Friday, March 29, 2013

She is very Fashion Forward!!

When I ask Q to go get jammies or clothes on...I never know what I'm goig to get when she comes out of her room...this night - Here is what I got!!  She is basically a rock star!!! =)


Brandon had an afternoon off on a we took advantage of it and went sledding - it was good times!!  The kids had a was really cold so it only lasted a little while - but the kids were all smiles!! =)

She had to taste it =)


Q was SO helpful...she would help T up the hill and help bring the sled up too...she is awesome!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a boy thing! =)

Usually T just wants a sippy at bedtime...not this night...he surely did want that ball, it was SO ADORABLE!!!!  I guess it's a boy thing =)

This Girl!!

So this little sweet-pea is the cutest most fun loving girl EVER!!!  Honestly she is always "on" and keeps me laughing and on my toes!!!  Here are some of her latest "Q'isms"

The other day while we were driving in the car Q let me know that daddy is very strong...I agreed with her...and she continued to let me know that Daddy is strong like Gaston =) 

We went to the store and Q was so excited to open her own she opened it and dings the car parked next to us..I ask her to be careful and not to hit the cars parked next to us...she looks at the other car and says "It's ok, it didn't break" =)

Q likes to sing and she will sing pretty much all the time...the other day I realized she was singing "If you wanna be my lover"...I was like WHAT THE I asked her where she had heard that song..."Chicken Little" - Jeeze, who knew!! =)

While I was combing Q's hair, T was in the bathroom playing with Q's little toy puppy...there was still water in the tub and T dropped the puppy in...Q gets a little worked up and says "The puppy fell in the freak'n tub"  Obviously I say "freak'n" way too much!! =)

One morning I was having a particularly funny bed head moment and I told Q to look at my hair cuz it looked funny today...she paused and told me "It looks funny everyday" =) 

The other night the kids were playing in and on the laundry tub...All the sudden Q is freaking out and holding her neck and saying it hurts and I come to discover she fell off the tub right onto her head...when I asked her what happened...she said she "fell and wrinkled her neck...and now it hurts"

I LOVE the way her mind works and the fun/crazy stuff she comes up with...these are just a few of the ones I've remembered to write down...but pretty sure there are many things said each day that just make me smile!!! =)  LOVE HER!!