Sunday, September 20, 2009


So Q pretty much loves grapes now - I usually just bite one in half and give her the other half...well today she wanted the whole thing - it's so cute watching her work it around in her mouth and gum it to death...she loves them!!

Obviously grapes are even good enough to crawl for! =)

Playing with Daddy!

The other night Q WOULD NOT got to bed, it was pretty funny...she just wanted to play and play - so her and B played on the floor was way cute!!

More crawling action =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


She was a total doll today - just played and crawled around and was pretty dang happy!! Plus her fun little outfit was totally freak'n adorable!!! =)

Wearing 6 month clothes...HOORAH!

So she is offically wearing her 6 month outfits now, i'm so excited!! She has a closet full of fabulous little outfits but has been in 3 month outfits for the last 5 months so i was pretty much DONE with those excited to be moving on!! So is she...can't you tell =)
After watching her try and crawl with a dress on...the dress had to go - it was getting very frustrating for her! =) Look can see her two little teeth =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

So we go for a walk on the rim trail the other day and i forget my camera on the way up so all i got was Q sleeping after we had walked back...but she is adorable even when she sleeps so word =)


For some reason Q LOVES the shout bottle...maybe cuz she sees me spray all her clothes with it =) Pretty sure she could do a commercial for it!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So Saturday Q started to crawl...and now she is almost a pro =) You can tell when she REALLY wants something cuz she totally takes off!! She's so dang cute!!! =)


While at the station the other night Q decided it was just too fun to take all the magazines and spread them on the floor. Good times!!

Just watching the Squirrel's

How cute is this!! Q and Gpa are watching the squirrel come on the deck and eat the nuts - love it!! The pics are a litte fuzzy cuz we had to take them through the screen...if Q saw us she would have started crying, she has become really attached lately =)

Pancakes for Breakfast

Just enjoying some fabulous pancakes for breakfast...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a little Gpa Time

So Q was having a little bit of a rough time getting used to everyone...Gpa tried his hardest to keep her happy =) how cute are these pics...pretty soon she will love getting "Snoopy's" from Gpa! =)

Helping Cole & Gma

Cole is so fun...he was so good to keep Q entertained as he worked on the yard. Q was having a great time just watching him and Gma rake and move pine needles =) Good times!

Riding the 4 Wheeler

For labor day we went to the cabin (yes we spend half our time there, and I LOVE IT) the kids 4 wheelers were there so we let Q play on them...cute right? =)
Then Jaycie took her on a REAL 4 wheeler ride...Jaycie is such a fun cousin! =)

Play'n in the Crib

So Q pretty much loves to play in her crib...since she doesn't like to use it for sleeping very much, at least it's getting good use as a play pen =)

Out Hunt'n =)

On the way out she fell cute is her foot up on the strap...she is always kicking and messing with stuff with her feet. It's totally adorable!!
Just hangn out in the truck while Daddy goes to shoot at a turkey
Playing in the grass while Daddy goes lookn for deer =)

How funny is this pic..if I didn't know any better i would have thought someone put a little something extra in her sippy cup!! =)

8 months old

Crazy right? I can't believe that she was 8 months old on August 31st...time is just flying by.

Tub Time

Q just haven a good time in the tub!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So much to do...

While at the cabin we...took naps
Ate good food...and got food EVERYWHERE =)
Rode horses, thanks to Cluff and Kari coming to stay with us. Good times!
Played in the dirt...
Helped Daddy try and find deer and turkey...
And just played and played and played =)