Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Lake Trip

Well I have to admit that this lake trip was SO much better than last trip. It was still horrid hot, but at least Q REALLY liked the boat this time. It would actually put her to sleep - which was great cuz HELLO she never wants to sleep =)
Looking fabulous in her life jacket =) And blowing rasberries...letting me know she had had enough of the life jacket!!
Boating just made Q so so tired...
Obviously it makes Daddy tired too =)

Last Thursday

Trying hard to sit still for the camera...
Posing for the picture...
Just telling me a story...
She loves Mommy & Daddy this much...
Just about to give me the "I'm so done with this " look =)
Oh just showing me how she thinks I should be doing the moves in my pilates video...

Medicine, Toe Touches & Messy Faces

So Q has discovered a fun new toy - her medicine dispenser thingy...she just loves it!!!
While she was waiting for her food...she went ahead and showed me what a great dancer she is going to be, look how flexible she is with her toe touch =)
So I used to think that Q was just messy and that it was hard to get her to open her mouth for the food the food and that is why it was always all over her...but I have sense learned that when i'm not paying CLOSE attention, she will lean forward and I will inevitably get it on her nose or her head or somewhere on her face...so pretty much i'm the messy one - not her =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Helper

So I was making banana bread today and put Q in her bumbo and set her on the counter next to me and kept giving her different things to keep her intertained...a teaspoon, a wooden spoon, a few chew toys - well I hear a loud crash and turn around and she had grabbed onto all the spoons and stuff and knocked everything over =) Look at her little innocent face =)
Still trying to keep her occupied and happy - while I was getting the pans out she was oh too excited so I gave her one and she loved it - who knew it would be such a great toy!!

Last time I tried to play in our softball games Q pretty much cried the whole time and I ended up just going home. Well tonight Bethany offered to watch her since she wasn't going to be playing - and Q did GREAT!!! She had to be held and didn't want to sit but hey - she didn't cry the whole time and I got to play. HOORAH
This picture is when we got home from the games - she was SO ready to get down and play!! Obviously she was SO excited to be home! =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well I think she is finally realizing the bumbo is a good thing. She spent more time in it today then she EVER has before. But now she is strong enough that she arches her back and tries to push herself out. Silly girl! =)

Brandon is a Stud!!

Ok so Brandon is an awesome rock climber - the other day Vicki was up so she was willing to watch Q so I could join in the fun once again - I haven't been FOREVER! Brandon is pretty much spider man - it's so fun to watch him climb...he makes it look so easy. He's THE FREAK'N MAN!! =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Watermelon Girl

She had to play with something during picture time or it was so not going to happen =)

Just hang'n out watching B do some training...her first time sitting in grass...she kinda liked it =)

Happy Father's Day

So Q was so excited to help Brandon open his father's day presents...
Then we thought it would be fun to put Q in the bag - she tollerated it for a little bit - cute!
Q was pretty excited for Daddy's new board shorts =)
It was a really good day. Happy Father's Day Brandon - we love you!


So here are a few pics from the hilarious "pic of the day" photo shoot on Saturday...she is too funny!!

Just Me & Q

Last Thursday Q & I headed down to Mesa for our first trip together just me and her. It went really well...she did great during the drive, tolerated shopping at the mall (which i'm sure she will learn to REALLY love) and sat and enjoyed the craziness while we all got our toes done. By the end of the night she was SO ready to be out of the carseat - but all in all i think it went really well.

THANK HEAVENS FOR KRISTEN...she watched Q for a couple of hours on Friday so I could go to the mall and finish up everything that didn't get done on Thursday - honestly Kristen is such a sweetheart!! I owe her big time!! By Friday night - we were ready to be home and see Daddy!!!

Queen of the Wild Frontier

So we went to the Burley Bear the other day and they had this fun little hat so I surely did have to get a pic of Q in it =)

And they had all this fun wood bear stuff out in front so obviously she needed a pic with the huge bear =)