Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chance & Melissa's Reception

So we went to Chance & Melissa's reception last weekend and it was a lot of fun!! Q wanted to join in and play with all the kids...she thinks she is so big - I love it!! =)

Torturing the cat!

So while I was getting ready, Q was torturing the cats...I was so proud!! HAHAHA She just kept messing with her and then sat right on top of her...I was laughing so hard!! She absolutely LOVES these's really cute to watch her with them!! Most of the time when they are trying to get away from her...she thinks they are playing with her!!! Good times!!!
p.s. I don't ALWAYS have a huge mound of laundry on my bed...a lot of the time I do, but not ALWAYS!! =)

She was SO proud and excited that she was sitting on her!!

More Shoes...

Q is constantly taking the shoes out of my closet and wearing them around the house, she LOVES THEM - it's just TOO dang cute!! i love it...she will walk on the tile with my heels just cuz it makes the fun noise...she is too much fun!!

Just being herself in her own adorable shoes...
And being adorable in my shoes =)


So Q can totally say ice cream now and it's so dang cute!!! Pretty much every time we pass sonic she says girl huh?!!? She was saying "I ceam" ALL day the other day so we went to Dairy Queen and got her a baby cone...which wasn't very baby at all - I had to eat half of it to get it down to a decent size for her...not complaining about that one bit though =) Anyhoo - we took some dilly bars out to B at work too. It was we were driving out to the station Q was watching me eat HER ice cream cone and she kept telling me "I ceam, I ceam" but I didn't want her to have it till we got out there, so I just held it down by my side and when i looked back at her she was totally eyeing the was too funny! Obviously i wasn't fooling her any!! Anyhoo - Q had fun at the station looking at all the airplanes and running around...good times!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Water Bottle...

So Q's latest favorite is the water Jamaica she would get SO hot during the day so we started just spraying her with the water bottle and she would think it was SO funny!! She still does and now she has figured out how to spray the water herself - it's SO fun to watch...she can only hold it towards herself to spray it though so she just sits and sprays herself and laughs - it's a crack up!!! I'll tell her to go spray the kitties and she'll go stand by them and spray herself!! If you spray her in the face she thinks it's pretty much the funniest thing ever!!! She is SO much fun!!


So Q's hair has gotten longer and while I LOVE putting the huge bows on her...sometimes the hair just didn't really work with them...which I'm kinda bummed about cuz HELLO I finally got her to KIND of keep them on =) Anyhoo - the other day I deciced we would try pig tails...and HOLY FREAK they were pretty much the cutest pig tails anyone has ever had!! =) They were totally adorable!!! She doesn't LOVE getting them but I let her play with WHATEVER she wants on the bathroom counter and that really helps out a lot!!! We even did a ponytail one day - CUTE!!! I'm going to have to learn to make smaller bows and now make them double!! =)
I was telling Brandon that they are cute but i don't like them because they make her look like a little girl and the bows with the headband still look little girl is growing up!!!!! CRAZINESS!!!! Love her!!
She was letting me know that those piggies wouldn't last long =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm pretty sure B is not excited about Q LOVING shoes...between my love for shoes and hers...this could be VERY bad!!! =) And now she loves my shoes - it's too funny!! So cute to watch her try and put mine on!!!! LOVE IT! =) Usually it's just flip flops she tries to put on, but the other day she was working on these...good times!!

And, More Corn...

Yes, we had corn AGAIN the other night...and this time Q got her very own!! It was too cute!! She was all about it!! LOVE this girl!
She even decided it needed butter...we were laughing so hard!!


Ok so Q has been babysat by family before, and my fabulous visiting teacher who is always SO GREAT to watch her (THANK YOU JESSICA) but she has never had a the kind that comes over and I leave and then I come home pay the sitter and she goes home. Well it finally happened...May 27th!! I was SO SO SO nervous!! honestly - and I'm not sure why, I knew it would be fine - not sure whether i'm nervous for Q or for the babysitter to have to deal with Q =) AHAHAHAHA
Anyhoo - Q's first official sitter was Lilly Perkins...and let me tell you - she was freak'n awesome!!!
So Q will usually go down around 730 or 8 for the night and Lilly wasn't going to come over until 830 so I thought sweet - she can just come and chill and it won't be major at all. Of course that night Q REFUSES to go to sleep - so Lilly comes over at 830 and i'm rocking Q so we just chat for a while waiting for B to get home so him and I can go. B calls and Q totally starts fussing while I'm on the phone and Lilly just comes up and takes Q and goes and plays with her...honestly I was so impressed...maybe cuz I was NEVER a babysitter - but wow...she just took charge and was SO GOOD with Q! Then as B and I are getting all the photo booth stuff loaded Q is totally fussing and stuff and Lilly looks at me and says "It's ok, I'll get her to go to sleep"!! It was so dang cute and funny at the same time - WORD - I might have her come over every night and put her to sleep =)
So ya i get home a few hours later and Lilly is just chillen on the couch - said everything went totally fine and Q went to sleep not too long after i had left. LILLY - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!
I know it's totally gay that I was so nervous, I was only gone for a few hours...but after the way Lilly handled everything - I was SO impressed!!!!
HOORAH for amazing babysitters!!! =)

