Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matching Earrings

So Q HAS to have things have to match the outfit and bow has to match too - pretty sure I am to blame for this obsessiveness =) Anyhoo - the other night she surely had matching earrings for her that point I realized we may be taking the matching situation a little too far! =) But she sure did look adorable with her froggy earrings and her froggy jammies!! =)

Too Much Barney?

So Q has never been a TV watcher - but she did become a fan of Barney - even though I SWORE my kids would NEVER watch that dang dinosaur...anyhoo - she will watch the same Barney over and over again in the car - and if I want a moment of alone time while I take a shower I put Barney on and it keeps her attention for about 5 minutes then she is in chatting it up with me while i shower - good times!! =) Last night she wanted to watch it before she went to bed so after I put Tytan down I sat down with her and she asks "Will I grow a tail when I get older" at first I was like what in the world is she talking about - then I realized...she thinks she will grow a tail like those dinosaurs AHAHAHAHAHA...Maybe i should try and get her to watch cartoons that are all about real people =) GOOD TIMES!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

B's working a we went to Gma's house

So B surely did work 5 days straight, so 120 hours, JEEZE...well 4 days at the FD and then was on call for the flight medic stuff - ya so the kids and I went to gma's house for a few days! It was good times! We got to visit with friends and hang out with the G's! We gave Tytan a slim jim to gnaw on and he loved it - we had to laugh though cuz he looked like he had a cigar in his mouth!! Too funny!!!While I was trying to get everything packed and ready to head back home...Q was entertaining herself in the mud - GOOD TIMES! =)More high heel drama...pretty sure it's never ending!! =) So Q had been fine with the non matching high heels and wore them pretty much all the time...she was excited telling Gma something and started to jump up and down and BAM the shoe busted in half - pretty sure if my mom and i hadn't started laughing so hard Q would have had a melt down - but since we were laughing she just kinda laughed with a confused look on her face...then wanted it fixed. So Gma super glued it and Gpa duct taped it...but the break is right at the point where her foot puts all the pressure so it just doesn't work for her!! So we have been to two dollar stores looking for more and haven't had any luck - we'll have to try a third store tomorrow...pretty sure this poor girl is just lost without these shoes - she won't wear her dresses without them!!!!

Tytan REALLY likes straws and fishes

Our sweet little easy going boy has discovered his temper and it's pretty interesting!!! He will start to cry and you'd think something was wrong with him till you go pick him up then he's fine...and when I put him in his chair to eat he will start to cry until i put some straws or fishes or anything he can grab and stuff in his mouth on the tray...then he is fine...and when he runs starts all over again!!! Who knew he was going to have such a quick little temper - YIKES!!!! Anyhoo - he LOVES straws and it's pretty funny to watch him gnaw on them for a while - and we recently tried the baby fishes and he surely did love them too - Good times with new snack foods!! =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So Happy Together

I LOVE watching these two kiddos play together - Q is VERY bossy to him and he just takes it and laughs - obviously cuz he doesn't realize exactly what she's saying and doing yet =) He gets SO excited to see her and she just LOVES on him all the time - it's pretty entertaining! It is so fun to watch her "mother" him and protect I was weed-eating the grass and Tytan was crying and when I turned around Q was sitting next to him tyring to get him to stop crying, letting him know it was ok, it was really precious...and other times she will take something small away from him letting him know he can't play with it cuz he might choke on it =) They are just too cute!

