Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pictures of the Kids!!!

So I had seen some photos done by Tina so I thought we would try her out for Tytan's newborn pics...and SHE WAS THE BEST EVER!!! So patient and just worked and worked with him to get him posed just right!!! LOVE the pics!!! Q got in on the action too =) She is SUCH a doll and he is SO DANG CUTE!! LOVE THEM!!! I can't believe how much bigger he already is though - in all these pics (taken at just 1 week old) he has no he sure does have those good o'l McBride cheeks!!! But he looks pretty much IDENTICAL to Brandon - so I figure that's a good mix of him and I right!!! =) Just can't get enough of this precious boy!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cute Hair

Once again we curled Q's hair - it was good times!!! She painted her toenails with sparkles, which I realized afterward that she was painting the same toenail over and over so there was just a caked on glob of it on her toe...good times!! =) But it kept her busy and she allowed me to curl her hair so whatever right?!?!? =) I'm thinking a hair cut is in her near future...when the hair is not in's pretty much the greatest mullet EVER!!!! Time for a trim...her FIRST hair cut, should be good times...i'll keep you posted! A few funny things she has done/said lately... While I was changing Tytan's bum one day she was looking at his boy parts and said "brother has a ball ball"...I just had to laugh...Yes, he sure does!!! While I was exercising she looked up and I was doing stair climbers and she asked "what are you reaching for" and I just told her I was reaching, she asked if I was reaching for the fan, so I just said yes I was...she paused for a minute then said "momma gonna use my step to get the fan" AHAHAHA that would be a much easier way huh??! Love the way her mind works!!! The other night she looked at the Turd and asked "the Turd gets spank'ns" i said Ya sometimes he does...she looked back down at her plate and with TOTAL attitude kinda shook her head and said "THAT'S RIGHT" AHAHAHAHA Q is CONSTANTLY asking questions, and sometimes the same question over and over even though it's already been finally one day after she had asked the same question a million times I said "what did I tell you" and she shot back with "what did I ask you" =) She is basically the cutest think EVER!!!


So I was making bread the other day and Q was sitting on the counter and randomly wanted to get down to play with toys...just so everyone knows...Q just DOES NOT play with have to BEG her to play with toys and you pretty much have to play with her all the time...she is just not a "go play" kinda kid!!! So anyhoo - I gave her some markers to color in her book and when I turned around - this is what I had...she was coloring her face...and her feet!!! It was too funny!!! She was SO proud of her work!!! LOVE HER!

Already 1 Month Old

I can't believe this little guy is already a month old - almost a month and a half now!!! Time is just flying by it's crazy!!! He is SUCH an amazing baby - the 2nd night we had him home he slept for 7 hours...I was SO impressed!!! Hasn't done it since...but at least he let me know it IS possible and that he was going to like to sleep...unlike his sister who is more than happy to NEVER sleep!! =) A few things i've learned about this guy so far... He likes his paci...hoorah! If he is given to his Dad to be burped...he will ALWAYS spit up on him...which for some reason I find so dang funny!! He has the worst smelling gas EVER - honestly you would think it was a grown man passing gas - SO FUNNY!! He LOVES to be held...which I am more than willing to do He is so takes a LOT to make him night it's not crying that wakes me up to let me know he wants to eat - it's lots of grunting and noise...not crying though!! He is the LOUDEST eater - he will grunt and fuss - craziest thing ever! Too funny!! He is so lovable...I don't think I could love him any more if I tried!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Date with Daddy

So while Tytan and I went to the Dr. I told Q that her and Daddy were going to go on a date...for not knowing what a date is...she sure was excited!! Anything with Daddy is fun so I'm sure that's all she cared about!!! They went to the park and saw the ducks and played on the playground...good times!!!She is such a little monkey - loves to just climb and hang on EVERYTHING! =)

She is a NATURAL at climbing...Daddy is SO proud! =) Summer is going to be SO fun!

Gaining Like a Pro!

This little guy now weighs 7lbs 14oz and is 20 1/2inches long!!! Which I was really excited about cuz the week before he was at 7lbs 1oz so he gained 13oz in a week...HOORAH!!! His cheeks are getting's SO cute!!! LOVE HIM!

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day wasn't anything too major this year...I didn't have any food coloring so green pancakes were out of the question for B went and got some and we made green rice crispy treats for dessert! =) The kiddos did look VERY cute as usual sporting their festive attire! =)
My lucky charm! =)Great pic huh!!=)
My little leprechaun =)