Friday, July 6, 2012

Autumn's Slip & Slide

While Brandon was out on the fire - Oz decided to come up and hang out for a few days - it was GREAT!!!  She brought a slip and slide (which was good cuz ours surely did get thrown around in the wind and got a hole) and the kids LOVED it!!!  They played and played and ate lots of Popsicles - it was GREAT!!! 
This was an awesome fall...wish I had it on video - but you can get the idea just from the pic...GO QWYNCI!!

Oz took these pics then put them into this cute little saying/frame thing - so fun huh!?!?!?
Lunch and dinner had to be eaten at the pink table - they all had so much fun!!

So glad Oz and Carter came to play with us - we had a BLAST!!! 

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