Sunday, October 7, 2012

Qwynci started PRE-SCHOOL!!!!

It's true - my little girl surely did start pre-school this year.  She was SO excited and I was...well...not as excited as she was.  I'm excited for her to learn and grow and do all that fun stuff she gets to do there...but I'm not sure i'm really ready to let her go!!!!!  So we go and she kisses me goodbye and that was it...i held it in till I got to the car and then i just cried and cried.  I called Brandon and he just laughed at me...who knew I was going to be such a pansy about these kinda things!!!  She sure does love it though - And the teacher let me know the other day that they really enjoy having her in class...well DUH - she is pretty much the life of any party!!! =) 
Tytan wanted to join in the picture taking fun!

2nd day of school...yes, she was still oh so excited to go!!! =)  Glad she loves it!

Love them SO MUCH!

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