Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tytan likes Q's sippy!

While Q was napping Tytan found her sippy and was SO excited - he played and tried to drink was like he KNEW he wasn't suppose to touch it (cuz usually she will freak out and take it away from him) but no one was stopping him so he was TOTALLY having fun! =)

"Cowboy Hat"

Q put this bowl on her head and said it was her "cowboy hat" - I had to laugh!! She is SO DANG cute! And pretty dang funny too! =)

Hot Wheels!

So ever since B and I got married I have been hearing about ALL these hotwheels that he had collected when he was little and whatnot - so in my mind I was like whatever - i'm sure there's a few right - um no there is a freak'n TUB FULL!!!!!!! It's pretty amazing!!! So we got them out of the attic cuz some of them aren't in boxes and Tytan needs something else to play with besides Q's purses =) It was so funny to watch B once they were down...when the kids would try and get into the box he was TOTALLY over protective of these hotwheels and didn't really want them to touch them - it was pretty entertaining to watch!!! =) All the cars are pretty cool and even Q really likes playing cars - GOOD TIMES!!! =)

Love Tub Time!

So I LOVE tub time - it's SO dang fun to watch and listen to these two kiddos play together!!!! They are too funny!! Lately Q has been trying to tell Tytan what to do - which is pretty funny cuz he just yells back at her and it's like they are communicating!! =) Apparently Tytan needed a drink =)

Q's a couponer =)

So any time I get the coupons out or even mention coupons...Q gets SO excited and wants to "cut coupons" with's pretty cute!!! She gets her little scissors and starts looking at the pictures on all the stuff and starts making a's pretty entertaining to watch and to listen to =) I was recently cleaning out a BUNCH of old coupons and she was SO excited to get to play with all of them =)Tytan was just excited to play in the mess of all the coupons =)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Photo Shoot

So I surely did try doing a little photo shoot with the kids the other day and I actually got a couple of cute pics...pretty sure I won't be going prefessional any time soon - but the kids were so good and SO usual! =)

Feeding Tytan

Q really wanted to feed Tytan his bottle before dance the other day - trying to get him to lay with her was pretty entertaining!!! I think it's awesome that she loves him so much and I totally adore the fact that every morning and pretty much after every nap he gets SO excited to see Q - honestly he can be kind of fussing but once we walk in the room where she is, he just lights up...and she will usually say "There's my chubby chunky" and get so excited to see him. It's the BEST!!

Tytan and the Bunny

So this Bunny used to scare Q so bad that we couldn't even turn it on...but T thinks it's pretty funny to play with it and yell at it - it's too funny!! =)

"Like Grandpa"

The other night I was putting clothes away in Tytan's room and I turned on the projector toy for Tytan to play with...Q kept turning off the light so she could see it on the wall and then she got a blanket and was trying to put in on the wall and told me she needed some clips so she could hang it on the wall...I told her clips wouldn't work - but that we could tape it up. When I asked her why she wanted it on the wall she said she wanted it like Grandpa's sheet that's up at the cabin that you watch movies on. It was pretty dang cute!! LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

High Centered!

So Tytan was playing on the floor and then I heard him yelling...I looked over and he was stuck on the chair - he was high centered and couldn't get down! It was pretty dang funny!!! He was laughing too =) Glad he has a sense of humor! LOVE HIM!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tytan walking with the walker

Tytan likes walking with this walker and it's so cute - he gets pretty dang excited! =)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tytan is clapping...and loving it!

So Tytan has recently discovered clapping and he gets SO excited to clap!! It's pretty dang adorable!!! If you say "YEAH" he will start clapping! LOVE THIS BOY!!!

Tytan figured out his sippy!

Tytan has figured out his sippy - every once in a while he will get it upside down and get VERY upset that he can't get a drink - but for the most part he really likes it!!! =)

A little reading in the bathroom!

While I was getting ready the other day Q told me she had to have a stinky bum and that she was just going to use my potty chair - yes this is really how she talks and it's totally adorable!!! =) So I look in to check on her and she surely does have the reader's digest on her lap pretending to read - it was too funny and too cute!!

Playing with tupperware!

Tytan discovered the tupperware cupboard the other day and LOVED it - he was having a GREAT time pushing it all around the floor! =)

More singing and piano playing =)

Q is such a talented little thing - she LOVES to play the piano and sing...she was singing "My life is a gift" but it surely does sound like "my wife is a gift" AHAHAHA LOVE HER!

Surprise party for Oz

So while we were down in Mesa for Halloween we surely did have a surprise party for Oz for her birthday - it was so fun!! EVERYONE was there which made it awesome - we haven't all been together in a long time!!! Oz was totally surprised and everyone had fun!!! HOORAH!!
B and the kids played in the hot tub before the party - good times!!SURPRISE!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So once again for Halloween we went to Mesa and did trunk-or-treat with Chad's family and Oz on Friday night and it was tons of fun! Q was the cutest little Minney Mouse you've ever seen...And Tytan was an adorable giraffe!He woke up from his nap pretty dang fussy but after being stuffed with all kinds off goodness - he was SUCH a happy little guy for the rest of the night! =)CUTE!The kids!Monday night we went to Chad's neighborhood party and it was tons of fun too!They had bounce houses for the kids to play in and Tytan and Q were loving them!There was a HUGE bounce house that Brynli took Q over to and when anyone would come down the slide she would yell at them and tell that "THIS IS MY COUSIN, HER NAME IS QWYNCI" - it was too funny!!! Good look'n out Brynli!! =)Q LOVES to play with Brynli...they were having so much fun!Happy boy!Um, yes they are the cutest kids ever! =)

Thanks Chad and Kristen for letting us come stay and tag along to all your fun Halloween stuff!!!