Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeding her Baby

So Q was all excited to give her baby a baba the other day - i put some water in it and she would pretend to feed it...then she would drink some - it was good times!! =)


So for a while now Q hasn't let me put bracelets on her and if I did she wanted them off...she really just wanted to play with them - so they have pretty much all been lost...except for these few that she surely did want to wear ALL of them the other day - and she wore them ALL DAY LONG...it's like we went from no bracelets (what Q calls bracies) to the goth look of bracelets. AHAHAHA It was really funny and cute!

Jammies with Socks...

Q has never been real excited to wear socks or tites or jammies with feet...but the other night it was kinda chilly so I wanted her to wear some warmer jammies - so I told her she was going to get to wear jammies with socks on them...and I was so impressed cuz she didn't even fight it!!! VERY UNUSUAL!!!! So that was that she had her jammies on and I was doing something in the kitchen and she comes out with her shoes on...it was SO dang cute!!! I guess that's what happens when I tell her she has socks on! =) SO CUTE!! LOVE THIS GIRL!!!


So the other day we got a fabulous package in the mail from Brandon's Aunt Dawn (thanks so much, WE LOVE IT) which was wrapped in A LOT of bubble wrap (what Q calls pop-pop). She went to town on it...it was so fun...so I showed her to just step on it and they would pop - so she did that for a while - then tried laying on it...

of course she tried to pop it with her mouth

She was having SO MUCH FUN!! =)

"Barbie Bum"

So lately Q wants to change barbies bum...and her babies bum - it's totally cute! She has to have a wipe and she'll go get a diaper (I need to get pics of her with the baby...it's the best) It's so funny to watch!! Apparently she was having a hard time getting barbies panties off! AHAHAHAHA
Wiping barbies bum is serious work!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The other night while we were cleaning up from dinner...Q comes into the kitchen with her boppy (which was out from when Carter was here visiting) and she just lays down and acts like she found a long lost friend...it was too cute!!!

Bike Ride

So the other day B wanted to go on a bike ride to the lake...so we borrowed a bike trailer (THANKS ALLISON) and we headed out - it was GREAT!!! Well... besides me getting a flat tire and not being able to get out of my clips so I surely did EAT IT twice (my wrist was wretched sore and my legs are all cut up-JEEZE!)...but other than that it was GREAT! Q had lots of fun too...she just played with her toys and looked around as we rode - and then when we got to the lake she played in the water and got soaking wet - she was SO happy!!! By the end of the trip - she was out!!!

Baby Powder

So Q likes to get in her bottom drawer and get EVERYTHING out of it - which included some baby powder which she figured out how to open...GOOD TIMES!!!! She has realized how to open a lot of things - the other day I was doing my makeup and usually I just give her a mascara to play with to keep her happy - well she comes back in the room and it's EVERYWHERE - she surely had opened it...and now she tries to open EVERYTHING!!!=)


So Q always sees us "dipping" our food in stuff - you know ranch, honey, ketchup, mustard...etc. So when I give her food she will ask for dip now...I gave her mustard and ketchup the other day for her corn dog - and she LOVED the ketchup! It was great!!! like mother like daughter I guess!! =) It was funny...she kept telling me the mustard was hot =)

"Daddy Hat"

Q really likes hats...pry cuz B wears them a lot and I wear them as often as possible so I don't have to do my hair =) It's so funny - when she sees one of our hats she will say "mommy hat" or "daddy hat"...the other day she said "qywynci hat"...so I might have to get her a hat - how cute would that be?!?! =) She was playing with B's hat the other day and was just being so dang cute!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mom & Oz come for a visit

So James was having to work a lot of days in a row and B was working a lot too so Oz decided to come up for a visit and told my mom so she decided to come up to...GOOD TIMES!!! We had to have a project to do while they were here so we decided that quilting would be fun since I wanted to make a blanket for T's new baby Rock and Oz could make one for Carter. The plan started out great but since Oz and I can't make a decision to save our lives it pretty much took us a full day at the quilting shop, which I'm guessing if that same lady ever sees us come in again she will turn around and run the other way =)...then come to find out my mom forgot to bring up all her sewing stuff except for her machine...but the box she forgot had the power cord so the machine didn't really do us any good without that =) Oz brought her machine and I got mine out and for some reason couldn't find my power cord...JEEZE!!! We weren't off to the best start ever...but the quilting shop let us rent one for a day for $6 so that was bomb and we were able to get going on the blankets!!!!!
Carter was SO happy in the stroller - as long as someone was pushing him he was so content...so we thought it would work out great cuz Q LOVES to push the stroller around...Oz was a little concerned that she might dump him out so we had to keep a close eye on them...and i'm pretty sure my mom spent most of her time pushing Carter or Q around! =) THANKS MOM!!!
LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR HE HAS!!!! So Oz sent me a pic a while back of Carter and I showed Brandon and he was like WHAT THE HECK - Why is she giving that poor kid a comb over...why does she comb his hair like that - I died laughing!!! So while they were here we surely did give Carter a much needed hair cut...
After the hair cut he was SO tired...he fell asleep while eating =)
Too cute!!!! Q's hair looks it's normal "craziness" and doesn't Carter's look SO SO cute all short!!!!
Q LOVES "baby Carter" she was so excited to play with his jammies
I'm putting these pics on for James's sake...yes we had your son sitting in a PINK bumbo =)
and we pushed him around in pink and purple stroller while he LOVED playing with a pink bracelet....It was too cute! =)
Q LOVED helping Gma get ready - well more like made a mess of all of her stuff while she got ready =) She was pretty excited when Gma gave her a little thing to floss her teeth with =)Are these not the greatest pictures!!! So Q was all about trying to help (this is what I have to look forward to in a 4 1/2 months) so Carter was sitting content and Q went up and started giving him a bottle...which was fine but he would start sucking and she would take it out of his mouth...and she just kept doing it...if he hadn't of gotten so mad it would have been really funny...but he was NOT finding it humorous at all!!!
LOVE the look on her face...."If you don't get him to stop crying...I WILL" AHAHAHAHAMore stroller fun

Q found her chair in the garage and was SO excited to sit in it!!
Goofy girl!!
The final product - they turned out GREAT!!! We were SO SO excited!!!
It was SO fun having them here - i'm thinking we might have to do this more often!! =)