Friday, July 6, 2012

The Lake!

So Ryan got a new boat and we were talking one day and decided it would be a blast if we all got together at the lake with the WHOLE we had it all planned for a weekend everyone was available...but of course it was the weekend B was out on the we were all there but him =(  wasn't the same without him...but it was still fun!!!  Matt and Vicki went on Friday and camped and we all just showed up for the day on Saturday - it was such a good time...

Tytan LOVES the water and dirt - as long as his feet touch...when we try and just let him play in the water with his life jacket on out in the deep water - he FREAKS OUT!!!  He is much happier either on the shore of in the boat =)

Qwynci was just hanging out with the cousins...getting some sun =)

Kyler has this nifty little wagon and Tytan surely did go for a ride with him...they had a good time!! =)

Q was pretty excited when Gpa showed up - ran over and gave him a big squeeze!

Joshy got this little boat for his bday - all the kids LOVED it!!!
Just hang'n out on the tube while Pops pulled them around =)
We went for a boat ride and all the kids on board surely did connk out - it was great!!!  Then we just moved them under the shade onto different areas to sleep - it was too cute!!!

Brynli woke up just as I was taking the picture - but the rest of them slept for a while =)

Marshall and Chad got on the tube together and it was pretty entertaining to watch!!! 

Then Sally got on with Marshall - I had no idea she was so scared...when she got back in the boat she was shaking...poor girl!!  She did really well for being scared to death =)

Everyone had such a good time...they all want to start doing it once a month...HOORAH!!!!

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