Monday, May 31, 2010

Funny Girl

She was playing in her sock drawer and wanted these socks on...then she found this hat and wanted it was too dang cute!! She was so proud taking it off and putting it on. Then she would have me put it on her. She is just too fun!!

Watching Ball Ball

B and Q watching basketball together...Q spends most the time saying ball ball then going up to the TV and hitting it and then finding something else to do...B just keeps telling her to watch ball ball with's pretty entertaining to watch =) Can you tell by the look on their faces that the Suns were losing =(

Dusting & Sitting at the Table

Q really likes to help - it's cute!! But it's kinda difficult to vacuum when she is trying to standing in front of the vacuum =) So I gave her the dusting thing and she was having a great time!! =)
She even dusted the cat =) I LOVE that she pesters the cats...and I appreciate that for the most part they just take it!! =)
Since Q has decided that the high chair is not for's just to try and get out of or stand in or climb on...I needed to come up with some way to get her to I thought maybe if she sat at the table she would like it better...since that's where me and Brandon eat...maybe she would feel like a big girl - and it worked!!!! HOORAH!!! She likes sitting up there and she can't get up or down cuz she is strapped in cuz you know she would fall right out if she could. So ya - hoorah for sitting at the table!!!

Folding her arms for the blessing...SO FREAK'N ADORABLE!!!!!!! =)

LOVE this girl!!


So yesterday was a pretty fun day...during church Q was jabbering away to some boys behind us and one of them blew a bubble with his gum...well Q is QUITE the gum lover - she will just unwrap it and then chew for a bit and then give it to me...i'm guessing she is a gum lover cuz I am a gum FREAK!!! Anyway - so after he blew that bubble she just kept saying gum, gum, gum and wanted some - well the kind i gave her was different then what she usually gets so she got mad and started to throw a fit and threw herself against the back of the pew...which then led to crying and all that I took her out into the foyer and there was a TON of people so she was just kinda look'n around and there was a picture of I said "Look, it's Jesus" and she said "Sesus" and I was like word...and she says "Hi Sesus" - it was the cutest dang thing EVER!!!!!
She also went to nursery for about 20 minutes which she isn't old enough but Marcy was nice enough to take her for a bit and she was fine until she realized I had left - but hey...we have to start somewhere right - I think she will LOVE it!! =)
Then to top off the day...Q fell IN the bathtub...yes I know she usually falls OUT but this time she fell in...i had just taken her out of the bath, got her jammies on and had walked in the kitchen - I saw her walk in the bathroom but didn't think anything of it cuz she randomly goes in there and plays or whatever - then I hear a SPLASH and she surely had fallen in fully clothed, and I hadn't drained the water of course!!! If she hadn't have been so scared I would have taken a pic...but she was TOTALLY freak'n out so I just had to scoop her up! No worries - she is fine!! This girl and the bathtub...crazy but good times!! =)

Patiently waiting for me to push her Popsicle up so she can continue to eat it =) She really likes to march lately - it's totally adorable!!!

More Corn

So we were having corn with dinner the other night (yes once again cuz it is DIRT cheap right now and it's DELICIOUS) and B got his corn all buttered up and whatnot and when he leaned forward to take a bite - Q joined him...IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I totally busted out laughing!!! It was the cutest thing EVER!!!! Then she went ahead and helped herself to more...
and more
tried to see what she could get with the spoon...
When Brandon didn't lift it up to her...she just leaned forward to the corn =)
Decided she could do it by herself...
So Yummy!!! =)

Pretzels and Deoderant

Q was eating some Flipz (those chocolate covered pretzels) and she LOVED them...she would suck all the chocolate off and then want more - she is too funny!This is how she spends most of her time - no pants and one shoe =)So I got this deodorant sample and Q wanted to play with it and it was ok until she couldn't get the lid on...such a rough life! =) Don't worry - I left the protective clear cover thingy on the deodorant so she wasn't tasting it...she thought it was lip was too cute!!! She cracks me up!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Easter Bunny!

So Q FINALLY decided that the Easter bunny Vicki gave her is ok to play with...she likes to make him hop - any time I ask her where her bunny is, she will say "Hop" it's TOTALLY adorable!!! She just carries him around by the ears - it's too funny to watch!!!

And then other times she just DOESN'T want him singing to her - i think it's so cute the way she says "no"'s never just one's like 4 no's in a row...I laugh pretty much every time she does it!! =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing at the Temple...

After we did a little shopping at Target...there was still time before B was finished so we went to he Temple so Q could run around in the grass...of course she was more interested in the steps so I had to keep dragging her back to the grass =)She saw a dog and was showing me where it was =)

She is looking for the airplane she could here...when she says it it sounds like's so cute!
HOORAH for mall play areas!!

Bowl Fun

So Q really really loves to get in the cupboard with all the bowls and get them out and play with them and put them on her head - it's great!!! For some reason this time she realized she could step on it and she was having a BLAST stepping up on the was too fun to watch!!

That Mom!

It's official...I have become THAT mom...yup - that one that I always swore I would never be...the one that has no control over her child...the one that other girls (that currently don't have children) say they will never be like!!! It's sad but true - I have turned into THAT mom!! I remember thinking that I was going to make sure Q ate healthy...well now if she carries around a box of cereal and eats while she plays - I'm excited cuz that means at least she is eating. And rather then her sitting in her cute little high chair and eating lunch...if she plays and eats a piece of bread...we are doing good that day! It's SO FUNNY how everything I thought was going to be a certain SO the opposite!!! But hey - that's what keeps life fun right!! =)
Oh ya - and I was NEVER going to have that kid that was SO noisy during church...I mean JEEZE - why didn't these mothers shut their kids up....DUH, because they couldn't. I now realize's not that they didn't WANT to keep there kid quiet - sometimes it just is not going to happen!!! =)
So ya - Q carried around a box of Cocoa Puffs one day and ate quit a bit - I was so proud...then the next day she was on to a box of Trix...and yes, I am THAT mom that lets her do this!!!! =)


Apparently bananas are better ON your face rather than IN your mouth!! =)
Is this a great pic or WHAT!!! =)


So I was recently introduced to couponing...and I love it! It's great!! So every Sunday I take the coupons out of the paper and let Q have the rest cuz she really likes to play and rip it all apart..B took some pics of her this Sunday as she was too too cute!!!