Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tytan is WALKING!!!

So for the past month or so Tytan has been taking a few steps here and there and at the beginning of January he started taking more and more steps but it was just kind of a casual "whatever" kinda way - he wasn't totally going for it and when he would try and go for it - he would totally eat it! You could tell he just wanted to take off after Qwynci though...well on Thursday it's like something clicked and he decided he was going to walk!!! He just kept pulling himself up on everything and walking to the next thing he could find to balance on...Then today he started standing up on his own and walking around everywhere - SO AWESOME!!! I'm so excited for him and the fun that him and Q are going to have chasing each other around...but it's also kind of baby is walking and that's like the end of the "baby major points" know - sitting, crawling, WALKING!!! Sure there is still talking and EVERYTHING else he will still learn...that Q is still learning...but it's just a weird feeling. So excited though!! And it's WAY cute to watch him walk - his little "old man march" LOVE HIM!!! Can't believe he is growing up so fast!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Q and Tytan sledding

So I was trying to get Tytan to take a nap which wasn't going very well - then B opened his door and needed to come in and get something out of his room which meant Q was following him and they had their snow stuff on so them walking was very loud and Tytan looked up at them and when they walked out the door he totally started crying and would NOT STOP!!!! So I gave up and decided all he really wanted to do was go play with them...and I was right - we went out and he stood by the door for a while and watched them sled in the back then I got all his stuff on him and they got to sled together - it was TOTALLY adorable to watch them!! TOO FUN!!!! I'm so glad they like each other - hopefully they will stay good friends FOREVER!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Pics

So we got family pics taken the beginning of December mainly for our Christmas card...the pics didn't turn out too shabby - the kids looked AWESOME so I was excited...then I got the cards printed and for some reason they printed with a big gap in my teeth so I looked total hillbilly therefore the cards did not get sent out - lame I know but oh well!! So here are the pics from the photo-shoot....LOVE our little family!

Total Awesomeness!

So Q is VERY into dressing herself and likes to put clips and ponies in her own hair...this is the awesomeness I turned around to find - She is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! Couldn't love her more if I tried!!! =)

Santa come to the Fire Dept.

So Santa came to the fire Dept on December 7th and Q was pretty dang excited - she totally got the hang of Santa and all that this year so it was really fun!!! When we got there Chief Chevy brought his new little puppy and Q LOVED her...she sat and pet it FOREVER - then it was time to tell Santa what she wanted "dresses and high heels, and a onesie for brother" so adorable!!! LOVE HER! Tytan even sat on Santa's lap...didn't last long...but got a cute pic =) LOVE HIM!

Tytan LOVES peek a boo

Tytan loves to play peek a boo - it's SO cute - he will use he blanket most of the time but sometimes I uses his hands...or his sippy...whatever he has in his hands! He is SUCH a fun little guy - LOVE HIM!

Christmas Light Parade!

So we went to the Christmas Light Parade and it was SO freezing but still fun!! We got a good parking spot and just sat in the back of the car to stay out of the snow...the kids had fun and Q really liked all the lights and was so excited to see Santa - but by the time the end of the parade came...the fire truck totally sped by us trying to catch up to the rest of the parade so she didn't really get to see Santa...but all the lights kept her happy =) Tytan just played and didn't really care what was going on =)

somebody that was parked close to us had some music playing and Q just HAD to was too cute!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TONS of snow!

So at the beginning of December we had a HUGE snow storm and got like 2 feet of snow and it was awesome! Q LOVED it and B built up a fun little sledding hill in the front yard - she had so much fun!!! Could she be any more adorable!!! - there aren't any pictures of Tytan joining in on the fun cuz he was taking a nap at the moment.
So Brandon making noise in the background is him and the neighbor launching snowballs at each other - it was pretty entertaining!


So with all the crazy snow and freezing weather we surely did have some AMAZING icicles at our house - Q was pretty impressed with them...and they made good little pop-cycles =) Tytan liked them too =)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tytan in a Bubble Bath

So Tytan took his first bubble bath and TOTALLY LOVED IT!!! He just kept staring at the bubbles and trying to grab them...Q was oh so kind to show him how to put them on his head - it was pretty cute!!! It was really fun to watch him be so excited about bubbles!!!! LOVE HIM!