Thursday, October 3, 2013

Love the way she thinks!!

So Q is pretty much the cutest thing there ever was!!  She cracks me up and is always making me realize that I need to think more like she does! =)

Today she asked me if Marqie slept when she was inside my tummy...I told her yes she did, and Q then asked, very did she sleep when no one was cuddling her and she didn't have a blankey.  It was the cutest/sweetest thing ever.  And Q was so serious about it - I just love that girl!! 

The other night Q told me she was afraid to sleep in her bed because the "tick tock croc" was going to get her...i informed her that the tick tock croc only wanted captain hook and that even if he did come into her room he wouldn't have anything to do with her cuz he was simply looking for captain hook...well a few nights later, this is how her prayers went...
"Heavenly Father, please bless that the tick tock croc won't get me...I know that he only wants captain hook...but he really wants me to, so please bless that he doesn't get me."

Love this little girl

Cake Boss

Obviously Q takes after Vicki...the other morning when I got up...Q was in the living room watching Cake Boss...of all the cartoons she could have picked from netflix to watch...she picked Cake Boss...and she loves it...she requests to watch it all the time!!  Hoorah that Vicki will be able to teach her to make cakes like they make on cakeboss...lucky girl!! =)

Marqie's one month check-up

Marqie's one month check up went great - she had gained quite a bit of weight...and she handled the shot like a champ...not sure all these dang shots get any easier =(  She didn't love getting naked for her weigh in...but she settled down fast.  The whole pku poke they did on her foot about sent me over the edge...if they had to squeeze any more blood out of her foot I thought I was gonna smack the nurse!!  But she finally got enough and we were done..thank heavens!!  She is such a sweet little baby!!  Love her! 


Q started gymnastics again - and she is doing GREAT!!  She loves the bars now and gets up and goes across the beam all by herself...amazing how well she is doing.  Brandon is certain that she is going to go to a division 1 school on a gymnastics scholarship...that's what he would like to see happen anyway...I just laugh =)  For right now - she is having a blast!!  

New seating arrangement

Adding Marqie into the car meant a new seating arrangement...It works out well cuz Q uses Marqie's seat as her pillow =) 
After having Marqie in the middle for a while I realized that it wasn't gonna work...getting her in and out was just now she is on one side, Tytan on the other and Q gets to sit in the "trunka-trunk"...she is such a big girl =)

Visiting Gma Joy and Gpa Ted

Last time we went to Safford we went and visited Gma Joy and Gpa was really fun - the kids had a blast playing!!  Love them!

Busted Lip

While he was wrestling with Brandon - B accidentally smacked him in the mouth - and T got a nice busted fat lip...poor little guy!!  He took it like a champ though =)

Playing in the rain

Brandon was on his way home to get the kids to take them to do something I got them all ready and then it started raining so we went outside to watch it rain...Tytan decided it would be fun to stand under the gutter where the water is POURING out - he got SOAKED...but he was having SUCH a great time!!! =)
Q decided to play in the rain at the Fire Department...glad they LOVE the rain!!! =)

Head in the Potty chair

So I was sitting on the couch feeding Marqie and Tytan came and sat by me...i noticed his hair was wet...when I asked him how his hair got wet - he informed me that he had stuck his head in the potty chair!!  HAHAHAHA...what a funny little thing he is!!!  LOVE HIM!!

Big Muscles

When you ask Tytan to show you his muscles...this is what he's pretty funny!!  He think's he is pretty big!!! =)

4th of July

4th of July was a lot of fun!!  B drove the truck in the parade so the kids loved riding in it...and Ryan's family rode on the top of the truck - good times!!  After the parade we just hung out at the house...B had to go set off the fireworks with the fire department but the rest of us just stayed at the house and ate ice cream and watched the fireworks in our front yard - fabulous day!!  The kids had a blast with all their cousins!!! 
Love these three!!

Bean burro and sleeping

When you fall asleep eating...that's when you know you had A LOT of fun at Grandma's house! =)

Funny Kid

Naked and high heels....that's my boy =)  LOL!

Tytan's Backpack

So Tytan had been wanting to carry around Q's pink bags lately so he could fit all his stuff in Q does with her purses...B decided he needed a backpack - and he LOVES it!!!  He puts whatever he can fit in it =)  He is kinda funny about the straps...they have to be straight...if they are twisted at all he makes me fix them! 

