Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Boy!

Tytan is SUCH a happy boy!! LOVE HIM!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Slip & Slide

So we got Q this slip'n slide a while back and she LOVES it!!! We had it set up so she could play after her nap and she didn't even notice it FOREVER - it was really funny!!! She went over and played on her swing set and then FINALLY noticed the slip'n slide. It's so fun to watch her play on it!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mud Run

B and I surely did do a mud run a couple of weekends ago - it was REALLY fun!!! It was 3 miles and like 15 obstacles and A LOT mud!!! We weren't planning on doing it at first but our neighbor was putting it all together and guilted us into doing it =) but I'm so glad - it was totally fun!!!
So you could either go over or under these logs...obviously it was easier for B to go over...but with my short legs - it was easier to just go through the water! =)

A girl at the finish line told me how cute it was that B and I held hands through so much of the race - I had to be honest and let her know that it wasn't so much of a "romantic" holding hands as it was Brandon wanting me to go faster =) But it was way fun to do it together - and it was AWESOME of him to wait for me on some of the obstacles!!! =) He is the BEST!!! And I beat all the girls in my group - so HOORAH for that!!! =)Tytan slept through the entire race - Thanks to Gheralds mom for watching him =)Q got to play with Lilly and Halee in the mud while we ran - she had a GREAT time!!! =)

Daddy & Q Napping

Brandon laid down by Q to get her to take a nap - after a while I went in to see how it was going - and this is what I found - SO CUTE!!! =)

Q feeds Tytan

I was feeding Tytan the other day and Brandon called me into the other room...and when I walked back in Q surely was feeding Tytan - it was pretty funny!!! He didn't seem to mind too much - she kinda liked to shove the spoon down his throat but we fixed that and he was good =) She is such a good big sister and always wants to be so helpful - and he just tolerates all the LOVE she wants to give him!!! =)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tytan wants Ice Cream!

A few Sundays ago Brandon and Q decided they needed a mid morning snack of Ice Cream - so they sat outside and ate - Tytan will pretty much grab ANYTHING that is in reach of him and he surely did grab Brandon's spoon and would wave it around and even made it in the bowl a few times - it was pretty funny!! =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hiking to the Ice Cave

So we took a little hike to the ice cave - it was good times!! Q was pretty excited to ride in her "new car seat" Both kids were out pretty much the whole hike up - good times! =) Love that Q was holding her sunglasses in her sleep! =)He was perfectly happy to just sleep...I was trying to keep his poor little head from bouncing around too much though!!

We hiked for a LONG while and never found the cave (which is kinda goofy cuz we've been there before) but it looked like a storm was moving in and we didn't want the kids to get totally rained on - so we turned around and headed back, Q wanted to see the lake so we stopped to let her play for a while - she really liked the mud!!

"You wanna piece'a me?" =) Could his cheeks be any more squeezable!!!!!!!! =) just LOVE'M

Fun little footprints in the mud!!

So on the way up Q lost one of her shoes and we didn't realize it...when we got to the top we noticed it and figured we'd just get it on our way back. We passed a family that said they saw the shoe and left it in the middle of the trail figuring whoever needed it was coming back for it - so word we figured we would just grab it and be good right?? Well we NEVER saw it, which was odd...so when we got to this meadow Brandon went back to try and find it and Q and Tytan just played...B didn't find the shoe so I was totally bummed cuz I got her these super cute sandals and she would NOT wear them for some reason and I FINALLY got her to wear them and we lose one!!!! When we get back to the car we see that family again and they said they didn't see it in the trail again that they just figured we had picked it up - but they did see some horses go by - so we stopped by the equestrian center that is right next to the trail and HELLO the guy surely had picked it up!!! HOORAH for the shoe to be found!!!! =)
Q REALLY likes apples...it's pretty cute to watch her eat them too - her little bites and whatnot...lately she LOVES peaches too!!

She thought she was pretty hot stuff jumping from the grass to the rocks!

Tytan was just chillen in the grass!

It was a FUN day!! =)

Deep Thinker

So the other day Tytan was sleeping with his hand next to his face...which is pretty normal - but I just thought it was too cute...he just looked so deep in thought!! =) He is SUCH a cutie!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tytan Rolling & Q Dancing

The other morning we were dancing around the living room - Q was in HEAVEN!!! Tytan was pretty entertained too - he likes to people watch and with Q and I dancing around he had a lot of fun action to watch!! =) So here is a video of him watching Q dance...Q dancing...and Tytan rolling over - I LOVE how he just uses his head to get the rest of his body over!! SO CUTE!!! LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Indian Marbles

The other day we went to the Rim Trail to look for Indian Marbles...our neighbor told us about it so we'd thought we would check it out. It was really kinda cool, just random rocks that are perfect circle/marble shaped!!! Q had TONS of fun...and it rained on us the whole time pretty much - so that was good times!!! =)SO CUTE!

Poor little guy was SO tired!

So You Think You Can Dance

So Q LOVES to watch the show "So you think you can Dance" with me...it's cute!!! And she HAS to put on her dresses and dance around while they do. One week all the girls were wearing purple dresses so Q had to have on her purple dress...well the next week they all wore black so she had to change to her black dress....last week the host had on a little shirt type dress that was black and as soon as Q saw her she told me she needed a black shirt - it was too funny!!! She is SO much fun!!