Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sleeping in the tent

While the tent was up Q kept saying that she wanted to sleep in Brandon took her out there one night and read her a couple books and she fell asleep =)  The noise of him getting out of the tent woke her up and she ended up back was so cute how excited she was to be out there at night though!!! =)

Playing on the slide

The other day the kids were having so much fun on the slide...they would go down together and then race over to climb up and do it again - love these kiddos!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Qwynci - Always Entertaining!

So lately if I am telling Tytan not to do something - Q will come up right behind me with her little attitude and tell him "Ya Chunky, you can't do that" so I have been reminding her that I am the mom and I'll just say "It's ok Sis, I'll be the mom, ok" -
This morning while eating breakfast i'm not sure what her and Tytan were kind of bickering/playing about - but  I told them to be nice and Q says "It's ok Mom, I'll be the mom" I had to turn to laugh so she didn't see me - it was just too funny!!!

She had her night-gown on and then added a cute little jacket with it - when she walked by I told her how pretty she looked - without missing a beat she said "I know!!" - Gotta love her!!!!

Tonight while I was changing Tytan's bum I put some butt paste on it - Q really wanted to help but I told her it was REALLY messy.  So she proceeds to ask, "When I'm big like you, and when i'm old like you - then i'll put the stuff on Chunky's bum"  yup - basically she was letting me know I need to diet more and use better wrinkle cream!!! =)  HAHAHAHA sometimes the stuff she says is so innocent and so funny...I pretty much look forward to everyday just to see what this little girl is going to come up with!!!!  LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

At Grandma McBride's

While in Safford we went to visit the G McBride's and when we were there the kids were playing outside and it just seemed like a perfect picture moment!!!  Tytan was SO red from the heat - poor thing, his cheeks and face get SO red in the heat...pretty sure he gets that from Gpa Boyce!!! =)
Q was being SO adorable under this tree - in her downer dress which she pretty much puts on from the moment we get to my parents to the time we leave =)  Once I started taking Q's pictures she just wanted to be silly...she is a doll though!

Good Times! =)

Playing in the Tent

When B got back from the fire he set his tent up in the back yard so he could clean it out - the kids LOVED it!  It was so cute - they just wanted to play in it and zip it up and Q REALLY wanted to sleep in it!!!

She was stoked to have her pillow and blanket in there!!! 

Cookies in Bed

Q and Tytan were HAPPILY eating cookies in our bed - they were sharing and just was SO cute!!!  When B got in bed that night (his first night back from the fire) he was not too impressed with all the cookie crumbs he found!!!  =) 

The Lake!

So Ryan got a new boat and we were talking one day and decided it would be a blast if we all got together at the lake with the WHOLE we had it all planned for a weekend everyone was available...but of course it was the weekend B was out on the we were all there but him =(  wasn't the same without him...but it was still fun!!!  Matt and Vicki went on Friday and camped and we all just showed up for the day on Saturday - it was such a good time...

Tytan LOVES the water and dirt - as long as his feet touch...when we try and just let him play in the water with his life jacket on out in the deep water - he FREAKS OUT!!!  He is much happier either on the shore of in the boat =)

Qwynci was just hanging out with the cousins...getting some sun =)

Kyler has this nifty little wagon and Tytan surely did go for a ride with him...they had a good time!! =)

Q was pretty excited when Gpa showed up - ran over and gave him a big squeeze!

Joshy got this little boat for his bday - all the kids LOVED it!!!
Just hang'n out on the tube while Pops pulled them around =)
We went for a boat ride and all the kids on board surely did connk out - it was great!!!  Then we just moved them under the shade onto different areas to sleep - it was too cute!!!

Brynli woke up just as I was taking the picture - but the rest of them slept for a while =)

Marshall and Chad got on the tube together and it was pretty entertaining to watch!!! 

Then Sally got on with Marshall - I had no idea she was so scared...when she got back in the boat she was shaking...poor girl!!  She did really well for being scared to death =)

Everyone had such a good time...they all want to start doing it once a month...HOORAH!!!!