Sunday, August 29, 2010


B took some random pics of Q! =)


B was stretching the other morning and Q surely did just go right over and join him...on her head...I was laughing SO hard, it was too cute!!!!

Playing Outside

So usually Q won't play outside unless B or I are out there watching or playing with her. But the other day she took her stroller and some animals and pushed them around the lawn for a while...I was SO impressed. I could see her from my bedroom window while I folded laundry and it was so fun to just watch her play. So I watched her play for a while and then she started to pull the grass so I had to run out and put a stop to that! =)

Smelling the flowers - how freak'n cute is that!
Just sitting under the tree reading a book - SO DANG ADORABLE!!!


Q LOVES books!!! She will bring them to me and we look at the pictures and pick out all the fun's really good times! Her favorite is the monkey book which is a curious george fire fighter one and she can point out the Chief, Fire Truck, Puppy, kids, the Grandma...and lots of other stuff - it's GREAT!!! she will usually ask for the monkey book over all the others!!!
This particular morning we were reading books and she surely did go over and start trying to read to the cat - it was SO DANG CUTE!!! =)

Just Q!!

So Q is quite the little "fold your arms" girl. It's SO cute!!! She will fold her arms for the blessing on food and during prayers and stuff...and then at the end she will say AMEN!!!! It's totally adorable!!!
She was showing me how to fold her arms =)

So she LOVES buckles so I put her little chair on the floor so she can put the buckles together and play...and she loves getting cereal (which she calls seroll) in a cup...but then usually just dumps it out on the floor...good times!! =)
Recently she has started to try and stand on her head...not sure where she got this from cuz I surely don't ever stand on my head =) But it's SUPER cute to watch her!!! (not sure what is on her diaper...mud from playing outside is my guess)
Still LOVES the stroller...she will push whatever she can around in it...and usually will climb in and have me push her around while I'm on the phone, which keeps her quiet and she loves it so we both win!! =)


So during her bath that night she got soap in her eyes and it was totally wretched - I felt so bad...her eyes were all red and she kept trying to rub them which WAS NOT helping...she just looked in so much pain. Poor little thing!!!
Even with soap in her eyes she still LOVED the toothbrush - honestly she thinks having a toothbrush is so fun...which is great! Hopefully she won't have as many teeth issues as I do! =) It's so cute to hear her say toothbrush too...and of course anytime we brush our teeth she has to brush hers =) CUTE!

And nothing fixes hurt eyes like a handful of bracelets...or bracies as she calls them! =)

Monday, August 16, 2010


A while back I got some sidewalk chalk for Q and all she wanted to do was eat it...but today she actually wanted to play with was cute!!! And she got it all over herself, which made it that much cuter!! =)


Ok so I was singing "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" to Q the other day and she started saying "sun-beep" back to was totally adorable!!! So I tried to get it on video but she didn't really want to sing...but she was MORE than happy to say hi to a few people!!! =) It was the cutest thing EVER!!!! =) She truly is a little doll!!! =)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Q & Shots

So we had to take Q to the Dr. last week to get her 1 year shots and for her 18 month check up - yes I'm a little bit behind...JEEZE!!! It didn't go too bad except when we got there they informed us she needed 5 yes FIVE freakn shots so we were like WHOA - lets split those up - so we will be going back next week for the other 3 :( anyhoo - Q did really good, she was NOT excited about the bandaid...after she had calmed down from the shots B showed her the bandaid and she freaked out again until we finally just took the bandaid off...then it was a little better =) I make B go with me to the Dr. cuz it's so hard for me to watch them stick Q and make her hurt!!!! :(
Her latest stats are kinda fun though...
Height: 2'7" (22%)
Weight: 22.6 lbs (18%)
Head: 18 1/4 (40%)
Q talks like crazy too now - she repeats EVERYTHING we say...which is really funny!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Playing Around...

B & Q were playing and it was just too fun to listen to Q laugh...she is SO MUCH FUN!!! Love her!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playing & Helping

B was fertilizing the grass the other day so Q decided she needed to help...first she had to play in the mud for a bit though....good times!!

Then she would follow along as B walked around the grass with the was SO cute!!!
She was pretty excited!! =)

Then the sprinklers turned on and she kinda got scared but I told her they were just a big water bottle so she got excited and kept running to play in them and when she ran back onto the cement it was wet and she totally ATE IT...poor thing went down so fast and just smacked her cheek!!! It looked HORRIBLE but this is a couple days later and it looked a lot better!!!=)

Q & Her Shoes

So we were getting ready to go visit B one day and I told Q to go get her shoes - so she brings me these shoes and i tell her that she has some pink sandals that she could wear with that outfit....UM NO!!!!! She was not going to go ANYWHERE without these shoes we put them on and off we went and she just strutted around like she was the cutest thing that ever lived...which she pretty much is! =) It was so stink'n adorable. She has such a little attitude it makes me laugh!! I'm sure someday it will make me cry! =) AHAHAHA Look how long her piggies are getting =)

Monday, August 9, 2010


So we went to the lake the last week in July and it was GREAT!!! It was SO nice - it would get warm then cloud up and totally cool off and then actually get kinda chilly!!! Totally PERFECT!! Here are some of the highlights...
Q and her bedhead in the morning...always fabulous - yes she gets that from her mother!! =) Playing in Gma's purse...putting on some of her makeup
Putting some makeup on Gpa =)
Getting SO sleepy on the boat ride
Waving to Daddy every time he was wake was so so cute!!! And she would keep doing it until he would wave back...TOTALLY adorable!!
Waving at everyone in the boat =) She is such a friendly little thing!
Gma brought bubbles...Q loved them.
She pretty much just dumped them all out - but she sure had fun doing it! =)
Having way too much fun just playing on the boat
The "kinda smile" "kinda tired" look
B would make noise into this noodle thing and Q thought it was pretty dang awesome!! =)
So we were just hanging out on the beach area and Q decided it would be fun to "STEP" off the back...she is all about "steps" so she would step onto the little raft and I would take her around in a circle and then we would do it all over again...good times!!!! She was LOVING IT! =)
Back up to do it again...
SO EXCITING!!! =) AHAHAHA love this pic!
hanging out with Dad
B doing the wake-skate which was quite the hit during the week...who knew it would be so fun!
Yes she looks a little scared...but she really was excited to just sit in the chair! =)
Just cute!
Loving her new little princess camping chair! =) Just her size!
Nap time on the boat...she actually would sleep ok considering the motor and stuff being so loud!!
Just playing in the water

Rocks...lots of rocks!

What a cutie!
SO thirsty

Just playing on the beach
nice little bed we made on the boat =)
The wind was out of control the last day - it was killing her!
So while the guys were wake skating the rope would randomly fly back into the boat - it was craziness....the first time it skimmed Q's cheek, the 2nd time it totally missed but at that point I was getting kinda HELLO - get us off this boat before someone gets hurt...which surely is what happened next. Q and I moved to the middle of the boat and then next time the rope flew in and clocked Josh right on the back of the was instant blood just pouring down his neck...honestly I've never seen anything like it - totally craziness. He was aware enough to stop the boat and then B took a towl and told him to hold it on his head. It was a really big gash which he WOULD NOT go to the Dr. to get stitches for - even though that's what Chelsea wanted...silly boy! So B surely did just super glue it shut!!! Good times right!!! Sorry that Josh had to have that happen...but SO GRATEFUL that it was his head and not Q's! =)