Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swing Set

So the kids got a swing set/play house...and Q LOVES IT!!! It's so fun to watch her play on it!! When it was finished, Q got in it and said "Daddy, this is pretty cool" - SO CUTE! Ordering and putting it together was pretty interesting =) The first set came in boxes that were all destroyed and one was ripped open with pieces missing and then some random box that had some of the parts that the people could find...yes it was delivered when we weren't home...anyhoo B called and told them to come get this one and send us a new one...they tried to tell him to just go through and inventory everything and they would send us what we were missing...B was like YA RIGHT - just send us a new they did and it was in good shape!!! So the fun began...and to be perfectly honest - in the 12 years that I have know/dated Brandon, I have NEVER EVER EVER heard him cuss as much as he did putting together this swing set...I had to kinda chuckle cuz HELLO it's a kids play set - it shouldn't be that bad right!!! Well thank goodness that B knew what he was doing cuz me trying to read him the instructions (which sometimes didn't make ANY SENSE was not really helping anyone...pretty sure the parts I helped with are the ones that had to be redone!!! But it's up and fabulous and that's all that matters!! =)

Tytan just hanging out while we worked on everything

Q was pretty excited through the entire process =)

once the slide was put up - Q played on it for an hour straight if not longer - she was in HEAVEN!

The final product!!! Notice Q's step...she had to go get it so she could reach the big swing and get on and off when she wanted!!! LOVE THAT GIRL!! =)

Tytan's 4 month check up

So Tytan's 4 month appointment was really about 2 weeks AFTER he turned 4 months old...and now he is FIVE MONTHS OLD's crazy how the time is just flying by - love that he is getting bigger and can do more stuff, but sad that my little newborn is growing WAY TOO FAST!!! Here's the latest about him...
Height: 25 1/2 inches
Weight: 14 lbs
He LOVES to eat his food's great! Well as long as it's warm...pretty much refuses if it's cold - and he has no love for green beans or peas as of lately(which I can't blame him for...just the smell of those peas makes me want to vomit)...started some fruit and he totally loves it!!! =)
He is rolling over..from his back he will twist himself over and sometimes eventually get his entire body over but usually it's just his legs and tummy then he gives up and goes back to laying on his back...from his tummy he will lay there for a while, decide to roll over and just lean his head to either side which makes the rest of his body follow...glad he found good use for that good sized head!! =)
He's not sleeping through the night...usually up once or twice, but he's great about eating and going right back down so totally not complaining about getting up with him!!! (last night he slept from 7:30 to 4:30...HOORAH)
As long as he has "gma greens" blanket he can put himself to sleep - it's just too cute how he puts the blanket by his face and then he's good!!!! I used to be able to get him to go to sleep by holding him but he just started arching his back and not liking it so i gave up on that...but then randomly one day I switched the way he was laying on me from left to right and apparently that's ok - funny boy!!!
He still LOVES his paci...HOORAH!!!
Has decided that the carseat is something that he doesn't totally love...he does ok but is not a huge fan!! Usually it's the worst when i'm driving and can't reach back and give him his paci...if Brandon is driving and I can reach back to him, it usually goes a lot smoother!!!
He has the most ADORABLE smile - and smiles ALL THE TIME!
Will watch Q and just LIGHTS UP when he sees's cute cuz she gets excited to see him if she goes somewhere with B when she gets home she asks where I am and where brother is =)
I keep trying to get him to sit and he can for a second but then he just throws himself back and lays down...B says it's cuz with that belly of his...when he sits he pry can't breath!! =) It's true though - his belly and his legs with all their rolls are just about the cutest things EVER!!! Well, besides his little round face and fabulous cheeks!!!!! =)
Pretty sure he is teething poor little guy!!

He did ok for the shots - the first one just kinda scared him then the second one he cried!!! But I nursed him and he was totally fine!!! Thank goodness for comfort food huh!! =)

Little Brother / Big Sister

So I got these jammies for Q cuz HELLO the big sister stuff is just too cute...then Tytan got this onesie from Aunt Gay and well - they were both playing on the floor and I decided it was a perfect photo opportunity...could they be any cuter - nope, not even if they tried!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

Visiting Daddy

So visiting Brandon at the station is usually a common occurrence when he's on shift...Q looks forward to it ALL day and it's nice that there is a park right behind the station. I thought these pics were cute from the other night. Love the look on Tytan's face =)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jaycie and Jayden come and stay for a week =)

So Jaycie and Jayden came and stayed a week with us and it was GREAT!!! These girls are AWESOME!!! So helpful and fun and hilarious!!! Q misses them a TON!!! She asks me daily where they are...and when I get her a Popsicle, she wants one for Jayden. The other morning she told me to call Jaycie so she could take care of her while I went was too cute!!!! Here is a little recap of the week....
Monday we were going to go ride the go-carts but it rained so we just went to dinner instead...Tuesday we went out to rock climb and when we got there and B got the ropes set up and everything...a HUGE storm hit and we had to pack it up and head home...poor girls were pretty disappointed...but I did get some good pics =) We ended up going back out climbing on Friday and it was VERY hot...but we were able to climb and it was fun!!! =) but of course I forgot my camera on Friday =(

Tuesday night we went and rode the's was pretty fun...the girls had a GREAT time!!!

T just hanging out while they went round and round on the race track

Q watching and waving to Brandon every time he would come around =)

Wednesday we went to the fire station and B took the girls up in the ladder truck - good times!!
Q driving the truck like Daddy =)

The girls waiting for B to take them up in the bucket

Here they go...

Waving to us from 100 ft in the air

Jayden trying to convince Q to run in the sprinklers with her =)

So before the girls came up they surely did allow Jordan to cut their hair...and I think Jordan is a pretty talented girl...but maybe she should take some beauty school classes before she goes cutting peoples hair =) Jaycie's hair was longer on side then the other and randomly had ONE layer in the back and Jayden's just needed to be shaped a little Britney came over and evened out Jaycie's hair and fixed the layer so there is now layer'S and straightened and thinned out Jayden's...GOOD TIMES!! =)

Thursday we went to the pool and it was a short trip...Q wasn't too interested in getting in and the girls decided that there was poo in the pool so that ended that trip...but for a few minutes it was kinda fun to watch them with Q...SO CUTE! CHEESE! =)

They were trying to convince her to get in the water with them

Putting her feet in the water with Jaycie was ok =)

Q LOVES the Rainbow song and Jayden can play the top hand so Jayden would play and Q would just lay on her shoulder and was the CUTEST thing!!!

Then Jayden would tickle or play with Q...good times!

I told them we needed some help with the yard so one of them could be on baby duty while the other helped me get the grass out of the flower beds...Jayden jumped on baby duty...and Jaycie got to help me...not too excited about it...but she tore it up!!! That girl GETS IT DONE!! =)

Then they switched jobs...Jaycie came in and rocked T...when I came in and saw her it was just too cute! What a FABULOUS little mom she will make someday!

Q found Jayden's shirt and put it on like a dress...she had SO MUCH FUN with those girls!!!

It was nice...B and I were able to go mountain biking and on a date that week without me worrying about Q and if she was freaking out with a babysitter...the first time we tried leaving she just told Jaycie that we were on a bike ride and that we'd be right back =) Thank you girls - it was a FABULOUS week and we miss you a'll have to come back up!!! It was so fun to get to know them a little better and just spend time with them...what awesome girls they are!!!