Saturday, February 27, 2010

More pics...

SO THIRSTY! Just cruisin around

LOVES playing on her slide!

So Q LOVES the veggie straws that my mom gets and ALWAYS gives to her...they are GREAT!! Well she started feeding them to Diamond and just kept shoveling them in - it was pretty funny!


Vicki came to visit on Tuesday and she ALWAYS takes great are a few of them...Ok I pry shouldn't write this on the blog but i'm going to...look at Q's face - would you like to know what she is thinking..."WOW - how come my mommies chest isn't soft like this" =) AHAHAHAHA

Q is playing with Diamonds phone while she is trying to figure out where I hid my texting icon =) JEEZE!!

I just thought this back view was too dang cute! Look at all her hair!! =) HOORAH!


Q's slide has a fun little telescope thing on it and we were always trying to get her to notice it or to look through it, then the other day she just started looking through it - it's SO cute!!
She did fall off the slide that day...but she was ok and obviously it just scared her cuz she continues to love it!

Bow Fun!

Q was playing with some of her bows the other day and trying to put one I thought what the heck - if she wants to wear it i'll put it on her, cuz HELLO usually she just wants to rip them off, not put them on. So I put it on her and she walked around the house like she was ALL THAT - it was too cute! LOVE HER!


Qwynci has been sick the last week. Poor girl, it started out as croup then just turned into a wretched cold. She has been snotty and coughing the whole week. We got a cold air humidifier and used it for a couple of nights and thought it might be helping then a friend of mine called and said to use her warm air humidifier with the vicks liquid stuff so we tried that and it worked wonders...HOORAH, thanks Jami!! Happy to report she is feeling MUCH better and is back to her old self...I was impressed that while she wasn't feeling good she was sleeping from 6:30pm to 7am though =) Glad she could sleep it off. Now i'm the one with the cold...but oh well, it's much easier for me to feel yuck then for her to.

In the Bucket

After dumping all her toys out of the bucket Q realized she could get IN the she did and I thought FUN - I'll pull her around she will love it...which she did. So I pulled her around for a while and then had B pull her...which ended in her being dumped out backwards. Needless to say - she hasn't really been interested in getting back in the bucket =)

Shoes On

Sometimes Q tries to put her shoes on...this time she was trying to put mine was cute! After a while she got sick of it and decided to just come play with me! =)

Shoes Off

Usually if we are in he car for longer then Q thinks is necessary she will decide her shoes need to come off (which makes sense cuz I do the same thing). We were at the station waiting for Brandon to grab something he had forgot and she surely did start taking her shoes off. It's funny cuz sometimes she can't get them off and she gets SO MAD!! But for the most part she just pulls them off and throws them! =)

Oven Mit

I made bread the other day and Q was wanting something to play with so I gave her the oven mit and SHE LOVED it - I was laughing at her. It was too cute!

Friday, February 26, 2010


So gogurts were on sale the other day and Q really likes yogurt so I thought word - I'll see if she will eat these...AND SHE DID!! She LOVED it! It was too cute and way funny to watch!

Playing at Gma Decker's house

We went out to see Vicki before she had to go to work and Q slept FOREVER...of course right cuz Vicki just wanted to see and play with her...but she finally woke up and was in a pretty dang good mood!! Fun Face!!
Just kick'n back having some hot dog...YUMMY!
LOVES looking at books!

Giving her dolly some loven

This was pre-walking when she still needed a little help =)
Obviously a little confusion on where exactly the lipstick is suppose to go =)
Her keys...which she LOVES, she will walk around and say ksss, ksss while she holds them! it's ADORABLE!!