Monday, July 26, 2010


So Q and I went to Safeway today and she was being her usual crazy self =) but for some reason it was a little more funny you know how they always have random stuff in the isles at the store (which by the way is SO annoying...really move the crap so we can get by) anyway, they had a little display of cereal - which if you touch one the rest are going to start falling over - so of course Q HAD to touch it and it all started to tumble over...but I caught it just in time and we were good!! =) So we move on to the fruit and i'm trying to pick out some stuff and she looks over and realizes that she is right next to the "balls" which would really be the necterines and she surely does grab i'm thinking whatever no harm right - oh but then she bites I just put it back =) AHAHAHA i know that's horrible but oh well!! =) So now it's time to check out and i'm getting all the stuff on the little belt that moves and I put the yogart up there and start putting other stuff and Q sees the yogart and surely does climb out of the cart and onto the little belt thingy to grab the yogart!!! HONESTLY!!! It was really funny and totally out of control but I've realized that I have NO control over this child so I might as well just enjoy her!! =) She is pretty dang funny and pretty dang cute!! LOVE HER!!! =)


The other day I watched Jessica's kids and her daughter was all excited to get Q's stroller out and push it around the house with random dolls or whatever in it. Well Q pretty much took over after they left and she LOVES the stroller - she will push it around FOREVER, then sit and play in's SO adorable to watch!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Salt Lick

So B got a new salt lick and wanted to put it somewhere other than where he put his first we went to big lake the other day. Q needed something to keep her occupied so B got her some of those candy was pretty funny!! I remember those being kinda yummy but these were totally wretched! She enjoyed them though and that's all that matters - they ended up everywhere cuz she would bust the string and the candy was all over her face - it was too too cute!!!!

We hiked up with B to find the place for his salt lick but when we got up there there was a TON of mosquitoes so we hurried back down and just played by the truck till B was done. Q would get rocks and throw them.
What a side shot huh!??! =) LOVE IT!

She was SO tuckered out on the way was cute she had a serious grip on her bottle and on the baby!!! She is too much fun!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sealed & Blessed

Last weekend we went to Safford because Carter was going to be sealed to Autumn & James and he was also going to be blessed. So we headed down Saturday morning just for the day. It was a really neat day...such a blessing!! Diamond went with us...her and Q slept all the way down - It thought this was too cute!! Marcy and Carter
James was letting Q chat with Carter and then he decided to let Q hold him...
Carter was such a little trooper...he just hung out and didn't really fuss at all while Q and Brynli "held" him =)

Mommy & Q
Q took the camera and walked around and gave it to people so they would take her funny is that!
Q really wanted Gma's diet Gma took one of the empty cans and filled it with water and gave it to her...Q was pretty excited!!

How fun is this pic!!! CHUG IT CHUG IT!! =) AHAHAHA

Rock A Bye Baby

Q loves to hold her baby and she'll make noise like it's crying then make the shhhh noise and bounce her and stuff - it's SO CUTE!!! So the other day she wanted me to wrap the baby in the blanket and I put her on the rocking chair and she sat there and rocked her. It's cute - she tries to sing rock a bye baby. TOTALLY ADORABLE!!

Just Cute!

Q was especially adorable the other day =)
When I told her we were going to go see Daddy...she was trying to get out the door!!
She played around in the bay for a little while...

Then ventured out to help B wash the truck...she was having SO much fun with the soap bubbles...she would go get them out of the bucket and bring them to me...laughing pretty much the whole time!



So I'm always trying to find stuff that Q will eat for breakfast - most of the time she just wants to snack on the other day I thought oatmeal might work - and it was a huge mess - but she really liked it!! =) It was so funny to watch her eat it too!!!! =)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More 4th of July

Here are the pics from Vicki's camera during the parade...

She did not love having her hat on...but I didn't want her entire head to get burnt!!
This pic is pretty much only to show off her cute little ponytail! =)

She was really excited about the candy...especially the box of nerds!