Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HUGE frog

So the other morning I pull the blinds back and look out in the backyard and HOLY FREAK there was a HUGE frog sitting on the slip and slide...honestly biggest frog I have EVER seen!!  Q was totally excited and Tytan just went along with whatever Q was doing - so we took pics with it and then Brandon started poking at it with a stick to make it jump - fun to watch!!!  So it jumped away and I figured it was gone - then it came back that afternoon - so I figured it was just hanging out there cuz of the water that pools up on I put the slip and slide away and didn't see the frog anymore - thinking it had left I was all excited.  Then Qwynci's friend Hali came over to play and started yelling at me to come look at something and there it was - all petrified and dried up on the porch - yuck!!! The kids were so impressed with it - alive and dead!! =)

Had to take a pic of it next to something to show how large it really was!!!

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