Monday, December 20, 2010


So B took some time off to hunt in Safford - Q and I played while he hunted - it was good times!!! She played Christmas checkers with Gpa...well she would basically throw all the pieces on the floor and they would pick them up =)

She painted with mom had a great idea to keep Q happy - she gave her a bowl of pudding and let her just dip her hands and paint or eat it...whatever she wanted! Q really liked it!

Then we went to Gma Green's to learn how to make fudge...Q was pretty excited to play in the drawers with all the fake fruit!! And the fudge turned out FABULOUS!! Thanks Gma!
Q and Gma playing with some ornaments that came in the mail! =)
B didn't get a deer...but i'm pretty sure he is planning on doing some more hunting over Christmas! =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poor Little Thing

So two Sundays ago I was trying to get Q to go to bed but she just wouldn't get settled...finally she fell asleep but like 5 minutes later she woke up and started to throw up EVERYWHERE - honestly I think she was throwing up like 3 days worth of was so so sad! So I get her in the tub, cleaned, in new clean jammies and she is out. At like 2am she wakes up and is fussing and stuff so i lay her in bed with me and give her a bottle and yup - she throws that one up all over my get her in the tub again...clean the bed...get her settled. So the next day I SO do not want to give her a bottle cuz she just keeps throwing them up and the smell of sour milk is just more than I can handle at the moment. So when she asked for one I just reminded her that it made her choke, which is what she says she did when she threw up, and she agreed and would just take her sippy with juice. Since that was working so well I thought maybe this would be the perfect time to get her off the bottle completely...and TODAY MARKS 2 WEEKS WITHOUT A BOTTLE FOR HER!!! HOORAH!!! And she really hasn't been too bad...every once in a while she will ask where her bahbah is but I just remind her it made her choke and she is fine.
These are pics of her sleeping in till 8:30am...honestly I didn't think she would EVER sleep in, but obviously she felt yuck and needed the was funny she would wake up and take her jammies off and then come in to the living room and yell HI!!!! She is SUCH a doll - LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

Light Parade

So this year B was teaching Fire Academy so Q and I had to go to the light parade by ourselves...I was kinda sad that we didn't get to ride in the truck like last year but whatever right - no biggie. So Q and I get there and she is doing fine then I'm not sure if she got cold or just tired but she was SO done with being there...totally started fussing and crying and wanting to go home...then she saw the fire truck and Josh got out, who has the same kinda hair color and cut that B has so Q thought it was Brandon and got all excited so when it was Josh she was SO sad...but the parade FINALLY started and she really liked it - LOVED the lights and was excited to see Santa at the end!! =)

Ladder and Owee's

So while I was putting up the Christmas stuff Q was LOVING the ladder - she would climb up when I would and then climb back down so I could get down...she LOVES the steps!!!

She is such a little cheeseburger!! =)
I was wrapping some presents and Q saw the scissors laying there, which she calls "owees" so she grabs them and I grab them to get them back from her and she yanks and pulls them out of my hand and they totally slice her leg...POOR GIRL!!! I felt so bad!! It looked really bad but after the blood was washed off it wasn't TOO bad...but still those little cuts hurt SO SO BAD!!! She was pretty funny though - it was like she was proud of her owee...when I put some pants on her...she would ask "where my owee go" She is just too cute...and when she was naked she would always want to see her "owee"

Temple Lights

So for my Bday - B got tickets to the Rockettes...and it was FABULOUS!! Totally loved it!!! And B was more than a good sport - I know her pretty much hated every minute of the show...but what a trooper her was! =) Kristen was going to watch Q while we were at the Rocketts but when she woke up from her nap she was a basketcase and Kristen had to go to her Activity Days church thing so Oz came and got Q and got her calmed down pretty much by giving her an entire bag of M&M's =) whatever works right?!?! and so she just played at Oz's for a while with Baby Carter and had a good time. Then they came and met us all for dinner!!! Thanks Kristen for watching Q while we ran errands that day and for being so willing to watch her even though you had Activity Days...and Thanks Oz for rescuing Kristen and taking Q and watching her. We really appreciate it all!! Later that night when Q was bouncing off the walls Brandon was like WHAT IS HER DEAL - so I informed him Oz gave her a bag of M&M's...he was like "thanks a lot Oz" =)
The next night we went to see the Temple was good times!! James, Oz and Baby Carter joined us - it was fun!! The nativity scenes in the visitors center were really neat and Q LOVED all the lights!!


