Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Castle Bed

So B started the castle bed last week and it's been a fun project and it's totally looking fabulous - i'm so excited and B is totally amazing!!!...Q will tell me all the time "Daddy working on castle bed" and when i take her out there so I can help him she will play and want to get into EVERYTHING...her favorite is the nail gun...when B shoots it she will just LAUGH AND LAUGH at the sound it makes...it's really cute...but then when the generator thing comes on it totally freaks her out...I will tell her it's going to be loud...so she will randomly ask "It be loud?" SO CUTE!!!
She really likes the tape measure and after watching B she wants to measure stuff and if you ask her how big it is or how many - she will give you some random number...good times!=)

Snack time...to keep her happy so I can help! =)

And once she noticed her chair she HAD to have it...and she would just drag it around wherever she felt the need to sit down at...

Then she moved onto drawing with the chalk...

She LOVES B's dill pickle sunflower seeds...she will tell me "I want Daddy's nuts" it's so funny!! she will chew on them for a while and then just spit them out! =)

This is what happens when she is let loose with a bag of gushers...they were EVERYWHERE - it was too cute!

The bed so far...still more detail work to be done...and of course the paint...but so far I think it really looks AWESOME!!! Brandon is SO good!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Being Cute!

So this is Q's normal attire in the morning...usually when I get her out of bed she will already be naked...or she will tell me "i wanna take a my warm jammies off"...which Brandon and I laugh cuz she surely does talk like a little apache...it's too funny!! Our other favorite is "i wanna take a my shoes off"...it's SO funny to listen to her!!! =) So this particular morning she ran into her room fully clothed...and when she came out - she was only in a diaper...but she had her church shoes on! =)

So for my baby shower for Q my mom bought this HUGE baby bottle and filled it with m&m's and everyone had to guess how many were in it right...Q found it in her toys the other day and told me she wanted to feed her baby...so I put a little water in it and she surely did try to drink it...and then she fed her baby - it was SO FUNNY!!! =)

B and Q were watching the game (she will tell me sometimes that she wants to watch football...could Brandon be more proud of his little girl) =) They were sharing some chocolate...good times!!

After Q gets naked...she HAS to put on her dresses...it's pretty much routine EVERY morning...she LOVES them - but she always has to put BOTH on...one just doesn't cut it!! =)

Anytime we go to Safeway Q has learned that she can get a free cookie...so right when we walk in the door she will tell me "I want my cookie" so we got her one this night and it was one of those FABULOUS sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles and she LOVED it!!! On the way home she was eating it in the car and if sprinkles would fall she would tell me "it's dripping" I thought it was SO DANG CUTE!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Not sure why I find it SO entertaining when Q's hair is total craziness - but I LOVE IT!!! It's always good times and looks so fabulous after naps!! =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Trip

So while we were down in Mesa for Halloween B took his first "Nursing School" test which was Psychology and he passed - HOORAH - 1 down 8 more classes to go!!! On to Sociology...
Q had a BLAST playing with the kids - she LOVES them!! Brynli was in the tub and Q was just in the bathroom watching her then Brynli is yelling to let us know that Q was in the tub...so i go in and she was - totally clothed in the tub...good times!! So i just stripped her down and they took a tub together! =)
Then I caught Q sitting here just eating a snack - it was pretty cute!! So when I started taking pics of her...Brynli wanted a pic too =)

How cute are they!!!

Q LOVES baby Kodi and gets SO excited when she is around!!!
When we were getting ready to leave Q told me she wanted "a cheese" so I got the camera out and this is what we got...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Turd

So Q likes to wrap her baby up in a blankie and give it a bottle...well the other morning she surely did decide that the Turd needed to be wrapped up and given a bottle...it was too funny!! She is too cute!!!