Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just hang'n out on the feather bed =) Do you like her bow...I made it!! And there are more to come - I made THREE last night...B thinks they are kinda big - but I think they will be totally adorable! =)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Here is Q in her cute little church dress...and her new bow I made...Brandon says it's too big - but I kinda like it!! =) Q did so good - she made it through all 3 hours of church, her first time to stay...She did GREAT! (in the pic she is looking up at Brandon...I kept trying to get her to smile and me and she wouldn't look at me...but B walked up and she got so excited)

Sometimes playtime just wears you out!

Sunday Q woke up at 5am...she wasn't real interested in going back to sleep so I just figured I might as well get up and start getting ready for 8am church...yes EIGHT A.M. - it' s pretty interesting =) So I shower and I'm doing my makeup and Q is just playing and she starts to fuss a little but I figure I can pry finish my makeup cuz she really wasn't mad just whining a little bit...then I realized the whining had stopped and her breathing had gotten louder - so I turn around and she is asleep - it was too cute!! I guess sometimes play time is just so tiring!! =)

Baby Blue

For my baby shower Micah Jones gave me some bows she had made and they are FABULOUS - so when I went to Safford for Q's blessing she taught me how to make them and I was so excited...then I never made any. But Q had a couple of outfits that I just didn't have any bows to match so I HAD to get some ribbon and make some. So we were running errands the other day and I asked B to drop me off at walmart and I'd run in real quick and get some ribbon. For some reason I thought ribbon was like $1-$2 for a yard...um no, it's only like $.25...so i totally went nutty and started grabbing pretty much one of every color they had...then B calls me to make sure i was ok, I guess i didn't realize I had been in walmart so long =) Yes - I was great...and here is a pic of my first bow...not the greatest - but pretty sure with practice they will get better!! =) Good thing Q makes my bow look good =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Guess who has been sleeping through the night lately...yup you guessed it!! =) She has been sleeping so good...still doesn't like to take naps during the day...but I can't complain cuz she is such a great sleeper at night!!! =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby in RED

All dressed up and nowhere to go...story of her life :) 4/23/09

Full Easter Dress

Pry this is what the Easter dress was suppose to look like on Easter Sunday!!!!! As you can tell Q is totally bored of the entire ordeal! =)

Great Grands

Here is Q with the Great Grands =) How fun huh? Grams & Gramps McBride were so excited to see her...and Gramps Green was happy till she thought about fussing...and he was going to have no part of that!! I need to get one of her and Grams Green!!!!...and Brandon's side of the family.


So Brandon had to work Friday and then Easter Sunday so we figured I could just go to Safford for the weekend - Thursday B, Franney, Q and I headed down to Globe. My mom met us there and B and Franney went rock climbing...so it worked out well =) The weekend was totally fun, we went to Ceter on Friday...it was totally windy but we were at the Alder's ranch so we just stayed inside and played hand and foot and talked and whatnot. While my mom was holding Q she kept staring at the cards and then grabbed them, all while keeping her poker face on =) It was totally cute, she is going to be a hand and foot player I can tell already!!
Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and my mom asked where the jacket was to the ADORABLE little Easeter dress she had bought her...it's with the dress of course...um no - it wasn't there and it wasn't anywhere - so I call Diamond and she informs me that she found it in the pile of clothes I have to iron...which has been sitting there waiting for me to iron for like a month now - I was so ticked...honestly did the little flower on that jacket really need to be ironed that bad!! JEEZE - so I was totally bitter cuz of course I was ruining Easter...which my mom pointed out that I really needed to remember what the real meaning of Easter was - and she was right...so after I got over being bitter I just put a different outfit on her and we went to church. =) After church Grandpa rocked Q to sleep so I could get the rest of dinner ready and get everything packed up so we could go back and see Brandon that night. All in all it was a great weekend!!! =)

Wrestle Mania

While we were in Mesa last week we went to a car dealership, well Q got hungry so I went out to the car to feed her, I didn't want to go back in so I just figured I would just stay out in the car and play with her. Pretty sure Q has loved this zebra from the time she noticed it dangling above her on one of those little toy things. Well I decided she might want to actually play with it...and she went nutty with it - loved wrestling and talking and yelling at it. It was too funny. She has since moved on to wrestling a teddy bear and a little lion. Good times! Obviously she takes after her daddy in the wrestling department =)

Play Time

So Brandon loves to play the "getcha" game with Q...basically he just says he gonna get her and she just gets all excited...well here is some video of her LOVING it...so cute!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goin back to Cali

SO SAD, our friends Trent and Maggie will be moving back to Cali to be close to their family. They are such a fun couple - we will miss them so much!! But, we wish them the best of luck with everything and we will be so excited to go visit them and hang out on the beach. We will have to get some surfing lessons from Trent =)

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Well, Qwynci rolled from her tummy to her back today (4/22/09) - totally random!! She HATES to be on her belly most of the time but she was in a good mood so I set her on her tummy and put a fun little book in front of her and she just rolled right over - like it was nothing, I was so excited for her. So I put her back on her tummy and she surely did do it again. HOORAH for rolling!! You go girl =)

Game Time

So Vicki bought us some GREAT tickets for B's birthday! We got to go to the last Suns game for this season and sit in row 10 - it was way fun! Oh, and WHOA Shaq is HUGE!!! =)
Q got to spend the evening with Autumn...so fun!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pic of the day

So here is today's pic...the grandparents get a little upset if they don't get pics!!!!! Story for today: I decided I would try and I do mean TRY to look cute so I'm curling my hair in ringlets attempting to be cute, which just turned into me looking like a little girl with silly curls everywhere...anyhoo as I looked in the mirror I decided it looked rediculous but oh well, it wasn't horrible...then I turned around to pick Q up and she looked at me and smiled, then focused on my hair and laughed...yup - the hair looked THAT bad!!!! =) Gotta love her honesty!!


Friday was Brandon's birthday - we had Diamond and DJ over for dinner and a friend of his from Colorado stopped by too...it was fun!! Love you B!!!!
His FUN birthday present is coming on the 15th...his mom bought us tickets to the Suns game, totally excited!!

So excited to visit Daddy!!

So we went and saw Brandon at work the other day and Q was oh so excited to see him!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let the blogging begin...

So my sis set this up for me (cuz obviously I wasn't getting it done)...hopefully i'll keep up with it!! The plan is to put a daily pic of Qwynci on here so I don't have to send them to the grandparents everyday via phone...we shall see how that works out =)