So while we were in Safford Q got sick...poor thing was just fussy and had a fever and all that yucky stuff!!! Of course I didn't have my bag of medicine for her or the thermometer that I use on her forehead but my mom had this one that you are suppose to put under their armpit...Q wasn't really going for it so my mom was showing her how it would work on her doll...which Q was pretty excited about so she did that for a while then she would put the thermometer under grandpa's arm and grandma's arm...pretty much everyones but her own. Then she would put random stuff under her was pretty funny!!
Then Oz and Baby Carter came the day after Thanksgiving and Q was pretty excited to play with him! She really likes to push him in this walker! =) And he tolerates it so well! =)


So the night before we were going to head out to Safford for Thanksgiving down at Grandma Green's I was doing my usual last minute, laundry, making sure Q has bows that match each outfit (which I'm sure B is SO glad we are having a boy cuz HELLO could you imagine how crazy it would be if I had to make sure I had bows to match TWO girls...we would never make it anywhere) anyhoo - I was on the phone with Gma Green and I kept thinking that Q was being WAY too quiet and I should check on her but I didn't...a little later i had the same thought - so I go in her room and this is what I find...I was honestly in SHOCK - it was so funny! I had to quickly hang up with Gma and go grab the camera...i couldn't even be mad I was just totally amazed at the HUGE mess and how content she was just sitting there spreading the glue everywhere!!! Apparently she can climb from the rocking chair onto the dresser and there was some glue up on the dresser (cuz of course I thought it would be safe there) and when she can't get something open she will just take off the lid completely...which she did with the glue and was dumping it EVERYWHERE and using her hand to rub it in. It was all over the dresser, the carpet, on all the jammies in her drawer and of course all over herself!!!! What a fun little adventure she had...she is too funny!!!

Castle Bed

Here are the latest pics of the castle's been this way for a few weeks now...things have been crazy around here...seems like we have been out of town more then we've been in town this month! But it will get finished soon and it is going to be SO fun! It's really looking GREAT - B has done SUCH a great job on it!!! =)

Clapping Song

So Q is not a TV/Cartoon watcher...she has a Baby Einstein video she LOVES to watch over and over again while we drive and she likes to have Barney on...but she won't just sit and watch. There is a part on Barney where they do a clapping song and Q LOVES it!! This night B and Q were doing the clapping song was so so cute!! =)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Funny Q!

So I remember growing up my Dad would always tell us "bummer dude" whenever something was randomly wrong or just to kind of make fun of us when we were feeling particularly sorry for ourselves. So every once in a while I'll say it to Q...well the other night we were eating dinner and she couldn't find her napkin and she kept asking "where my napkin go" and we told her we didn't see it and maybe it fell on the she looks over and sure enough there it was on the ground and she looked up at us and said "bummer dude" we totally started busting up! Then when i was trying to get her to go to bed she kept asking a million questions about where everyone was and when I finally just told her that everyone was night-night she told me "bummer dude" It was totally funny!!

I always ask Q what her babies name is and she never give me a name...randomly today i asked her what her babies name was and she told me Ryan =) I just smiled and said ok...not sure where that came from but funny that she randomly came up with that...when I text Ryan to tell him, he let me know that she was just trying to get on his good side =)

So i have a little candy dish on the table that Q always wants to check out while she's eating her food...she will constantly ask what is in it and want whatever it is...lately it's been chocolate so she is always wanting a chocolate...the other morning I gave her a hug and told her "I love Qwynci" and she looked up at me and said "I love Chocolate" I had to laugh!!!! that's my girl!! =)

Lipstick & Sparkles

So on my birthday B and I went to a movie and Lilly watched Q for us...It was so cute-when we got back to pick her up she was looking through the glass on their front door saying "mommy coming"...then when she saw us she got all excited "mommy right there" it was SO dang adorable!! And she did GREAT with Lilly and the other kids...Lilly is so good with her!!!
So they gave her some lipstick and some sparkles for her to take home with her...and the next day when we were working on the castle bed Q was in heaven just playing with her new stuff. She would put lipstick on her and me and sparkles on everything...including Brandon =)!!!

So when I wasn't paying attention she had put lipstick ALL over her face...kinda looked like the Joker - it was SO funny and i totally forgot to take a pic before I wiped some of it off...DANG IT! But you can see where it was =)