Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tytan wearing Q's dress

Tytan likes to attack Q's dresses and it drives Q crazy - if she notices that he has it she will flip out and take it away from him and then he gets mad and it's pretty entertaining to watch the whole thing unfold =)  So Q was taking a nap and one of her dresses was in my room and Tytan went after it so I thought it would be funny to put it on him...he really didn't care but it sure did seem to throw him off balance...he would stand up and then just fall over...more than he usually does!!! =)  Love this boy!!! =)  And I'm sure someday he will NOT be too happy I took these pics =)

Q's Ear Infection

A few weeks ago Q comes and gets in bed with me and tells me that her ear hurts...I tell her that i'm sorry and get her some medicine and she keeps complaining so I tell her we will go to the doctor in the morning...there was a slight pause and then she says "What am I going to wear to the doctors" I had to laugh - that's my girl!!!  Glad she has her priorities straight HAHAHAHA!!!!  She is So dang cute and funny!!!  LOVE HER!!

Vinyl in Tytan's Room

So a couple of weeks ago B had to work a 72 so I called and invited Oz to come up and play and to help me learn how to use my cricut and just keep me company =)  So it was a TON of fun!!  When I told Q that Oz and Carter were coming up...she asked if James was coming and when I told her no she was SO disappointed...i find it really funny that she sees James like 4 times a year but TOTALLY loves and remembers him!!!  =) 
The kids played and played - it was really fun to watch them together...Fun cousin time!!!
 Q was oh so helpful while we were figuring out all the cricut stuff and what sizes we wanted and all that jazz =)  She really liked to push the bottom...sometimes when Oz wasn't looking too =)  good times!
 So we did this cut out first and I was so excited and thought it looked great - so we thought we could totally tackle a saying and put it on the wall right....
 well after working on it all day and calling Marci to see if we could borrow some of her cricut stuff and finally getting it all cut out around midnight - it was done...just not on the wall...B reluctantly helped me put it up a few days later...but I LOVE it!!!  Brandon just gave me the shaky head and asked why we tackled something that big...well we didn't think it would be that big of a project...but it was!!!  SO fun though - pretty sure Oz and I laughed so hard my tummy hurt and tears were totally rolling down my glad to have such a fab sis!!! =)
 So Saturday night while we were trying to finish all the cutting Q would NOT go to I just told her she had to lay by herself for a while - then I would randomly see her sneak out to the laundry room to see what was going I finally just told her she needed to lay on the couch..thinking that if she held still long enough she might go to sleep...but good o'l Auntie Autumn asked her "Do you want to play a game" i just started laughing...thanks Oz for getting her all worked up again.  Oz thought she might just sit quietly and play a game - boy was she wrong...Q spent the rest of the time asking Autumn how to play and to fix the game and on and was too funny!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chicken Pox? Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease?

So the other day while I was at Annie's house (which has become a daily routine since the Ragnar...get up, breakfast, get the kids ready, head to Annie's to run on her treadmill and chat, then back's GREAT!) I noticed some bumps on Tytan's legs - the bumps just kept getting worse and more and more of them so I told B about it and when we stopped by the station to see him he took Tytan in and had "Aunt Jo" look at him and she said it was chicken pox - I was like WHAT??!  I had no idea that babies could get chicken pox - but he wasn't scratching at them and they weren't spreading up his body so I kinda when we got to Safford that weekend my Gma Green looked at him and said she didn't think it was chicken pox cuz it wasn't all over him...just on his legs and a couple on his hands and one WRETCHED one on his tongue, poor little guy hurt so bad he didn't even wanna drink his bottle, and for him that is TOTALLY not normal - so my mom looked up the symptoms and said she thought it might be hand, foot and mouth disease which Brandon seemed TOTALLY appalled(spelling) by...hahaha he was like "he doesn't have hoof and mouth disease" but those are two TOTALLY different things - it was just funny... the looks that Brandon gives my mom and I when we come up with fantastic ideas or thoughts =)  So ya...not sure WHAT it was exactly but they went away - THANK goodness!!  Poor little guy was miserable though!!  He just wanted to have cold water and ice and you could just tell he HURT!!!!  So glad they went away and that he is back to normal - well semi normal, he surely is getting FOUR freak'n molars at the same time which is obviously hurting him pretty bad I'm guessing from all the whining and cuddling he has been up to lately...poor little guy - rough right now but once there in - HOORAH for them ALL being in and done with!!!  He has been taking medicine better lately so that's always a plus!!!  In all reality...for having some kind of weird bump situation and getting all those dang teeth at once - he's still a fun little loveable Chub Chub!! =)

Helping in the Garage

Tytan discovered the Cokes in the garage and was having so much fun taking them out of the box and putting them back in, after trying to drink them of course! =)

 Just thought these two fellas working on the bike together was too cute!!
 LOVE them!

 Q was running in and out of the house and on and off her bike - good times!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes Dora just wears you out!