Obviously he may have misunderstood the point of the he put all his stuff in the backpack...and then put the backpack in the pink bag =)  love this kid!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mommies sunglasses

So stink'n cute!!  Love them!

Skater dude

Tytan found a skateboard at Annie's the other day and was SO excited to ride was WAY cute to watch him!!  He thought he was pretty dang big on that thing! =)

Wrestling owie

 Brandon was wrestling with Q and for some reason had cut all his fingernails but his thumb...and surely did scrape Q's face with his thumbnail and scraped it good!!  Q was as little upset about it...but now she thinks it's pretty fun to put neosporin on it =)  Pretty sure Daddy is going to have to be a little more careful when he wrestles with these kiddos!! =)

Napping together

So we moved Q's bed and put her on the top bunk rather than the bottom...SHE LOVES IT!!  Honestly she has slept in her bed more nights lately than she has in the last year pretty much!! =)  Since they are used to napping together - now its fun to nap on her bed rather than Chunky's room.  Too cute!

He is a cleaner

As I was vacuuming the other day, Tytan was very determined that he could do it.  So I let him vacuum and as he banged against everything I told him he had to be when I started vacuuming and hit the wall or the bed he would tell me "SOFT MOMMY" it was pretty cute!!  He does love to clean - he will get a rag and scrub the floor or clean up his messes.  Great little helper!


This was a pretty serious rock session we had the other morning =)  


Pretty Princess =)

As a joke we got one of the guys at crossfit a crown and earrings because B always called him princess...Q couldn't wait for him to open it so she could play with it!!  Tytan decided to join in the fun too =)  Q was just born to wear a crown!! =)

Tytan in a bra

While I was in the shower - Tytan thought it was oh so fun to put my bra on...he was pretty impressed with himself =)

Meathead playing with the kids

We got some new equipment at the box and while I was working out Meathead (DJ) was having a fabulous time playing with the kids and making the boxes in to stuff they could play with...the kids were LOVING was really fun to watch!!

Burpees make you tired

While at crossfit...the kids were having a fabulous time doing burpees...then they both laid on the ground like they see most people do after a crossfit workout - it was so dang cute and too funny!!  LOVE THEM!!

Oh, the things they say...

The other morning Q wanted to go outside and play - I told her she needed warmer clothes on.  She told me it was ok cuz she had on long sleeve shorts =) I laughed!

Tytan will ask a question and then say, "yes, yes" in a happy tone hoping that is what your answer will be and then "no, no" in a more serious tone obviously not wanting that for the is pretty hilarious!!!  And if you don't answer right away he will continue with the "yes, no" until he gets an answer!!! =)

Sunday when the kids got out of the tub they were just goofing around and Q told me she was going to give Tytan a I said ok on the cheek...she said no on the lips and kissed him...then told me that since she kissed him on the lips now they have to get married =)  HAHAHA 

Kinda Funny

So after Tytan's nap I told him to take his night time undies off and put on big boy undies...he took them off and walked around with them for a while, then we needed to leave somewhere so I told him to go get his big boy undies on...obviously I didn't check the status of the situation and we left.  When we got back and I was getting them ready for bed...I undressed him and found this...he had put his night time undies back on (thank goodnes they were dry) and put the big boy undies over them.  Obviously he did what HE wanted to do and what I asked him to do...clever very clever!! =)

Crossfit is rough on Tytan!

So since it's nice outside...when we go to crossfit the kids want to play outside in the yard area...which is great cuz they love it and it allows me to workout =)  But for Tytan it's a little rough...he fell down the ramp and skinned his knee, which continues to get hit and scraped over and over =(
Then he fell off something he was riding down the ramp and scraped up his foot...
Then he was sitting on one of the barbells just kinda playing and fell backward and scraped up his back...poor little guy just gets beat up at crossfit!! =(

Rough Walmart Trip

So we went to Walmart on a Saturday morning to get meat on sale for B...since he likes beef and all that I figure I really should be the good wife and make sure there is some available for dinner every now and again right?  So as the cart got more and more full the kids got more and more crazy and since we were almost finished I took them out of the cart and told them to just hold on to the sides...T kept putting his foot down as I was pushing and I told him to stop...well after a couple of times he surely did put his foot down and I ran right over it =(  poor little guy started crying and crying!!!  I felt so bad!!!


So we surely did have a concert the other day...there was lots of singing and dancing and fabulous costumes!! =)

Yes, Q's dress is ripped down the side cuz it is too small...but she loves it so it continues to get worn!!  =)