Wednesday, September 21, 2011

B's working a we went to Gma's house

So B surely did work 5 days straight, so 120 hours, JEEZE...well 4 days at the FD and then was on call for the flight medic stuff - ya so the kids and I went to gma's house for a few days! It was good times! We got to visit with friends and hang out with the G's! We gave Tytan a slim jim to gnaw on and he loved it - we had to laugh though cuz he looked like he had a cigar in his mouth!! Too funny!!!While I was trying to get everything packed and ready to head back home...Q was entertaining herself in the mud - GOOD TIMES! =)More high heel drama...pretty sure it's never ending!! =) So Q had been fine with the non matching high heels and wore them pretty much all the time...she was excited telling Gma something and started to jump up and down and BAM the shoe busted in half - pretty sure if my mom and i hadn't started laughing so hard Q would have had a melt down - but since we were laughing she just kinda laughed with a confused look on her face...then wanted it fixed. So Gma super glued it and Gpa duct taped it...but the break is right at the point where her foot puts all the pressure so it just doesn't work for her!! So we have been to two dollar stores looking for more and haven't had any luck - we'll have to try a third store tomorrow...pretty sure this poor girl is just lost without these shoes - she won't wear her dresses without them!!!!

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