Sunday, November 22, 2009

Apple Pie!

So I was making Grandma Green's fabulous no crust apple pie (well I guess the crust is kinda on the top) anyhoo, and Q was having way too much fun with the apples - she played with them and ate some and yelled at was so fun to watch...she is such a fun little thing!!! =)


The other night I made a spinach salad with strawberries and Q had never had a strawberry so we gave her one and she pretty much loved it - look at her just going to town on it!! =) Good times!

Putting the Lid On

So Q's toys are totally random - she pretty much loves everything =) The other day she was playing with this vitamin bottle and decided the lid needed to be put back on - it was so cute to watch her try. Notice her foot...she wanted her foot to help so bad =) LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting Ready for Church

So Sunday mornings are ALWAYS is at 8am so I set my alarm for 6am thinking that i will get up and have tons of time to get everything done and ready and it will go smooth - but it NEVER happens that way - I always push snooze and wait and wait and then at like 7:45 it's a mad dash to get everything together and get us in the car. Good times right...well this morning Q started fussing and I gave her a bottle and she just layed there so quiet and good and drank it and watched me run around and get everything was totally cute and TOTALLY out of the ordinary!! =) Gotta love her!

Playing in the Toilet

So Q was crawling around playing as usual...then I hear water splashing so I have to go see what's going on - this is where I found her...just playing in the toilet - I totally thought it was gross but I had to take some pics before I washed her hands and arms =) She was having so much fun!! =)

Ear Infection

So Q got a runny nose while we were down at Chad's and she just seemed like she felt horrible...i just gave her tylenol and thought that would help - well by Friday she wasn't sleeping and it was just I took her to the doctor and both of her ears are infected...poor little thing!! So i have to give her bubble gum flavored amoxicilin (spelling??) twice a day and it pretty much gets everywhere but in her mouth - as you can tell!! She is getting better at taking it though!!! =)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So Wednesady morning I was unpacking, doing laundry and decided to get my workout in for the day. Q was just crawling around and when I realized she had gotten pretty quiet i went to see what she was doing...she was playing in the cute!


So we were at Chad's from Saturday till Tuesday and Q never even came close to the stairs...she would climb up the step that drops down into their living room but that was about it...well while B was loading the car Q followed him to the door and FOUND THE STAIRS - she was so excited!! She just took off up them!

Candy Before Church

So before church on Sunday Q started going to town with her pumpkin full of candy - she was pretty much grabbing everything and throwing it out - it was pretty cute!! Like she was going to actually get to eat it or something!! She is pretty dang funny!! =)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So last year for Halloween we went down and hung out with Chad and Kristen and the kids and it was totally fun!! So we thought we would do the same this year and they didn't disapoint - it was a great time once again!! =)
This was Q's Day Halloween outfit - isn't it GREAT!!

Then we all (well all the kids) got dressed up and headed over to the neighborhood Halloween was really fun!! Chad's neighbors were awesome and all the kids had tons of fun!!
Flying butterfly...

What a great pic of all of them huh?? They all looked so cute...well except for Cole, he looked dead - but that's what he was going for so WORD to that!
Trying to keep her hat on was a bit of a challeng last night =)
Brynli looking adorable as usual...
Q was playing and chewing on a box of nerds...and then she got it opened...good times!

Just a little game of peekaboo with Dad after trick or treating =)


So Q got invited to her first Halloween Party on Thursday - and she LOVED it! A lady in our ward had all the neighborhood kids that weren't in school over at her house and it was totally fun for them...Q had a blast! =)

This dog was HUGE and it would jump up and Q would get so excited!

Love her expression in the glass...
She thought these trucks were pretty neat!

So every time the dog would jump against the door these boys would back away and kinda act scared...but not Q - she would just laugh and hit the her and the dog had a fun game going was too funny!