Sunday, January 31, 2010

SO Tired!!

So Q wouldn't go down for an afternoon nap...which was fine - she wasn't being fussy she just wanted to play and play so whatever right - as long as she was happy i'm totally good with that!! We went to see B at work and she was OUT in like 3 minutes. And she stayed out...which pretty much never happens, once the car stops she pops right up like she has taken a 3 hour nap...not this time...B took her inside and laid her on the recliner and she stayed there for a while. It was pretty dang cute!!!

Eating, Eating and more Eating!

She really likes corn dogs...lately she will take the corn part off and just eat the's way cute!! I tried to video it but of course she wouldn't do it then =) So just a couple of pics of her and corn dogs =)
She also likes cheese crisps...i was tearing off small pieces for her and she wasn't i just gave her the whole thing and that took care of it - she liked it after that! =)

I keep trying to give her different foods...not that it's working but I keep trying anyway. So tonight she got spaghetti and meatballs...she only ate a little bit so i gave her an orange and some lunch meat....that did it - she LOVED both!! And she was in such a good mood while she was pretty funny!!

How fun is this pic!!=) LOVE IT!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So Q likes to dance when she hears certain's SO cute!! At first she would just dance to my ringtone (the lady gaga, bad romance song) but now she will dance to that and the Tik Toc song. It's so so funny!! I tried to record her dancing to my ringtone but she just wanted the phone these are videos of her dancing to Tik Toc...pry not the best song for her to dance to, but whatever - it's cute!!! =) LOVE IT!!

Little Cowgirl...

The other day after we went to lunch for Diamond's birthday Vicki wanted to check out the boot barn. B and I had never been in there and we were pleasantly surprised...they had some fun stuff. Including this nifty little horse you could ride...Gpa was excited to let her have a go at it...and boy did it go! Honestly I thought it was going to be a gentle little no, that horse pretty much took was pretty funny!!!!

How ADORABLE is this pink cowgirl hat - I LOVED IT!! And they had some incredibly cute cowgirl PINK boots...who knew cowgirl stuff was so cute...Q might have to become a cowgirl for a bit =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SURPRISE...Happy Birthday Diamond

Diamonds Bday was on Tuesday and Matt and Vicki came up to surprise her. It was pretty dang fun!!

Waiting for Diamond to arrive...the station still had a Christmas tree up so Q was all about playing with the balls!! The cake was AWESOME!! How fun right? Vicki is SO TALENTED!!!

Qwynci was excited for the party too =)
Q ALWAYS wants Diamonds keys and knows which button is the panic button so she'll push it to get the horn to honk then hand you the keys to make it stop - it's pretty funny!
Helping open presents
Playing with Grandpa

Is the look on Gpa's face not the best!!
Happy Bday...Diamond got a new ride!! =)

Playing in the Garage

So B was in the garage shining up the car and Q LOVES to get out there but I usually grab her before she can crawl around out there just cuz she will get totally filthy!! But whatever right - I changed her into some play clothes and she had a BALL - she was DIRTY and having fun and it was so fun to listen to her and watch her play! She would take toys from inside and drag them out there and then play and jabber. SO SO CUTE!! She knocked over the cats water and just played and played in it!!


So for the last Cardinals game Franney invited us all over to his house for the big game...which turned out to be totally lame...but Q had fun so word to that! =)
Just eating a little game food

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Stuff

Another go at chocolate milk...still no success. Notice the sippie though...Franney gave her that for her bday too. How funny is that!! =) Not liking Daddies hat on her head...
Giving me a little it!
Giving me the "how come I can't play with that" look...which I get pretty much all day =)
While I was putting up the laundry, Q was getting into the cupboard and emptying the teddy grahams all over the floor...and eating a few. So I cleaned those up and after that she dumped all the vanilla wafers out...Jeeze - I guess she had the munchies huh?!?! =)

Mac & Cheese!!

Mac & Cheese for dinner the other night and it ended up everywhere!! =) She pretty much LOVES it!! It's so fun to watch her try and pick up the little pieces of macaroni - i love it!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So B had been trying to get Diamond to take today off since last week so she could watch Q and we could go snowboarding. Well Diamond wasn't able to so we just figured oh well - we'll go another time right. So it snowed pretty good last night so this morning we went out for a drive and to take some tires back to the dealership. Brandon mentioned something to Seth about how we were going to go ride today but don't have a babysitter. He said to just drop Q off at his house with his wife (who is our neighbor, and my visiting teacher and is freak'n awesome) but i was like ya right - she has a 3 year old and a 4 month old...i'm not going to add to her day by leaving Q. So we are driving and Jessica calls me and says she hears i need a babysitter and that we can just drop her off. How awesome is that...yes Seth called her and said we were looking for a babysitter and so she called us. How great is she. Honestly - so nice right!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we sure did go snowboarding today and it was powder everywhere and pretty much nobody there. GREAT TIMES!! And Q had oh so much fun playing with Riley all day! So glad she had fun today as well!!

Yes, this is me doing an awesome jump, thank you very much...and i landed it. It's true - i am the freak'n woman! =) AHAHAHA B wouldn't let me take pics of him this is all you get - sorry!!

The Latest

Sunday Q was trying to crawl around in her dress and she kept kneeling right on it and getting frustrated so she finally just stopped and stood up. It was so cute...she did it a few more times Sunday and a couple of times on Monday. It's so cute to watch her balance =)

She says bye bye everytime someone hangs up the phone - it's way cute. She will also say bye bye when someone leaves. She will also say Dada..but when i tell her to say mama she either laughs or just keeps saying dada more and more intense. It's too funny!!

You can see her new teeth coming in in these pics...she was working it for the camera =) Look close - you can see all 4 top teeth. It's so weird when she smiles for her to have teeth - i'm only used to the bottom teeth =) But the new ones are just too cute!
two top front teeth coming in

ok she looks kinda scared in this pic but you can kinda see the front top teeth =)