Saturday, April 16, 2011

Size 3 month clothes

This boy is such a little CHUNK - it's so cute!! He was busting at the seems (literally) in his newborn clothes so we had to move on...kinda sad that he is growing so fast and is already going to be 2 months old...but SO excited for his little personality that keeps showing through =) He is still such a perfect little guy!!! So chill, even when Q pushes on him, tries to pick him up, bonks his head as she tries to lay by him...he doesn't even whimper =) It takes a lot to make him cry - he is so calm I love it!! The other night I was feeding him and I use my phone as a light sometimes and I surely did drop the phone on his head and he didn't even care, didn't miss a beat just kept on eating!! =) Love this little guy!!!!!

LOVE that he puts his hands together when he sleeps!!!
Yes - we tried to sit him in the bumbo - pretty sure it was NOT comfy for him...but he tollerated it for a while! =) Like I said - just a chill little guy!!

So Tytan got a nice gift and it came with this little bear - Q surely took it and would not give it up the whole day - it was pretty cute!! She had to rock it and make sure it was taken care of - she is such a good little mommy!!!

Q's 1st Hair Cut!! =)

It's true - Q's mullet has finally been cut off =) She did SO GOOD too!!! Missy came to our house - which made it even better and Q just sat and watched Barney and chatted with me and looked at pics while Missy cut her hair - it was so easy - I was expecting it to be craziness cuz HELLO having to sit still is not one of Q's abilities =)...but we had told Q the day before that she was getting her hair cut and stuff so she was kinda excited about the whole thing!!!

So excited to finally be done so she could go play with Missy's daughter Lilly =)
Missy said that me and Q have the same haircut...pry because we pretty much have the same amount of hair =) SO CUTE!
LOVE the haircut - she looks SO DANG CUTE!!

Since Tytan is a "paci baby" Q has decided that she needs a paci too - it's pretty funny - she doesn't really like it but every once in a while when she gets frustrated she will tell me she needs her pace - so funny!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Little Man

This little guy is just SUCH a sweet, adorable little thing!! He always looks so cute - but with this fun little shirt on I thought he looked so dang cute...all grown up or something...not ready for that AT ALL...but LOVED that he looked like such a little boy!! He is still such a calm and sweet baby - I am SO blessed!! We are SO grateful he is a part of our family!! =)

Put Your Dukes Up

I just think it is so dang cute that Tytan sleeps with his hands up in fists he is ready to take on anyone that messes with him...AKA his older sister who is OH so over excited and wants to play with him a lot of the time!!! =)

Aunt Gay

Aunt Gay was at Diamond's baby shower and it was SO fun to chat with her...she is awesome, such a blast to be around!!! She came over to meet Tytan and play with was really neat!!! So glad i was able to see her that weekend!!

Jordan's Prom

So Jordan came over to take pics and stuff before she headed off for her fun Prom night...and she looked SO pretty!!! Cute sisters!

For some reason when we would tell Q to say cheese - she would stick her finger up her nose...we might have to work on that =)
Daddy/Daughter =)

Great Gramps and Regular Gramps

So we went to see Great Gma and Gpa McBride last weekend and it was too fun. Q was TOTALLY confused that there were TWO Gpa McBrides so we told her that one was Great Gpa and when she still wasn't really getting it I told her that Gpa (Boyce) was regular Gpa - so if we would ask her to go give something to Gpa, she would ask "Regular Gpa?" it was too cute!!!
The Greats were excited to meet Tytan


A moment with Q

So this girl is my FAVORITE little "crunch a munch" - she is so funny and cute and always keeps me laughing (and sometimes crying, ahahaha) She always says and does the funniest are a few... In my exercise video the guy always says "push, push" so while I was working out Q was just playing and doing random stuff then she stops and asks "Mom, are you pushing" I just had to laugh!! =) So Q NEVER goes down easy for naps or night time...she never has =) But it is the CUTEST thing when she FINALLY gives up and decides to go ahead and go to sleep she will put her hands by her face and roll over on her side...that's when I know she is done =) When she sings Old McDonald it is the highlight of my day - one day she wanted Old McDonald to have a green light on his farm - so I sang "green means go here and green means go there" apparently I need to be more clear when I sing cuz she sang it like this the other day..."with a green bean here and a green bean there" We went to see B at work the other night and on the way home Tytan was hungry so he was crying and Q DOES NOT like it when he really upsets her and she always wants me to fix I asked Q if we should sing him a song and she thought that was a good idea, so I start singing and Tytan doesn't stop crying and Q tells me "He doesn't like that song Mom" TOO FUNNY!!

Q's hair is ALWAYS crazy - and she knows it cuz we always tell her and now she will tell us a lot of times that her hair is crazy =) Our good friends the Franney's just got a beautiful little baby, Bailey, who has a TON of gorgeous black hair. One morning I told Q that she had crazy hair and she said "no, baby Bailey has CRAZY HAIR" =)

Lately Q will sing "Hush little baby don't say a word..." and one verse goes like this..."If that looking glass gets broke, daddy's gonna buy you a gilly boat" HAHAHAHA LOVE IT!! She is ALWAYS getting into my lotions, she is pretty much obsessed with lotion and chapstick...the other day I walked in my room and she had the Lansinoh stuff and I just looked at her and with a look on her face like "it's totally ok mom" she tells me "i'm just putting it on my boobs" HAHAHAHA What exactly should my response have been...i was speechless =) Last year for Easter Q got a fun bunny that hops and sings "here comes peter cotton tail" she now tries to sing along with it but when the bunny sings "hippity hoppity" Q just kinda mumbles dibitydibity...and then tells me she can't say it. It's really funny - so I broke it down for her into hip-ity and then hop-ity which she can say slowly but hasn't quit mastered saying it fast yet. It's SO CUTE! Couldn't love this girl more if I tried!! =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Q & the Camera

So Q figured out how to use Vicki's camera and was ALL about taking pictures - it was good times! Some of the ones she took of herself were funny!!! =)

Thrush =(

This poor boy got Thrush!! And I feel so bad cuz I didn't know what it was forever - he started getting that white coating on his tongue when we were at the cabin and I just thought wow he really needs to stop spitting up - it's totally coating his tongue...ya, could I be any more stupid, jeeze!!! So when it didn't go away for a few days I looked it up online and HELLO, so I called the doc and took him in and yep - he for sure had thrush - poor little thing!! No wonder he had been a little bit fussy, rather then his calm little self! =( So ya the doc said that sometimes they just get it and that he gave it to not fun!!! But he seems to be doing SO much better with the medicine and stuff so HOORAH for that!! I just feel so bad that he had it for a few days and I had no idea!!! It was funny though at the doc office I was feeding Tytan and he kept passing gas and it smelled really bad as his gas usually does...and I just thought great - the doc is going to come in and think I've been in here stink'n up the place! =) AHAHAHAHA Oh on a happy note...Tytan now weighs 9 pounds 2 oz =) He's getting a little chunky...SO FUN!


So Brandon surely did turn 30 this year...crazy that we are so old but don't feel any older than we did at like 18 =) I love you Brandon! Vicki made a FABULOUS cake (as always) fun rock climbing cake - she is AMAZING!!!
We had sweet pork...which has pretty much become a tradition on B's birthdays then had cake and ice cream and opened presents - it was GOOD TIMES!!!