Good Parent =)

Tonight while I was watching Tytan in the tub...Q comes and sits on the side of the tub and starts eating some of my apple and looks at me and says "You're a good parent" I had to laugh - not sure where she learned that word (I'm guessing nursery) but who cares where she learned it - i'll take the compliment from her any day =)
I LOVE this girl - she really knows how to try my patience, pretty much every day =) But she also knows how to really make me laugh!!! Lately she has been giving me fashion advice and it's pretty dang funny - I came out of my closet dressed and ready to go and she let me know i shouldn't wear those shoes with that outfit...I laughed and then checked the mirror to make sure they did go =) AHAHAHA She is SUCH a good big sister to the Chub...and he just LIGHTS UP when she walks by - it's totally adorable!!! I'm so grateful for them both!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Qwynci starts Dance

So 2 weeks ago Q started Dance...GOOD TIMES!!! The first day was pretty rough...not actually at dance but getting I get ready, then I get her all dressed and ready to go and she tells me she wants to wear her high heels cuz that's what she ALWAYS wears when she dances around the house - I let her know that she can't wear her high heels to this dance place that she needs to wear ballet shoes and she has a COMPLETE meltdown!!! Threw herself on the floor took off her clothes and was just having a HUGE fit!!! This went on for about 5 or 10 minutes and I was about to just give up...then B just put her in the car and we left. Once we got there she was fine but WHOA - who knew she could throw such crazy fits...must have learned that form Aunt Autumn =) AHAHAHAHA So ya - at the dance studio she was great - all excited and happy. She didn't even care when i left the room - which I was SHOCKED about cuz every Sunday it's a MAJOR ordeal to get her into nursery...but that could be cuz there are a million crying babies in there too =) Although - that has gotten better since I bribe her with painting her toenails every Sunday - works FABULOUSLY. Anyhoo - she loved it and did great!!! She gets pretty excited during "tap" she can jump pretty dang good!! =) She's a doll - so fun to watch and SO ADORABLE!!!! Love her!
The teacher told her to stand on a blue dot and Q was pretty determined to not get off of it...if she noticed she was off - she would run back over and get right back on it - SO CUTE!CLASSIC pic of her!! =) Love it!

Tytan is sitting!

So Tytan is sitting and has been for a bout 3 weeks now...he still has a few wobbles and whatnot - but he REALLY likes to play and sit and have toys all around him - and the other day his tooth FINALLY cut threw!! HOORAH!!! Poor little guy has been in pain and so fussy - but YEAH for his tooth - more pics to come of that!! =) He still pretty much just rolls around to get what he wants...we propped him up to "teach him to crawl" the other day and he pushed off with his legs and face planted...guess we'll just let him figure that out on his own =)I think he looks like the "Munster's" Grandpa when he give this cheesy smile - SO CUTE!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun on the Blow Up Bed

Q LOVES the blow up bed - so whenever anyone comes and stays she gets SO excited to play on it!!! The other night she was bouncing around on it and we put Tytan on there with her and they were having too much fun!!! Brandon would throw her on it and she would tickle Tytan and he would roll off (we would catch him of course) was too funny, GOOD TIMES!!! =)

Tytan has bedhead =)

So basically Tytan has no hair - I mean I think he is getting more but basically he is pretty dang hairless for the most part =) The other day after his nap he had some hair sticking up and i thought it was just too dang cute!!! You'll have to look close or you'll miss it =) HOORAH for having just enough hair to have a little bedhead!!! =)

High Heal Drama

So Q is obviously obsessed with her high heals and it's pretty dang cute and funny! She currently wears two different shoes because somehow a piece broke off the back of one of them and she basically refuses to wear it while it's broken. Thank goodness she is ok with wearing two that don't match =) She is just too fun!!! =)

Ride in the Trailer

The other day we were going to take the kids for a little ride in the bike trailer over to Franny's so we got them all strapped in and propped Tytan up and had all the toys and whatnot figured out and stopped to talk to the neighbor and BAM the tire totally blew - TOTAL BUMMER!! So everything and everyone had to be taken out and we just took the car =)
It was so cute though - we were telling Q that she needed to help Tytan and take care of him and whatnot so when we put him in...she grabbed his hand and let him know it was going to be ok. She is SUCH an awesome big sister and he is so good to just go with the flow of everything!!! LOVE THESE ADORABLE KIDDOS!!!