Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tytan rolls from back to front!

Tuesday Tytan rolled from his back to his front...I had him under his toy while I got B's lunch ready and he was squealing and making his normal noises but they seemed to last FOREVER...anyhoo - I went to check on him and he had rolled over!!! TOO FUN!!! I can't believe he is already FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!! Exciting that he is doing more things and interacting...sad that the time is flying by so fast!!!!! He hasn't rolled over again since, but he gets excited and tries to grab his feet and rolls to his side =) SO FUN TO WATCH HIM PLAY!!! =)

Swim Lessons

Q started swimming lessons on Monday and they went really well...a few weeks ago we tried and she cried the whole time for B...this time I kept telling her it was going to be so fun and that she couldn't cry...and she didn't...she did GREAT!!! And, since she goes swimming with B sometimes she is already used to the water and is great at jumping in, kicking, and will even float on her back with help...she is a pro!! =) LOVE HER!

We Finally get ROCKS!!

HOORAH!!! We finally got the rocks to finish our landscaping...Q was pretty dang excited to play on the rocks and pretty impressed with the big truck that brought them!!! It's amazing how great it makes the yard look!!! SO happy for it to be finished!

um, YES she is the cutest and funniest girly EVER!!! =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Green Beans

T has been a Total hungry hippo lately and since he is 4 months I decided it was time to start introducing veggies to him...and he LOVES green beans - he pretty much eats whatever I give him...but this night he was REALLY loving those green beans!!! =) HE IS SUCH A CUTIE!!!


This girl is HILARIOUS!!! Honestly she can be a handful sometimes, but she is so dang funny and keeps me laughing and on my toes EVERYDAY!!! Here are a few of her latest funnies...

I gave Tytan some medicine and it's this bright red color and it was all over his mouth...Q looked at him and said "Brother has on Grammies lipstick" =)

Lately she says poop and boobs all the time and it was pretty much driving me nuts...she would always say "Brother Poop" and "Mommy Boobs" so I told her she was NOT allowed to say those words. So she would say "Brother Pope" and "Mommy Bobs" and after she would say either one of those she would tell me "I almost said Brother poop, or I almost said Mommy boobs" =) She is quit the sneaky one =)

Anytime I tell her she can't do something I always ask her if she understands and she has to tell me yes or no...and sometimes it takes a few rounds of "do you understand?" The other day she was in Tytan's room and when I went in there I asked her what she was doing...she said "I'm getting a wipe, do you understand mom? Do you understand?" I had to laugh!!!!!

I couldn't love her more if I tried!!! She is such an AMAZING little girl!!! Raising her so far has been a fun little ride and I'm sure it's NOTHING compared to what this ride will become when she gets older...I'm just going to buckle up and enjoy it!!! =) LOVE HER!!

Going on a Picnic

Last weekend B FINALLY had a day off so we decided to go on a picnic...good times!! We told Q we were going on a picnic and she kept asking where the picnic was...she didn't understand we were on a picnic - kinda funny!!! Her little fishing pole has a little fake fish and her and B kept casting and reeling it back in and she would get excited every time cuz she caught a fish! =) CHEESE!

Just chill'n

Relay For Life

The relay for life was last weekend and B was working so we just met him there and hung out for a while - it was pretty cool, I'd never been before but pretty sure I will do it again!! Such a neat fundraiser!!

Tytan LOVES stuffed animals!

So Tytan totally LOVES stuffed animals lately - he will just squeal and play and yell at them it's SO DANG CUTE!! I was on the phone with B one day and T was totally playing with the animals and squealing and B asked me what "she" was doing - thinking of course that Q was playing with something making all that noise...I surely did have to inform him that all that noise was coming from his son!! =) He is so much fun and such a DOLL!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Brandon's Baptism!

On June 11th Brandon was baptized and it was an amazing day!! The last few months leading up to this day have been awesome and crazy all at the same time. I'm so excited for the blessings that await us as a family and the new chapter of our lives this starts. Here are a few of the highlights from that day...
T taking his nap in the usual way....blanket pulled up over his face, SO CUTE!!!

Brandon reading to Brynli and Q to get them to take a nap =) It was SO cute

After the baptism with our home teacher...who is totally AWESOME!

Our little fam =)

Q doing what she does best =) AHAHAHA but when she sees her dad do it all the time - what should we expect right!! hahaha

Gma Green and Carter...Gma Green was the "baby swinger" that whole day I think - she said that's what Great Gma's are hold the babies!! =) Well I guess she did take a break to make the FABULOUS ice cream! =)

Gma Green rocking Tytan - and my Dad =)

Q enjoying a few oreo balls...she loved them!!! =)

Carter (and Gma) pushing Q in the stroller around the back yard!

Chad playing a game and wearing Cole's fabulous glasses!! It was pretty awesome!! =) AHAHAHA

A totally wonderful day!!! =)

Visiting Gma & Gpa

So with the fire and stuff happening around Alpine, Show Low sent some crews over there which means there are lots of open shifts - so B has been working a TON and was going to work like 96 in a row - so I surely did head on down to Safford. It was fun!! On the way down there Oz called and James was having to work a ton she came to Safford also - GOOD TIMES!!!
Q found all the necklaces and bracelets and decided Tytan needed some =) He really didn't seem to mind =)

An anklet too

Q looking FAB in all of her jewelry!

Apparently Oreo cookies are this good!! =)

Gma reading to Q and CarterPops came by with Jack and Dawn and Christy so they could see the kids on their way through town

We got ice cream and Oz was feeding Carter these tiny little bites...then Q wanted to feed him and gave him this HUGE was pretty funny!!

Ya, she's pretty funny! =)

So every time Carter would try and play with anything Q would take it away from him...and he really liked this ride on toy but if he got close to it Q would run off with Oz went to WalMart and took Q with her so Carter was SO SO HAPPY...he just sat on it and laughed and played FOREVER....
So one of the times Q was riding around on the toy...she surely did ride it right down the stairs...she was fine thank goodness...pretty dang scared - but she was good!!!
Then to add on to her already crazy day...i went to crossfit with Marshall and while I was gone Q went outside and got into a BUNCH of I come home to her crying while my mom tries to comfort her and my dad is trying to pull out the stickers with about a rough day!!!!Jaycie on baby duty =) He is the sweetest little guy EVER!!! =)