Thursday, October 3, 2013

Love the way she thinks!!

So Q is pretty much the cutest thing there ever was!!  She cracks me up and is always making me realize that I need to think more like she does! =)

Today she asked me if Marqie slept when she was inside my tummy...I told her yes she did, and Q then asked, very did she sleep when no one was cuddling her and she didn't have a blankey.  It was the cutest/sweetest thing ever.  And Q was so serious about it - I just love that girl!! 

The other night Q told me she was afraid to sleep in her bed because the "tick tock croc" was going to get her...i informed her that the tick tock croc only wanted captain hook and that even if he did come into her room he wouldn't have anything to do with her cuz he was simply looking for captain hook...well a few nights later, this is how her prayers went...
"Heavenly Father, please bless that the tick tock croc won't get me...I know that he only wants captain hook...but he really wants me to, so please bless that he doesn't get me."

Love this little girl

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