Thursday, October 29, 2009

WalMart Today

So it was FAAARREEEEEEEZZING today, as it was yesterday - with snow and wind and all that good stuff. But I had to go to walmart - so I bundled her up and we went - she looked SO cute in her little beanie!!!! A lady stopped me on the way out and thanked me for being a good mom and bundling up my baby =) How cute is that!!


Ok - so these pictures are wretched because Brandon and the boys went to the lake for the day and took my when this happened i had to use a disposable camera and I guess the flash was a necessity that i didn't realize!!
Anyhoo - so I had just changed Q's bum and she was just playing in her room - well I realized that she had been in there longer than usual and was quieter than usual - so I go to check and this is what i find...WIPES EVERYWHERE!!! She realized the top of the wipe box can flip up if she pushes enough on the top and so she is always trying to get to them - well obviously she got it figured out and was just pulling them all out - it was so funny!!!!!

Patty Cake!

Random Stuff

Playing with the bag that Gma and Gpa Decker gave us some Halloween treats in =) Good times! Cute outfit huh? She still doesn't let me put bows on her head, but I keep trying and sometimes she keeps it on for a few minutes =)

So Q used to love green beans...the mushy baby food stuff - then she stopped letting me feed her baby food cuz she has to feed herself, so my mom suggested giving her real green beans, and SHE LOVES THEM!!! Honestly - she will eat like half a can in one sitting =)


Q has decided that the dishwasher is SO fun to play on when i'm trying to load or unload it - it's pretty funny...she gets all excited when she hears me open it.


Just more fun in the tub...Q's favorite time of day!!

Could these buns be any cuter...nope, they really couldn't!!!! =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So after church yesterday B took Q to play at Diamonds with Gpa and Gma Decker...apparently it was good times =) Model pose =)
Walking with Gpa DeckerSad Face...
Happy Face!! =)
Chasing Diamonds cats =)

Aunt Diamond helping her walk...

Pumpkin Cookies

So Whitney made these AMAZING pumpkin cookies last year at Thanksgiving and to go along with our pumpkin carving we decided to makde them...Q was such a big help!!! And she actually sat in her bumbo for the whole thing - miracles never cease!! We even made them lite, and they were still delicious!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Class of "99"

So about a month ago B and I had our 10 year class reunion...yes we are officially old!!! It was way fun though!! =)
Mandi and Granger had fun with my camera...cute pic!!
We were all sitting around looking at all the "back in the day" fun!
Then......and now! We tried to redo the same photo but we were missing Ruby!!! Honey Johnny was a stud then...and still is now!!! =)
Us and Annette Peru, doesn't she look smoken!!!
Mario & B
Jodi, Mandi, Me and Micah...we thought about doing a volleyball stance...then that thought passed!
Me and Heather
Taz, Honey Johhny, George and Randy
Me, Jodi and Micah
So Vicki made this AMAZING cake - isn't it THE BEST!!! - everyone LOVED IT!!! Just imagine what Q's birthday cakes will look like - i'm so excited!! =)
Brandon, Mario, George, Taz and Randy Becca and Micah...Becca's chest is pierced and Micah was using that as an excuse to grab her chest! =) Yes you read that correctly...her CHEST is peirced...we were all LIKE WHOA!!!

Mandi kept trying to dance her way back to her chair...
Lio, Brandon and Darren...good times - Darren told B and I "you guys sure do make cute little white babies" =) we had to laugh!!
Me, Micah, Kristen and Rachel