Thursday, November 15, 2012


Halloween was fun and different this year - for the past 3 years we have gone down and had halloween with Chad and his family...this year with Crossfit we couldn't leave - so we did Halloween at our house...good times!!!  We got all dressed up and headed over to Annie's to get her and the boys so we could walk around the neighborhood all together...
Q would curtsie (spelling) for was so stinkin adorable!!!!
Could she be any cuter?!?!?!?  NOPE!!! =)


Tytan and Bridger just waiting to get going...
And we are was pretty cold that night and at first Q REFUSED to wear her jacket - i finally convinced her that it would be ok to wear her jacket over her dress...I think she fianlly just got cold enough and allowed me to put it on her =)

We walked around the neighborhood and called it good - went home and spread their candy all over the living room and just hung out...Q loved handing out candy...if no one was knocking she would open the door to see if maybe someone was was pretty cute!!! They were pretty wired from the candy so they played and ran around...Tytan kept running circles around all the candy and then he would slip on a piece and totally biff-it and just laugh!!!  GOOD TIMES!!  How cute are they in their Halloween jammies!!!  And they glow in the dark!!

Q's dracula teeth!!

She is so cool! =)

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