Monday, January 31, 2011

Dress Up

So Q just LOVES to dress up - and now she has all kinds of accessories to go with her dresses...she LOVES her ring and necklace and will usually carry around her wand =) It's good times!! And she looks so dang cute!!


So we got Q some moondough for Christmas and it was the worst stuff ever - so we got her some playdough the other night and it was a good time!! She loves it - wants to play with it everyday! Brandon told her when we got it that we could cut it and put it on a now she will say "I wanna play playdough, and cut it and put it on plate" It's SO adorable!!!

Have to Have Shoes On

So the other day it was TOTALLY cold outside and I had to run outside really quick to help B with something and Q wanted to follow me but I told her she couldn't come outside without her shoes she goes in her room and comes out with these on her feet =) I had to laugh!! I guess next time I should specify that she needs WARM shoes on...not just her high heels! =) But she did look dang cute!! =)

Cabin Fun

Last week Q and I went to the cabin so my mom and I could make some blankets for Baby Brother and we actually got a lot accomplished, surprise surprise!!! We got 4 blankets made - which NEVER happens when we plan on getting stuff done. Gpa was pretty much in charge of keeping Q happy so we could sew and it worked out well!!! She was pretty excited to touch the icicles "bycicles" what she called them. It was cute!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


So the castle bed is FINALLY finished - HOORAH!! And it's totally AWESOME!! B did SUCH an amazing job on it - honestly he is AMAZING!!! I'm so lucky to have him as my husband and Q is the luckiest little duck to have him as her DADDY!!!
So Q LOVES the castle bed...I wondered how the transition would go from her crib and room to the new bed and new room...but she hasn't even acted like it phased her...and when you tell her something about baby brothers room or bed (the crib) she just goes along with it like it's no big deal - so glad it wasn't a major thing!! =)
This is IT! Oh, it's missing a minor part...a little tower thing, i took th pic before B got it on...but yup - SHAZAAM - Castle Bed!!!
Q's first nap in her new bed!
First night in her castle bed...she did pretty good - I heard her yell for me and just waited to see if she would fall back asleep - then I didn't hear her again so I rolled over to fall back asleep when I hear these little footsteps and she is at the side of our bed saying "i got out of the castle bed" it was pretty cute!! And that has pretty much become a routine every night! =)
the night B got the bed all set up - Q was SO excited she would climb all over it and just wanted to play - it was awesome!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping Busy...

So Vicki came up to help us get the castle bed painted...and we got so much done THANKS VICKI!!! Still a lot of work to do - but with her help we were really able to get things close to finished!! =) While we were all working on the bed...Q was entertained with the snow and she finally got to use her jeep outside - hoorah!!! She tried to drive it in the snow - it didn't work out too well, but with a little nudge from Daddy it worked out great!
Stepping on the snow was OH SO FUN!!! It was till early enough that the snow was kinda icy so she didn't sink...she had a BLAST just walking around on it!! =)

She is obviously telling me something VERY serious!! =) LOVE HER!!!
Now the snow is all melted so when we go outside - she will tell me "the snow all gone"

Q & Her Baby!

Lately Q and her baby are pretty much inseparable - it's totally cute!!! She is ALWAYS asking me where her baby is and wants to give her a bottle and rock-a-bye with her and HAS to have her blanket!! It's pretty funny!She was changing her babies bum =)
"The baby is sleeping on my shoulder" =) Just loving the baby

Big Girl Panties!

It's true...this girl has moved on from diapers and is now a big-girl panties kinda girl!! And she LOVES her big girl panties - it's pretty funny - I always tell her good job after she potties in the big girl if she walks in after I've gone potty - she will tell me "good job mommy" I just have to laugh and say thanks!! =)

Just Cute!!

So Q was REALLY excited to go to the store the other day - she grabbed her purse and told me she was ready. It's so fun to watch her little personality come out and see what fun thought process she has going on in that little head of hers!!! She pretty much has me cracking up all day, every day!! =)

Riding in Style

The other day Q wanted to ride her bike...but she had to have her dress on - she even had the butterfly wings on for a while =) It was just SO DANG CUTE her riding around with her adorable little tutu/dress on!! =) I just can't get enough of this girl!! =)


Pink Rock-A-Bye Chair

For Q's bday Matt and Vicki got her this FABULOUS little rock-a-bye chair...and Q absolutely LOVES IT!!! It is so cute to watch her rock her babies...and lounge on it while she watches Barney...LOVE IT!!
Close up - taken by Daddy
Good times on the barbie jeep
Q just being herself
"Rock-a-bye- baby"
Enjoying some "M's" after going potty in the potty-chair. She has been doing SO GOOD with potty training!!! She has had "stinky bums" in the potty chair all week...Sunday was the last accident in her panties for that - and TODAY there were no accidents at all - AND we ventured out to the store and dinner with no pull-up...just her big girl panties and she did GREAT!! I'm SO SO proud and impressed by her!! =) HOORAH for using the big girl potty!!!

Playing in the Snow

So after the big snow storm we had - Q just wanted to play in the we got all warm and cozy and played in the backyard!!! It worked out pretty good - the snow was packed up a lot around the tree so i could just pull her up and then push her down the little hill on the sled...she was loving it!!! It was so fun to watch her get excited!!!So cute!
Working on a snowman...didn't work out too well =)
Throwing snow at the kitties sure was fun! =)
I would pull her around the yard in the sled and she would put her hand in the snow and drag it most of the time =)
It was a TOTALLY FUN afternoon playing in the snow!! =)