Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The kids do burpees

Yes, it's true.  They might just spend a little too much time at crossfit..but they seem to enjoy it.  Q will cheer us on and sometimes give us a rundown of what she thinks the workout should be.  And she is pretty dang good at burpees.  She thinks they are fun!! =)  SO CUTE!  Tytan attempts to do them beacuse he sees her and us do them so much!! =)  Good times!!  LOVE THEM!

 Love the pose!

She's got style!

So I honestly never know what to expect when I wake up to this girl..she will sometimes change her jammies in the middle of the night and it's usually into an awesome choice of jammies!!!  This night she wasn't falling asleep with me laying by her, so I let he know she needed to stay in bed and close her eyes.  When i went to check on her..this was her attire...LOVE IT and LOVE HER!!!  She is the funnest thing!!!

Big Boy Bed

Brandon decided that Tytan was done with the he changed the crib into a sort of day bed...Tytan loves it and it's nice because he can just come into our room at night, rather than crying for me to come get he has fun climbing up and getting out of it!! =)  I was worried he would fall out since he likes to be up against the sides when he sleeps usually...but so far so good.  =) 

Tytan got Bit!

Tytan is know to bite...if Q makes him really mad he will let her know he is upset by biting her...we are still working on curing him of this urge!  He got a dose of his own medicine at crossfit, one of his little buddies he plays with all the time sure did bite him.  I noticed a bruise on his arm later and was trying to figure out what it was from...yup - from the bite!!!  Poor little guy!!

First Snow

It snowed back in November and Q was SO excited, she HAD to go out and get some snow to eat...

 Tytan just had to go outside cuz Q was =)
 So happy!!!
 So we put sprinkles and sugar in the snow...Q decided she didn't like it, but Tytan was LOVING it!!!

Snot Bubble

While eating breakfast...Q yells for me to come see Chunky's nose after he sneezed.  He had a fabulous snot bubble...and it stayed there for a while!!  It was pretty dang funny!!  The kids were VERY entertained!!!  Pretty sure it takes talent to make a snot bubble like that! =) 

 So cute!

Dolls...and Trucks

The kid has his priorities striaght...if the baby has to go in the stroller for him to push her around...then she is going to have to deal with the truck that has to go for a ride too =)  Just thought this was too cute!!!  He is such a cutie!!

Oklahoma Trip

So on our way to Oklahoma for Brandon's cousins wedding we stopped in Albuquerque to stay the first night...I was getting Q ready and she was in a mood and was letting me know she was NOT happy, so she crossed her arms and started to pout...when I turned back around, Tytan had followed her lead and stood by her with his arms crossed.  It was the funniest cutest thing EVER!!!!!  LOVE THEM!!!
 There were two neat water fall things at the wedding and the kids LOVED them...pretty sure they were getting soaked but were having so much fun!!!  My camera totally died after these pics so I don't have much...but here are a few!

 Q with Grammies lip stick on =)

Save the Boobies Hair Extentions

Since October was save the boobies month...I thought it would be fun for Q to get pink hair extentions in her hair again this year.  So we went and she got TWO...she was oh so excited!!!  She thought she was pretty hot stuff and loved sitting in the seat and having all the was really cute!!!  She ended up pulling both of those extentions out so we went and had them put back in just for her to pull them out once again.  Maybe we will wait a couple of years before we try it again...she has to keep all the hair she can, and pulling it out is not helping =)  The extentions were fun and exciting for a while though!! 

She is a DOLL!!!!

Pumpkin Patch

We usually go to a pumpkin patch in Snowflake and do the corn maze and all that jazz, but with B's schedule being so crazy this year...the kids and I just went over to the little pumpkin patch by our house and picked out a few was fun!!!!  Q loved the scarecrows...and Tytan loved the was great!  Good times!!

"Tytan did it"

So I found red crayon on Q's door and asked her about it...she told me Tytan did it...and at first I believed her...then I got to looking at it and realized that there was no way Tytan could reach that high so i asked her again and she totally denied it forever...then she let me know she did it...because she wanted to.  I'm not really sure what the correct response should have been to that...but I had nothing!!! =) 

My Helper

It doesn't matter if I'm making eggs, or a cake or just warming up leftovers...Q wants to help with whatever is going on!  She is such a blast to have!!!