Friday, August 17, 2012

Painting the shed

So we are finally getting around to painting the shed...and the kids are so much help!!  It was so funny to watch them paint and get it EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Q really was ALL ABOUT it  and did a really good job...Tytan had a lot of fun getting paint everywhere!! =)  It was a lot of fun!!! =)  Love our little family!!

Eating...with baby

So Tytan was refusing to eat the other day unless he had this baby with him - it was super cute...and he is so super cute!!! =)

Trying to get the baby to grab some =)

Tytan climbs on the chairs like Q

So Tytan surely has realized that he can climb up on pretty much everything that Q can...which currently means the chairs - which are higher than a normal chair - so I try to discourage it as much as possible - but he pretty much LOVES it!!! =)  And Q enjoys telling me when he is climbing up!!! =) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Playing Dress Up

Whatever Qwynci is doing - Tytan wants to do the same...and that means wearing dresses and high heels if that's what she is doing - it's pretty funny to watch!!!  He doesn't leave them on very long - and i'm sure one day he will be very upset with me for taking these pics!! =)

Such a cute little princess!!!!  She was pretty proud of her outfit!!

Slip & Slide with Jaycie

So Jaycie came up and stayed with us for a few weeks and it was GREAT!!  She played with the kids and helped with house stuff - she was LOTS of fun to have around!!!  Q likes to have the slip and slide out but she won't really do it - so Jaycie demonstrated how to do it...and Tytan started trying to do it - he was completly naked which made it even more cute - but he loved it and it was so cute to watch Jaycie with the kids!!! =)

So fun!!!

Tytan's FIRST haircut

Tytan's hair had gotten a little out of control - the spiking on the top was SO long and well it just wasn't spike-able any while I was cutting B's hair the other day - we decided Tytan could have a haircut too - it was so cute!!! He did so good and didn't mind one bit!!!  It was SO short and he looked SO different afterwards - but it's WAY cute and spike-able again!! =)

How cute is she!!! =)

and he!!!! =)

LOVES ice cream

Tytan REALLY likes ice cream - and I REALLY love that when he eats it, it gets ALL OVER HIM!!  Totally adorable!!! =)

Tee Ball is over =(

After her last T-ball game Q got a fun picture of her entire team and a cute little trophy - she loved it!!!

Tytan was pretty excited for all the pictures being taken =)

Such cuties!!! LOVE THEM!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Playng with Babies

Qwynci got this doll from Tessa a couple of Christmas' ago and Tytan has taken over as mother hen and LOVES this baby!!!  He will walk around with it and just love on it - so cute!!  I told him to feed the baby the bottle - so he took the bottle and kept trying to drink it - SO DANG CUTE!!!!  LOVE HIM!

Tytan Loves his Bottle

So Tytan is very much a bottle baby - he LOVES his bottle and will pretty much take it EVERYWHERE - the other day he INSISTED on having it in the tub...and i decided what the heck - if he's happy then who cares!!! =)  LOVE HIM!!!

Q being silly in the tub!! =)