited that we were just gong to get one at Safeway =)
She got over it! =)
Funny face!

Handsome little Tigger!!!