Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Day!

Yesterday was too fun! While I worked out she surely did play with her bunny...I didn't dare turn it on cuz that sends her screaming the other way - but she carried him around for a while and loved him and even gave him was TOO CUTE!

Then she got on her rocking chair and played for a while - she thought she was pretty hot stuff hanging out in the rocker!

So I decided that maybe if I tried to keep her awake longer in the morning then she would take a later nap and wouldn't be SO tired in the afternoon when she WILL NOT take a nap. But that was NOT going to happen yesterday - at 10 like usual she was tired so I rocked her for a while and she was out...when I went to lay her down she woke up and started crying but I decided she had to stay in the crib and she could just fall asleep by herself. So I closed her door and went and took a shower. I got out and started my makeup and thought I could hear I went and checked on her...and this is what I found - obviously her going to sleep by herself DID NOT HAPPEN...but she sure was having fun throwing everything that was in the crib, on the floor!! =)
And the whole time she must have been reaching for her bottle which I left on the dresser...poor thing!!!!
Cute little bug!
Yogurt for lunch...which goes EVERYWHERE! =)
Then we went to Audrey's birthday party. It was at a cute little train place that I had no idea was in show low - it was really cool though. Q was just excited to play in the dirt - as usual right =)

We rode the was fun - Q doesn't look happy cuz she is SO tired from not taking a nap that morning...but she really was having fun! =)

Blowing was cute this little boy would blow bubbles and then his mom would give Q a turn and the little boy would blow on Q's face to try and get her to blow the bubbles...good times!

Another train ride
On the way home she was OUT! All that fun sure does make her tired!! =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

This Girl!!

So yesterday morning I put Q in the tub and I went to put some dishes in the dishwasher...i could hear her playing and whatnot in the tub...well all the sudden I heard a bonk and then her crying so I go running in there and as I run in the bathroom she is running out...YES, running out - she fell out of the tub again!!! I think it's SO funny and such a shock that she does that...i mean I feel bad cuz i'm sure it hurts once she gets out and falls to the floor - but it's just too funny, who falls out of the tub??!! Love her!!!!
That afternoon she REALLY wanted to go outside and play but it was kinda cold and it had snowed the day before and everything was just a mess...but whatever right - so i let her go outside and after I did B looked at me and said, "you know she's going to get all muddy right" i was like whatever - maybe a little mud - no biggie. Then I looked outside and she was standing in the middle of a nice muddy puddle - it was too funny!! She kinda liked the mud...

She was cold and that was the end of that! =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So after her bath Q HATES to get dressed...i'm not sure if she just gets cold so she is mad or if she just has a MILLION things that she wants to be getting into and i'm not letting her for those few seconds so she's mad...either way she HATES to get dressed and as I quickly dress her to try and keep some peace I try and tame her crazy hair too - well obviously it didn't get tamed yesterday - it was out of control....

Then after her nap it was even better...cuz you know she surely did get my hair and my fabulous ability to get the worst bed head ever! =)

We finally tamed the hair and put an adorable bow on to match her cute little outfit (thanks Vicki) and she looked like a little doll!!

She is getting really good at taking the bows off and giving them to me right away - it's pretty funny!! She lets me know the photo session is OVER!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eating with a Spoon

So the other day Q decided she wanted to eat yogart with a spoon and tonight she wanted to do the same -it's so cute. She will start out great using the spoon and she does really well...then she can't resist...she has to put her other hand in the yogart and fling it all over and put it in her hair and all sorts of good stuff. She makes me laugh!!

Had to have a bath after all that yogart fun...she was Such a happy girl today - it was a blast!!! And her molers that have been trying to come through for like 2 weeks now have finally broke through - HOORAH!!! No wonder she is back to being a sweet girl - I love it!!! =)

Easter Dress

Q got this ADORABLE little dress for Easter!! It is just too cute!! Here are some fab photos of her in it!!
This face is SO HER!!

Could she look any more innocent!!!