Monday, June 14, 2010


So a few months ago Vicki called and said she got the OK to plan a family trip...where did we want to go!!!!! At that moment I KNEW I totally married into the right family! AHAHAHAHA
Jamaica ended up being the decision and we were SO excited!!! We got passports and new swim suits and all that jazz and we counted down the months and days until June 5th when we would go. I was TOTALLY nervous about taking Q but B kept telling me it would be fine. I talked to Oz about it since her sis in law is from there and she was asking James about it and James was like "No way, I would never take Carter over there" so that wasn't too comforting but then James did say that "if he had rich in laws that were going to take him then he would go" I had to laugh...good luck with that!! =) My mom said she would totally watch Q for the week but we decided to go ahead and take her. And it turned out to be just fine!!!! We never felt unsafe...although those Jamaican women are sure friendly and would just scoop Q up and want to hold her - the first time i was like WHAT THE H! But by the end of the week i was like WHATEVER and just followed wherever they were taking her =)
It was SUCH a fun time - honestly...loved every minute of it...wish we were still there =)

Here is Q's passport...cute right...ya you aren't allowed to wear hats and stuff in the pic but she surely did get to wear a bow!!!!! =)At the airport waiting for the plane - it was delayed about 30 minutes so Q had some running around time. That also gave us some time to stuff benedryl in some marshmallows and try and get her to eat them...she did pretty good then realized they were there and was not having any more...she must have had enough though cuz she was out before we got on the plane and slept for about 2 of the 5 hour trip =)
I had no idea they had little play areas at the airport =)
Eating Grandpa's snacks...and yes that is Grandpa standing in the isle letting Q sit in his seat...thanks Grandpa! =)
At the resort they had a little baby area...Q liked was only on one of the days we were there...or maybe we just missed it the other days.

All the sun and water made her very tired...

But the naps didn't last long...

It was funny...she would put her hand on these little water things and then move and it would spray her in the face...I had to laugh

Napping on the great is that!!!!

Just the cutest baby ever to go to Jamaica!!! It was so humid there that Q was so hot pretty much ALL THE TIME, poor thing! So in the afternoon we would just go to our room to cool off...and the second we would get in the door she would turn into a totally different baby....she would get all excited and start marching on the tile in the room and just jabber and play. It was TOO funny!!
Letting Brandon know that her sunburn hurt!!!! How she got burned I honestly don't know - I was putting sunscreen on her like every hour...poor thing! But the next day it wasn't so red and no more burns after that!! =)
So we made reservations to go to the nicer restaurant at the resort, and it was DELICIOUS!!! But Q was NOT happy about being at dinner...pretty sure that night I told B that from now on, 5 years old is the limit to go on any week long vacations!!!! =) AHAHAHA
We surely did go on a few zip-lines. It was AWESOME!! And we also got to repel twice!!! Thanks Matt & Vicki & Diamond for babysitting so we could go!! =)
GREAT STORY - so on the brochure for the ziplines it says to wear long pants...well whatever I figured long shorts would be fine right. So we get there and start putting on our gear and HELLO there surely is a lady there in a dress - I was like I thought maybe she just has some spandex or something on NO - when they put her harness on her she surely was in a thong!!!! I was DYING laughing!!! Poor lady....but she didn't seem to mind!!! It was just TOO FUNNY!!!

While B was up getting us yet ANOTHER virgin Pina Colada (they were endless, I was in heaven) Q was enjoying her beverage of choice while laying on the beach =)
Not sure exactly what she was trying to tell me - I'm sure she was trying to convince me of something =)
Grandpa was helping her find sea shells for Grandma

Yes, she was the CUTEST little thing at the beach!
Ok so this guy walked around all week with his hair wrapped up on his head like we would do a towel or something...then one day he was having pics taken and it was all down and it was OUT OF CONTROL long!!!
So this dad and his kid took this paddle boat out and then brought it right back in cuz I guess the peddle was broke or something...well they put it right by where we were playing in the water so Q TOTALLY took advantage and played on it - she LOVED it!!!
Another fabulous treat that was available pretty much all day everyday was ice cream cones...which Qwynci quickly realized she LOVED!!! How could she not with ice cream freak's for parents!! =)

Just haven some fun in the water....Q HATED to get the salt water in her mouth - she would freak out a little bit, and she would get really mad if it got in her we would just take her to the pool and get her happy and then go back to the beach =)

On our way to Dunn's River Falls. Pretty sure a boob job is in my near fuure....Q sleeps SO good when she is on Diamonds chest!!! =) AHAHAHAHA
At first B stayed on the side and held Q while I climbed the falls with the rest of our crew...then we got to a point where I could get out with Q...but Vicki took her (thank you) so B and I and Diamond went to the bottom and did it was SO fun!!!

MORE sunscreen...poor girl was attacked every 5 minutes with more sunscreen =)

They were feeding the fish a hot dog bun...Q would get SO excited when the fish would come up and get the was TOO CUTE!!
Excited about the fishes!!!
Turn the volume up and you can hear Q was so loud...totally adorable!!!

We had SO MUCH FUN!!!! Thanks so much Matt & Vicki for an amazing week!!!
PS - more pics will be posted when I get all the pics Vicki took =)