Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanksgiving In Colorado!

So we surely did drive up to Colorado for Thanksgiving this year and it was really fun...the drive was VERY long and I told B that next time I think we will make it a two day trip - just so it's easier on the kids - but while we were there it was a really fun time!!! And all in all the kids really did do great on the drive - Tytan got frustrated being in his seat a few times...but Q would watch Dora all day if she could - and that's pretty much what she got to do - so she was happy =) Here are a few highlights of the trip...
Gma Decker gave Q a basket to carry Simba around in and Q was oh so happy cuz simba had a "car seat"Gpa Decker played with TytanWhile Vicki was decorating the cake - Q was taking lessons and decorating a plate...she was pretty excited about the whole thing =)Tytan ate and spilled LOTS of fishes...pretty sure I vacuumed the living room everyday we were there due to there being fishes everywhere =) Good times!Tytan got into all of Gma's books - he LOVED to take them off her little table...too cute!Q kept this little lamb in a clean diaper the whole time we were there - it was really cute and funny to watch!We ate LOTS of FABULOUS food (thanks Gma Jan) and Tytan discovered ginger snaps =)Aunt Gay read to Q...Tytan posed for MANY picsThe kids took group pics with Pops...Just the cousinsWith Aunt GayAnd with GrammyLove this sweet girl - honestly...can't imagine how boring life would be without her!!!!Tytan got some quality Daddy time =)Q showed everyone how old she was going to be on "December thirty first"Q gave Kyler lots of squeezes Tytan was loved and put to sleep by PopsMore than once =)Christy was OH so much fun to play with...Q fed KylerTytan hung out while every watched footballQ got stuck while playing next to the rose bushes...her dress got stuck on the thorns!Daddy to the rescue =)We played outside pulling each other back and forth in the yard...Q LOVED IT!Q watched all the craziness...Q tried pulling Brandon...good times!Then Tytan joined in the fun =)Daddy and Q had a wrestling match...Which always turns into a tickle fest!More play time with ChristyFamily picture timeMore squeezing Kyler =)Tytan showing off his awesome teeth...while we were in colorado he was cutting one of his top fang teeth - so he was pretty uncomfortable...but he did GREAT!Q curled Grammy's pretty! =)Q had fun wearing the "brown makeup" and laughing as hard as she could when all the adults started was pretty funny!! She would also say hmmmm after everything she asked - "mom, why are we going here...hmmmmm", "what are those people doing...hmmmm", "where is my chubby chucky...hmmmm" it was pretty dang hilarious. Grammy helped with baby duty while I was out shopping on black friday =)Tytan...just being cute!Tyler keeping Tytan happy while we got stuff ready to go =)Q all ready to go see some fireworks...could she be any more of a doll!!!! =)Courtney decided she didn't have any pics with me in them - so she had me be in a few pics.Tytan realized how to smile for the camera and would totally cheese it was so cute!!!Waiting in line to see Santa =)Trying to keep Tytan's hat on is a never ending task =) Q was pretty excited to get going and see SantaCHEESE!Love them!The boys with GmaThe fam!Cheesing for the cameraHe really likes chewing on the cocoa cup4 GenerationsWe finally get to see Santa...the kids did great!!! =) Q was a little nervous but didn't freak out! =) She let him know she wanted dresses and high heels - and as we were walking away she told me she forgot to tell Santa that she wants a purse too =) It was too cute!!!
It was a really fun trip!! Thanks Gma and Gpa Decker for letting us come and join all the fun with all the fam!! Love you!