The other day Q was watching Dora and when I looked over she had totally conked out! It was pretty funny...and it wasn't like she was just taking a little cat nap - she was WAY out - Tytan was yelling and stuff right next to her and she didn't even budge...she then woke up, went potty, and then back to sleepy land!!  It was pretty random for her and really funny.  She slept for about 3 hours - I was SO impressed!!  Love this little girly!!!

Pistachios with apples are ok

So after trying to have apples and nuts and Q telling me I didn't have the right kinda nuts (I had UNsalted almonds and Gpa eats salted almonds) I gave her some pistachios with her apple and that seemed to be ok.  =)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oreo's...still a favorite at our house

So Oreo's are pretty much a staple food at our house...we always seem to have them and the kids and Brandon TOTALLY love to have cookies and milk all the time!!!  It's pretty dang awesome!!  It usually begins with Q and B having a cookies and milk but once Tytan realizes what they are eating...he gets very upset until he gets some too.  =)  They are so fun!! 

Tytan and the Balloon

Marshall and his fam gave Tytan these balloons for his Bday with a rubberband on one end so you can bang them around...and Tytan LOVES them - it's so fun to watch him play with them!!!

Sharing Nachos

So after Tytan's birthday we ended up with A LOT of leftover chips and B had been wanting nachos for a LONG one afternoon he surely did decide to make some for lunch...but it didn't end up being a little bit - it was a huge pan full!!!!  And as he's making it he's letting me know how they really aren't THAT bad for you...UH, YA RIGHT!!! =)  It was really funny!!  So ya we all had a little picnic on the floor and ate a pan of nachos!!!!  Good times!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tytan's Lifted Truck!

For Tytan's Bday - Matt and Vicki got him this LIFTED TONKA TRUCK!!  And knowing Tytan's father - this will NOT be the last lifted truck he owns!!!  It was pretty funny when we unwrapped the box I just thought it was a fun little truck - but then as B put it together - I realized it was a little lifted truck - it's TOTALLY adorable and the kids LOVE and fight over it!!!  It's GREAT!!!  =)  Tytan will walk around the house now saying "BEE BEE" and if you ask him where his beep beep is he will go get in the truck - TOO FUN!!

 He would NOT stay out of it while B was putting it together - I would have to hold him to get him out so B could do certain parts and he would get SO mad - he just wanted to play!!! =)
 Q loves the truck too!! =)  How cute are they!!!!

Random pics from Gma's house

Q and Gpa having Apples and Nuts...Q loves this!!  I tried to do apples and nuts at our house when we got home and she let me know I don't have the right kinda nuts - I had to laugh!!!  Good times with Gpa!!!
 B was enjoying some TV when I gave him Tytan to hold while I did something and BAM he surely did fall asleep - maybe I should give Tytan to him more often =)  LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

Watching Dora on Gma's bed - SO CUTE!!  Now that they are all getting a little bit older they play pretty good together - too fun!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Chub Chub

Tytan surely did turn ONE - Craziness right - I can't believe a year has already gone FLOWN by!!  This little guy is SUCH a blast to have around!!  He has a fun (and loud) personality!  He isn't afraid to let you know what he wants or doesn't want =)  Him and Q are so fun to watch together - i'm SO grateful for them.  And I LOVE that he can be SO SO sweet when he wants to be - I could cuddle him forever...but since he is very picky about cuddle times...i'll take it when ever I can!! =) 
Here's Tytan's latest...he has realized that biting will allow him to "win" in a toy fight with Qwynci - or anyone for that matter, we are working on that.  He LOVES to play with Q and whatever she is playing with.  He does sign language for "more" and has recently started to say "peese" along with it - TOTALLY ADORABLE!!  He yells "MAMA" throughout the day and when he wakes up...which has been VERY early lately...but for the most part he sleeps pretty good!!  He does say "Dada" when Brandon comes home from work and he gets VERY excited to see him!! He loves to play outside!!!  He REALLY enjoys bath time...usually the kiddos bathe together - but that sometimes turns into a toy taking fighting when he gets to take a bath by himself he is pretty dang happy!! He waves Hi and Bye and gets so happy when he does - VERY cute!!  He also waves bye bye when it's time for bed or a nap and he'll say "nigh nigh" way cute!  He currently has 8 teeth - 4 in the top front, 3 on the bottom front and one random moller on the top left...and is currently a HUGE fuss with a VERY large bump on his bottom left gum where another moller will surely pop threw any day - poor little guy...teething is just wretched...but his little teeth are totally cute!!!!  LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!
 Tytan's awesome Birthday Cake...could Vicki be any more fabulous at cakes or what!!!!  SO GREAT!  It was really cool - the front cab of the truck came off the rest of it and that's what he got as HIS cake to destroy and eat!!!  How awesome is that!!!  Thanks Vicki!!

 Tytan really liked playing in Kyler's car seat =)

 Q telling Gpa a fabulous story i'm sure =)

 Family pics...notice the band aids on Matt's knee...Matt had knee surgery and when we told Q about it she said we needed to take some band aids to him for his owey on his we did and good o'l Matt was very nice to put the band aids on when we were at their house and remembered to put them on to come to the party so Q would notice. SO GREAT!! =)
 Way to look excited about the pic Mom and Dad...HAHAHAHA