Sunday, October 7, 2012

Q and Tytan riding her bike!

Q and Tytan LOVE to ride there bikes...every time we pull into the driveway Q will ask to ride her bike and then Tytan starts saying bike over and over's pretty funny!!  Some days he will actually ride his little bike and she will ride hers...but a lot of the time this is what they end up doing...T stands on the back of her bike and she pedals as fast as she can down the driveway and hits the bump at the bottom and they laugh and she turns around, Tytan hops off and pushes her back up the driveway and they do it all over's really fun to watch!!  I was worried at first that he would fall when they hit the bump but he never had...until the ONE time I decided to get video of it - he surely did fall that time!!!!  But he still wanted to get right back on - so it must not have been too bad!!  Love when they play together!!!  They are the BEST!

Sweet Corn Festival

A few weekends ago we went to the sweet corn festival in was pretty fun!!  They had this blow up slide that Q LOVED going down...

Q's in the green shirt climbing...

Tytan really wanted to follow Q inside...but just wasn't too sure about it!

After sliding down this huge slide...Q let me know it burned her bum!! =)
They both got to ride the pony' fun!

Even after a burned bum she decided to try it again! =)  

Qwynci started PRE-SCHOOL!!!!

It's true - my little girl surely did start pre-school this year.  She was SO excited and I was...well...not as excited as she was.  I'm excited for her to learn and grow and do all that fun stuff she gets to do there...but I'm not sure i'm really ready to let her go!!!!!  So we go and she kisses me goodbye and that was it...i held it in till I got to the car and then i just cried and cried.  I called Brandon and he just laughed at me...who knew I was going to be such a pansy about these kinda things!!!  She sure does love it though - And the teacher let me know the other day that they really enjoy having her in class...well DUH - she is pretty much the life of any party!!! =) 
Tytan wanted to join in the picture taking fun!

2nd day of school...yes, she was still oh so excited to go!!! =)  Glad she loves it!

Love them SO MUCH!

Tytan TOTALLY biffs it! =(

While we were at crossfit...Tytan surely did BIFF IT right on his nose!!!  So sad!!!!  Poor little guy had those scratches on his nose for a long time and now there is a tiny scare!!!  Isn't he such a little stud!!! =)

Q and her Fabulous makeup

Q REALLY likes to play with makeup - we found some eye shadow that came with some sparkles we got at the dollar store and she was so excited - she started putting it on...and pretty soon it was looking pretty dang fantastic!!!!  These pics really don't do how awesome it looked justice!!!  She is SUCH a fun little girl to have around - i'm so grateful she is ours!!! =)

Cutest ever!!!

Movie Night on Momma's Bed

So the other night we surely did have a movie night on our bed...not sure why it's only called "mommas bed" but that's what Brandon calls it too - Q asked Brandon where he sleeps at night, and he told her he sleeps in mommas bed =) so it' kinda funny!!!  We watched a cartoon and had popcorn and the kids loved it and we all fell asleep - good family time!!! =)

French Toast and Ranch

So Q really likes to dip EVERYTHING in ranch...which means Tytan does too...the other morning she surely wanted to dip her french toast in ranch - so I decided what the heck - why not...and she really liked it.  She hasn't ask for that again so it must not have been fabulous - but it worked for that morning! =) 

Reading to the Kiddos

Brandon decided to read to the kiddos one night and so they got blankets and pillows and set up in the living room =)  It was really cute to watch and listen to them! 

Maybe he should read to them EVERY night so we can get them to conk out just like this! =)  LOVE THEM!

Another Lake Trip

Yes - we surely did go to the lake more this summer than we have been able to for the past couple of summers - it was SO fun!!  The kids loved it!!! 

Ryan and his boys headed out to find and catch some fish =)

The kids loved playing on the tube!!

Q LOVES chips!

I couldn't get either one of them to leave their hats we traded hats and it seemed to work pretty good! =)  Good times pulling each other in this boat...=)